Darn Paper Shredder Keeps Overheating

Overheated Paper ShreddersThe subject line of this article was taken directly from someone experiencing problems with their shredder. In fact, there are literally dozens of people every day complaining online that their shredders are overheating. Here are just a few comments taken directly from Twitter over the last few days:

  • Darn paper shredder keeps overheating… >=(
  • Shredder overheated forgot to bring my programming book to study
  • shredder finally overheated
  • Too much shredding happening. Overheated the shredder. :( Half a bag of items still to go. Already filled half a yard trash bag!
  • i overheated the shredder whoopsie
  • The shredder over heated so im just laying on my bed as it cools down.
  • The shredder over heated.
  • The paper shredder keeps over-heating.
  • Shredding 13 years worth of stuff is a daunting job for a little shredder. Poor thing keeps overheating on me.

So what exactly causes a paper shredder to overheat? The culprit is the motor and a safety sensor. As a shredder is used, the motor begins to generate a lot of heat. As a fail-safe, many cheaper shredders will shut the motor off after it gets too hot. This is done to prevent permanent damage to the shredder (such as melting plastic, etc). Most shredders will let you know that the shredder is in “overheated” mode.

Overheating is typically an issue that only occurs with “cheap” department store shredders. Most of these shredders are designed for light use, and when used for more, begin to overheat. I have read many manuals for “cheap” shredder that mention the shredder should be left off for 30 minutes after 30 minutes of use.

If you work in an office, or do serious shredding on a regular basis, an overheating shredder simply does not cut it (pardon the pun). Business operations simply cannot wait 30 minutes to begin shredding again. Most businesses need a shredder that can be used continuously.

Most business shredders use what’s known a continuous-duty motor. The motors used in these shredders are thermally protected, designed to quickly dissipate heat and keep on shredding. A continuous duty shredder doesn’t need to be turned off for cooling down.

Over 90% of the paper shredders we offer feature continuous duty motors. Brands such as Destroyit, Formax, Intimus, Dahle and Kobra all utilize continuous duty motors. You can find our entire selection of continuous duty paper shredders here.

Are you having a bad experience with your shredder or simply have a question about continuous duty motors? Post your questions in a comment! I would love to hear from you.

You are also more than welcome to call one of our paper shredder specialists at 1-800-658-8788 with any paper shredder questions.

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