Minipack MVS31X and MVS35X Chamber Vacuum Sealer Troubleshooting Tips and Calibration

Minipack MVS31X Chamber Vacuum SealerIf you own a Minipack vacuum sealer, you’re probably well aware of the excellent quality and renowned Italian design. Simply put, our Minipack products (including shrink wrap machines) have an excellent track record with our customers. We have found that most Minipack issues have simple solutions. One small issue that has come up is that the MVS31X and MVS35X won’t pull a full vacuum of 99.9%. Here are a few tips that may help you.

Minipack vacuum sealers can remove 99.9% of the air in a bag. This produces a remarkably tight seal that is excellent for food and product preservation. Few vacuum sealers are able to achieve this high a mark for air removal. Here is a tip that will help over 90% of you who are experiencing issues achieving the much-desired 99.9% mark.

To begin with, re-calibrating your MVS31X and MVS35X will solve the majority your issues. Here are some step-by-step instructions that should help:


Minpack Calibration Vacuum Sealer Digital LED DisplayWhen you first receive your Minipack chamber vacuum sealer, it is recommended that you calibrate it. Differences in elevation and atmospheric pressure vary from one place to the next. Calibration will ensure optimal machine operation.

The calibration process will take about 3 minutes of your time. Calibration should be done the first time you operate the machine and after every oil change.

STEP 1 – Connect your chamber vacuum sealer to a power source, leaving the power switch in the OFF position.

STEP 2 – Simultaneously press the down (\/) and up (/\) buttons while switching the power “ON.” The down and up buttons are located under the digital LED display. If done correctly, the LED display will show CAL (calibration). Once you see CAL, release both arrow keys.

– Close the lid to the chamber sealer. The pump will automatically start running. The digital LED display will eventually show up to 3 numbers. These are your calibration numbers. Once these 3 numbers have stopped increasing for about 5 seconds, write down (or otherwise notate) the number on the display and press the (S) button located above the LED display. This will cause the pump to stop and the LED display will return to the last program being used.

STEP 4 – Turn off the power switch and repeat STEP 2.

– You will now close the lid, starting the pump. The LED display will begin displaying numbers that will eventually increase up to 3 total numbers. Once the 3 numbers displayed reach 1-2 numbers below the calibration number you wrote down in STEP 3, press the (S) key. This will stop the pump and again will return the LED display to the last program number being used.

Your Minipack chamber vacuum sealer should now be calibrated to its environment and should now be ready to use.

Is re-calibration not solving your issue? Please contact our Service Department. They are kind, professional and more than happy to help. Our Service Department is fully trained in repairing and servicing Minpack products. You can reach them by filling out this form.

You can find our entire selection of Minpack vacuum sealers here and Minipack shrink wrap machines here.

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