MBM Triumph 4850 D Automatic Paper Cutter Review

MBM Triumph 4850 D Automatic Stack Paper CutterStack paper cutters are amazing machines. They can literally slice through a stack of paper, often times an entire ream, in a matter of seconds. The shear force involved is impressive, and most stack cutters are designed to perform repeat cuts throughout the day. One solid stack cutter you may want to consider purchasing for your business is the MBM Triumph 4850 D automatic paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

MBM Triumph, by Ideal, is probably the best-known and most reputable line of automated and manual stack paper cutters around. German engineered and built, these cutters are used throughout the United States and other countries in print shops, copy centers and other manufacturing plants. One word describes Triumph, “Solid.”

The MBM Triumph 4850 D is an automatic stack paper cutter. It is automated in that the motor and clamp are completely electric. While the backstop is manually adjusted by turning a crank handle, the backstop’s position is displayed on a digital readout in either inches or centimeters (hence the D in the model name).

This stack cutter is designed to cut paper up to a maximum width of 18 7/8″. It can also be used to cut much thinner material as well. The cutting height is a very impressive 3″. Few stack cutters can slice through paper like this machine. It’s almost like watching a hot knife slice through butter.

I have been asked how the accuracy and registration are on this cutter. I have to say that it is dead on. Once the backstop has been set, with the digital display providing you with extremely accurate measurements, the cut is straight, aligned and accurate. The electric clamping mechanism keeps paper firmly in place during the entire cutting process.

The blade on the Triumph 4850 D is made out of Solingen steel, which is considered to be the finest and highest-quality steel on the planet. This steel comes from Solingen German, and it holds up to all the hype. This blade is sharp. It is so sharp that a special blade removal kit comes with this machine so that you can safely remove the blade for sharpening without hurting yourself. Yes, the blade can be sharpened up to three times before it has to be discarded.

The stand displayed in this picture comes with the Triumph 4850 D, which means you don’t have to hassle with finding your own stand or bench to place it on. The stand is made from solid all-metal construction and even features a convenient shelf where paper and other material can be stored.

Operation of the 4850 D is simple. Adjust the backstop, place your paper in the cutter and press a few buttons. With the press of a few buttons, a motor will bring down the clamp and blade. Unlike many comparable stack cutters, the 4850 D uses a clamp that applies equal pressure along the entire width. This helps keep paper in place.

This is a brief video demo of the Triumph 4850 D in use:

The Triumph 4850 D includes a safety cutting system (SCS) package for your protection. This includes a main witch and safety lock (with key), two-handed operation, transparent safety guards and much more. While I still recommend caution when using a machine of this magnitude, it really is safe to use.

Overall I have to say that this is probably one of the best semi-automated stack paper cutters available. It can be used throughout the day, features durable metal construction and should hold up for years upon years. I can attest to the fact that this is a high quality machine. We rarely hear back from customers that select the Triumph 4850 D for their cutting projects.

You can find the MBM Triumph 4850 D automatic paper cutter here and our entire selection of stack paper cutters here. Feel free to call one of our paper cutter specialists at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to your stack cutter questions.

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