Formax FD 382 Automatic Paper Folding Machine

Formax FD 382 Automatic Paper Folding MachineIf you fold a lot of paper and need a paper folding machine that is “no nonsense” and easy to set up, you may want to consider the fully automatic Formax FD 382 paper folding machine (found here). This machine takes just seconds to set up and is extremely reliable. This is my review.

While Formax may be best known for their automatic envelope inserting machines, their line of paper folding machines are equally as impressive. To date, Formax currently offers 7 different models of folding machines. These machines range from desktop use to high-end air-fed paper folding machines for print shops.

The FD 382 is one of Formax’s high-end friction feed paper folding machines. It operates at a speed of up to 20,100 pieces and is capable of creating letter folds, zig-zag folds, half folds, gate folds, double parallel folds and many other “standard” fold types. Not only are the folds easy to set up, but they are also extremely accurate and aligned.

This machine is fully automated. That means there is very little manual effort involved to get it up and running. Motors are built in to each of the folding plates. Once a fold has been selected, the plates automatically adjust themselves. Even the telescoping exit conveyor is fully powered. A special sensor, located on the feed tray, automatically detects the size of the paper being used, making setup even easier.

While speed is a huge benefit of the Formax FD 382, I have to say the interface and programmable features built in are the icing on the cake. The FD 382 has 18 pre-programmed settings out of the box and can be set up with an additional 25 custom folds that are stored in the memory.

A large 2.8″ LCD screen lets you know exactly what’s going on. That includes details on the page size being used, the fold that is selected, the speed and much more. The LCD screen is backlit, making this folding machine easy to set up in low-light conditions as well. The screen also keeps you up to speed with a 6 digit resettable counter and an 8-digit life counter. This is excellent for auditing purposes.

Paper size and thickness are always important features to take into consideration prior to purchasing a paper-folding machine. The FD 382 can handle paper as small as 3.5″ x 5″ or as large as 12.25″ x 18″. This range covers most jobs.

Are you tired of fanning paper prior to placing it in a folding machine? The Formax FD 382 utilizes a drop-in feed tray that holds up to 500 sheets of standard 20# paper, no fanning required. This system is extremely efficient, dramatically cutting down on paper jams that were frequent with older “fan” style machines.

While not a stock feature, the FD 382 is available with an optional dedicated multi-sheet feeder. This feeder makes it possible to insert up to 4 stapled or unstapled sheets for multi-sheet folding. While it can only operate as fast as the operator inserts paper, it is a nice feature to have on handle for multi-sheet mailers.

Overall I consider the Formax FD 382 to be a solid paper folding machine. It is constructed from metal components and features the quality Formax machines are known for. I highly recommend this for use in most offices, print shops, copy centers and other organizations that fold a lot of paper on a regular basis.

You can find the Formax FD 382 automatic paper folding machine here and our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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