Are Bill Counters 100% Accurate?

Bill Counting MachinesIf you handle currency on a daily basis, in excess of a few dozen bills, you may need an automatic bill counter. If you’re like most retail businesses, you probably handle well over a few dozen tangible bills per day. Banks, retailers and other businesses often have to count these bills at the end of the day. Manually counting money is not only slow, but also notoriously inaccurate. So are automated bill counters more accurate?

Bill counters use a special photocell to count bills. Paddles and rollers inside the bill counter pull bills into the machine. As the bills pass these photocells, the sensor lets the machine know electronically that a bill has been counted. The entire process takes microseconds, with many bill counters capable of counting thousands of bills per minute.

I have personally used over a dozen different brands, makes and models of bill counters. One thing they all seem to have in common is accuracy. I purposely run bills through currency counters repeatedly over and over to verify the accuracy. I have yet to experience an issue with a currency counter reporting a different number the 2nd or 3rd time running the stack through the machine.

So in answer to the question, “Are Bill Counters 100% Accurate?” I have to answer “yes” with a few stipulations. First off, the bills need to be either new or used bills that are completely in tact. The good news is that most modern bill counters have error detection.

Most modern bill counters will let you know if multiple bills have accidentally been pulled through, if a bill is torn in half or if the bill being counted isn’t the right size. This detection cuts down on pretty much every error out there. Many bill counters now even include counterfeit detection capabilities.

When I answer “yes” to bill counters being 100% accurate, I am also assuming that the bill counter is in 100% working condition. I have to admit though that I have never had a customer call back complaining that their bill counter isn’t accurate. If bill counters weren’t accurate, nobody would use them. It’s that simple.

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