Which GBC VeloBind Machine is Right for You?

GBC VeloBind Book Binding MachinesVeloBind, made by GBC, is one of the most popular book binding formats used today. It is right up their with coil, comb and wire binding. There are currently 3 main VeloBind machines people use today. These are the System One, System Two and System Three Pro. I will explain the differences between the three and why you may want to consider one over another.

First off, modern-day VeloBind machines use a hot-knife process for binding books, presentations and reports. All three of the GBC VeloBind models I listed use 11-prong binding strips. Once holes have been punched in paper, a top strip is inserted through the holes and a back strip is placed on the back of the book. The machine then cuts off the excess prongs and seals the front strip to the back using heat. The process is extremely solid.

Most people like VeloBind because it is sturdy, tamper proof and ideal for binding large volumes of paper. I have seen lawyer firms, construction companies, universities and many others use VeloBind to bind just about anything you can imagine. These machines are generally considered to be reliable and usually hold up for years.

Here are the biggest differences between the VeloBind System One, System Two and System Three.

GBC VeloBind System One – This machine is designed to bind up to 1″ of paper. It features a manual punch with an electric “hot knife” system that finishes the job. This particular system is ideal for low to medium-volume book binding. If you need to bind more than 1 book every 3-5 minutes, you may want to consider upgrading to a faster machine like the VeloBind System Two.

GBC VeloBind System Two – The System Two is a VeloBind system capable of binding books, reports and other material up to 2″ thick. This particular machine features an electric punch, which is nice for higher-volume binding and for use by people that don’t like the idea of manually punching paper. This system doesn’t have to bind huge books. It can also be used to bind thinner material (only 2 pages) and can use the System One’s 1″ strips. Backwards compatibility is always nice.

GBC VeloBind System Three Pro – The System Three Pro is the monster of the VeloBind line. This bad boy can bind up to 3″ of paper at a time! I am not aware of any other “element” style book binding machine with this large a capacity. It is also backwards compatible and can use 1 x 11 and 2 x 11 strips from the System One and System Two. Basically you can bind as few pages as 2 or hundreds, it all depends on the project. This machine is great for medium to high-volume binding. It even includes a debinding feature.

Regardless of the machine you need, you should consider ABC Office for your purchase. We offer some of the best prices available online, stock our own products (faster shipping) and have a Service Department that can help you keep your VeloBind machine up and running for years.

You can find our entire selection of GBC VeloBind machines here and our VeloBind supplies here. Good luck and happy binding!

Keith Barlow

Keith is a third generation office equipment expert. ABC Office was started by his grandfather back in 1980 and he is proud to be caring on the values that made ABC Office what it is today… unsurpassed selection, detailed information, low prices, and courteous support.

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