MBM Triumph 4315 Stack Paper Cutter Review

MBM Triumph 4315 Electric Stack Paper CutterIf you handle a lot of paper, perhaps hundreds of sheets at a time, you may be familiar with stack paper cutters. Stack cutters quickly cut paper down into smaller, more manageable sizes. One great example of a stack cutter is the MBM Triumph 4315 stack paper cutter (found here). This is my review.

MBM (by IDEAL) is the largest and most prominent manufacturer of paper cutters in the United States. Their line of cutters includes rotary trimmers, guillotine cutters and stack cutters. They also manufacturer a huge line of paper shredders under the name of Destroyit. All these products feature precision German engineering and are made in Germany. Needless today, MBM products have a great reputation.

The MBM Triumph 4315 is what’s known as a semi-automatic stack cutter. This is because it utilizes both manual and electric functions. It is also designed for medium-volume use. You will find the 4315 in copy centers, print shops and in businesses that handle, print and cut paper on a regular basis.

As mentioned earlier, the Triumph 4315 is semi automatic. The cutting process is all electric. A motor, enclosed in the cutter, powers a German Solingen steel blade. Manual operation involves adjusting the backstop and engaging the clamp.

Solingen steel is considered by many to be the highest grade of steel available in the world. Knives, kitchen blades and other high-end cutting products are made from Solingen steel. The Solingen blade in the Triumph 4315 is not only excellent quality, but it is also razor sharp. It is designed to hold an edge for a long time. Don’t worry, however, about once it becomes dull. The cutting knife can be re-sharpened.

The manual backstop on the 4315 us adjusted by turning a hand crank located on the front of the machine. This hand crank turns a spindle that pulls the backstop forward or pushes it back. Measurements, based on the position of the backstop, are displayed on the front of the machine via a digital display. This can be toggled between inches or centimeters, depending on your preference.

Have I mentioned that this thing is accurate? This isn’t only because of the razor-sharp blade or the precision backstop. It also utilizes an LED optical cutting line. This line is calibrated with the blade, displaying to the operator exactly where the blade will make the cut. This is excellent for “eyeballing” cuts.

While I still recommend exercising safety, the Triumph 4315 is an extremely safe cutter. It utilizes a combination of clear plastic guards that prevent use when open. These guards protect all cutting aspects of the machine. The front of the machine also requires a key, a safety switch to be turned on and two-handed operation for activating the cutter. It is safe all the way around.

This is a video of the Triumph 4315 and other MBM stack cutters in action:

The MBM Triumph 4315 does not have the ability to store custom jobs, but calibrations and adjustments take just seconds. Because neither the clamp nor the backstop is electric, it isn’t recommended for high-volume cutting. It can still easily, however, handle repetitive cutting throughout the day without skipping a beat.

I highly recommend using this stack paper cutter for your cutting jobs up to 16 7/8″ wide and up to 1 ½” thick. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find the MBM Triumph 4315 stack paper cutter here and our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

Please feel free to speak with one of our stack paper cutter specialists, regarding any questions, by calling 1-800-658-8788.

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