Introducing: Dahle CleanTEC Paper Shredders

Dahle CleanTEC Paper ShreddersIf you read this blog on a frequent basis, you probably know how much I like Dahle paper shredders. Dahle shredders are known for being quiet, reliable and holding up for years. They are especially popular with the government and military. Over the weekend Dahle announced their new line of CleanTEC paper shredders. This new lineup looks very promising. I’ll explain.

To begin with, the new CleanTEc line of paper shredders are one of the most technologically advanced paper shredders available. This is because they implement sophisticated dust filtration system. These new shredders are also extremely energy conscious, designed from the ground up to save on electricity.

To date, Dahle has released about 21 new CleanTEC paper shredders. This includes small office, office, small department, department and high security designs. Their new lineup includes the following models:

  • Dahle Small Office Shredders: 41206, 41214, 41306, 41314, 41330
  • Dahle Office Shredders: 41406, 41414, 41422, 41430
  • Dahle Small Department Shredders: 41506, 41514, 41522, 41530
  • Dahle Department Shredders: 41606, 41614, 41622, 41630
  • Dahle High Security Shredders: 41334, 41434, 41534, 41634

We are in the process of adding these shredders to our site now. If you see one that you are interested in, call 1-800-658-8788. While they are not all online yet, we are still an authorized Dahle dealer and call still sell you these new shredders.

Here are a few videos on the new Dahle CleanTEC filtration system and shredders:

Introducing DAHLE CleanTEC Document Shredders

DAHLE’s CleanTEC solution to fine dust particle research

So why would you want to buy a Dahle CleanTec paper shredder? Here are a few reasons you may want to consider:

Dahle CleanTec Filtration: As you may know, air in the office is often full of particles. This can lead to sneazing and overall bad health. Paper shredders create a lot of dust. The new Dahle CleanTec filtration system removes up to 98% of paper dust created while shredding.

Dahle CleanTec Safe Technology: Have you ever used a voice-activated shredder? The Dahle shredder, in the event of an emergency, will stop by the operator simply saying “Stop.” These shredders also feature several design elements that make these shredders extremely safe to use and operate.

Dahle CleanTEC ESP Protection: Have you ever experienced a paper jam while shredding paper? This can be time consuming and costly. The new line of Dahle CleanTec shredders can actually have ESP (Electronic Sensing Protection). The shredder, at all times, knows how much stress is being put on the motor. If too much paper is inserted, these shredders will stop before a jam can occur.

Dahle SmartPower: We all want to save energy, power and electricity. The new line of CleanTec paper shredders utilizes several technologies designed to save power. After 10 minutes of inactivity, these shredders will go into an idle sleep mode. After 30 minutes, these shredders will shut down to a point where there is 0% energy draw.

Dahle EvenFlow Lubricator: Paper shredders have a lot of moving parts, and as a result, they need to be oiled. This will help your shredder run at optimal levels and will result in a longer lifespan. The new line of Dahle CleanTEC shredders have automatic oilers that keep parts properly lubricated, which should provide you with some peace of mind.

German Engineering: Unlike many shredders available online, Dahle paper shredders feature superior German engineering and design. They are also made in German by Dahle Bürotechnik GmbH. The end result is an extremely reliable paper shredder that features cutting shafts / blades made from the best steel in the world….German Solingen steel. These cutting shafts have a lifetime warranty. Dahle German CleanTEC shredders also feature rubber shocks, electronic sensors and thermally protected motors.

So there you have it! Dahle’s new line of CleanTEC paper shredders. Having seen a presentation of these shredders, I have to say that I’m impressed. If these end up anything like Dahle’s older lineup, you should be very happy with your purchase.

You can find our current lineup of Dahle paper shredders here. As mentioned earlier, while not all online yet, you can still order Dahle CleanTEC paper shredders from us by calling 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

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