Best Way to Fold Heavy or Thick Card Stock

Paper Scoring MachinesFolding heavy-duty card stock is tricky and you could say there is an art to it. The way you fold card stock will depend entirely on how much folding you plan on doing. I will offer you a few suggestions on folding thick card stock that will produce nice, clean and crisp folds that will look professional for any job.

Have you ever tried folding thick card stock by hand? How did it turn out? Perhaps you’re more talented than me, but when I fold card stock by hand, it usually turns out rough, uneven and the edges have an almost crumpled look. In other words, it looks like I folded it by hand. You probably want those edges straight, crisp and clean.

When it comes to folding heavy-duty card stock, there are three different “volumes” of folding that I like to categorize. You have your light-volume folding (1-10 sheets a day), medium-volume folding (10-200 sheets a day) and high-volume folding (200+ sheets a day).

For light-volume folding of heavy card stock, you can use a ruler as an edge and the dull side of scissors or the dull side of a knife to create a crease. The crease is the trick, once the crease has been established, you can easily manually fold the thick card stock.

For medium-volume folding of thick card stock, I recommend using a manual scoring machine. Scoring machines use a wheel with a blunt edge. This edge rolls along the paper and creases it. Once creased, the paper can be folded. You can see our manual paper scoring machines here.

For high-volume folding of card stock, you can use a paper-folding machine (found here). I have found, however, that heavy card stock (in excess of 110 # bond). Folding extremely thick card stock using a folding machine can create a jagged folded edge. For heavy card stock, I recommend using an automated creasing / scoring machine (found here).

Scoring machines (aka creasing machines) can also be used to fold laminated documents and some thin sheets of plastic. You can find our entire selection of paper scoring machines here. Many scoring machines can also be used to perforate or even slit paper.

If you are folding a unique type of material, or if you simply have some scoring questions, feel free to contact one of our paper handling specialists by calling 1-800-658-8788.

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