What is a Miro Cut Paper Shredder?

Micro Cut Paper ShreddersIf you are looking for a cross cut paper shredder, you may have come across the term micro cut shredder. So exactly what is a micro cut paper shredder? Based on the name, you would assume it was a paper shredder that cuts paper into tiny particles, but isn’t that what a cross cut paper shredder already does? I will explain the subtle differences.

To begin with, a cross cut paper shredder is a shredder that cuts paper in multiple directions, creating tiny particles of paper. Cross cut paper shredders are often called particle cut shredders, diamond cut shredders and confetti cut shredders. These terms all mean the same thing.

A micro cut shredder is a type of cross cut shredder, but not all cross cut shredders are micro cut shredders. I hope that isn’t too confusing. What it all boils down to is the term micro cut shredder is synonymous with the term high security shredder. While the term high security shredder is probably the more common term used, many manufacturers (such as MBM Destroyit) like to use the term micro cut.

Let me break this down even further. A micro cut paper shredder (high security shredder) is any shredder that falls within security level 5 or security level 6 specifications. On paper, this is what it means:

Micro Cut Paper ShreddersSecurity Level 5 – Anything that falls within 0.78mm x 11mm. Security level 5 used to be the highest security level available up until a few years ago. It was used for all government “high security” shredding.

Security Level 6
– Anything that falls within 1mm x 4-5mm. A few years ago the NSA established the security level 6 standard for the most top-secret documents. Few shredders are available in a security level 5 as almost all high security micro cut shredders are now level 6.

Do you need a micro cut paper shredder? I would say most people do not require a micro cut, unless you are government or a business that is worried about professional-level espionage. Most individuals and businesses will receive more than enough security from a level 3 cross cut pattern, which measures in at 3.9mm x 30-50mm.

You can find our entire selection of micro cut paper shredders here. Remember, micro cut and high security shredders are the same.

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