MBM Destroyit 2404 Paper Shredder Review

MBM Destroyit Deskside Paper ShredderA professional and customer-oriented business will use a paper shredder when handling sensitive documents. A good reliable office shredder should meet a few solid requirements. This includes reliability, high sheet capacity, a good security level and the ability to shred paper on a continuous basis. One shredder that hits every one of these marks is the MBM Destroyit 2404 paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

If you’ve read any of my paper shredder reviews, you probably know that I am a huge fan of Destroyit paper shredders. I have personally used dozens of different paper shredders and the German engineered Destroyit paper shredders continue to do exactly what I need. Destroyit, by MBM, makes shredders in sizes that range from deskside to industrial designs.

The MBM Destroyit 2404 is available in two different designs. This includes a strip cut and a cross cut model. While the cross cut version is by far the most popular, the strip cut is still a great shredder. The biggest differences between the two are the sheet capacity and the security level.

MBM Destroyit 2404 Sheet Capacities:

  • 2404 Strip Cut: 19 to 22 sheets of paper at a security level 2 (3/16″ wide strips).
  • 2404 Cross Cut: 9-11 sheets of paper at a security level 3 (3/32″ x 5/8″ particles).

The Destroyit 2404 features a 9 ½” wide opening for paper. This is wide enough to handle envelopes, letter-size and legal-size documents, receipts and much more. It can even be used to shred wider computer forms paper if they are first folded in half. The powerful ¾ horsepower motor doesn’t stutter, handling fed paper with gusto.

This shredder is extremely easy to operate. The “Easy Switch” rocks back and forth to turn the shredder on, put it in reverse and turn it off. A series of color codes and backlit symbols let you know exactly what’s going on.

The Destroyit 2404 is almost completely automated. A built-in photo cell detects paper, turning the shredder on and off by itself. Sensors also let you know when the bag is full and the door is open. For a deskside shredder, these features are all welcome.

This is a video of the MBM Destroyit 2404 in use:

One of my favorite features of the Destroyit 2404 is the large 13-gallon shred bin. This is a fairly large and significant capacity for a deskside shredder. This means fewer bag changes for you.

The shredder itself is made from high quality components. This includes hardened steel cutting shafts that are covered by a lifetime warranty. The shredder head sits in a noise absorbing wooden cabinet that sits on casters and the gars are all enclosed in a dust-proof housing, which significantly extends the life of the shredder. The motor is thermally protected for continuous use (no need to worry about overheating).

In conclusion, I have to say that the Destroyit 2404 (Cross Cut or Strip Cut) is a great choice for use in the office. While it is a deskside shredder, multiple people can easily use it throughout the day. I highly recommend this shredder.

You can find the MBM Destroyit 2404 paper shredder here and our entire selection of Destroyit paper shredders here. We also offer a great selection of other paper shredders here.

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