Top 10 Best Manual Stack Paper Cutters

Manual Stack Paper CuttersStack paper cutters offer a great blend of affordability and high-capacity paper cutting. There are a lot of stack paper cutters out there. Having used stack paper cutters for over a decade, I am in a position to provide you with some good shopping advice. I will provide you with some great brand suggestions and will recommend some reliable stack cutter models that you will be happy with.

In case you’re not familiar with manual stack paper cutters, they are special cutters designed to cut hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. They typically have some sort of clamping mechanism that keeps paper in place and usually have a long cutting handle (about 2-3 feet long) that you pull down to cut stacks of paper.

Now that we understand what a stack paper cutter is, let’s start off with some recommended brands. Who do I consider to be best when it comes to manual stack paper cutter manufacturing?  I have to say hands down that Triumph is THE best brand of stack paper cutters. While there are many clones, and other cheap “budget” models out there, nothing comes close to the accuracy and machine finesse.

I would have to say that Intelli-Cut (by Intelli-Zone) and Dahle come in a very close second. Both of these brands offer several manual stack cutter models that are easy to use, are extremely affordable and are very accurate.

These are the stack paper cutters that I consider to be the best in the industry:

Top 10 Best Manual Stack Paper Cutters

  1. MBM Triumph 4305 16 7/8″ Manual Stack Paper Cutter
  2. MBM Triumph 4705 18 ¾” Manual Stack Paper Cutter
  3. Intelli-Cut 530D 17″ Stack Paper Cutter w/ Digital Display
  4. Tamerica GuilloMax Plus 18″ Manual Stack Cutter
  5. Intelli-Cut 580M 18 7/8″ Manual Stack Cutter
  6. Dahle 846 & 848 Stack Paper Cutters
  7. Dahle 842 17″ Manually Operated Stack Cutter
  8. Intelli-Cut 530M Manual 18 7/8″ Stack Cutter
  9. Intelli-Cut 580D 18 7/8″ Stack Cutter w/ Digital Display
  10. Dahle 852 17″ Premium Stack Cutter

These 10 paper cutters all have a great track record with our customers, feature high-quality components and should save you time by quickly and accurately cutting hundreds of sheets of paper at a time. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

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