Minipack RP 40 Industrial Shrink Wrap Machine Review

Minipack RP 40 Industrial Shrink Wrap MachineShrink wrap machines come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re familiar with packaging, you’ve probably seen I-bar sealers, L-bar sealers with heat tunnels and much more. One of the most effective shrink wrappers I have used is the integrated tunnel / L-bar sealers made by Minipack. One such example is the Minipack RP 40 industrial grade shrink wrap machine (found here). This is my review.

Minipack is an Italian company that manufactures shrink wrap machines, vacuum food sealers, heat tunnels and much more. Their products are renowned for their quality, results, durability and much more.

The RP 40 is a relatively new machine. I don’t know about you, but when I first saw it, the RP 40 reminded me of the old Minipack Mini Plus. The dimensions are even similar. That said, the Minipack RP 40 is a compact all-in-one style shrink wrap machine that is perfect for low to medium volume packaging. It is rated at about 6 wraps per minute, which is significantly faster than the 1-2 a minute that most I-bar sealers provide.

The Minipack RP 40 has a 16″ x 10″ x 6.6″ sealing area. This is big enough to package a DVD, Blu-ray, CD, small box, books, paper, small baskets and much more. As mentioned earlier, this is an all-in-one machine. Once you have inserted your product into the film, all you need to do is pull down the hood.

The hood includes an L-bar sealer, which quickly cuts the film. Once cut, the machine then uses the hood chamber area as a heat tunnel. This means cutting and shrinking is all done in a single pass. The clear Plexiglas hood makes it easy to see what is going on the entire time! I certainly appreciate this option far more than a standard enclosed heat tunnel.

Setting up this machine is easy. It has a centerfold shrink film roll dispenser that is set on smooth bearings. The RP 40 can use a roll of film up to 20″ wide and 10″ in diameter. Once your film has been placed on the dispenser rollers, simply feed it through the tear-free perforators and through the film separator. That’s pretty much it. I can set this machine up with film in about 2-3 minutes.

The RP 40 can be used with both PVC and Polyolefin centerfold shrink film. This allows you to package products for retail sale or food for display in a grocery store. The impulse sealer is fast and the heat sealing is quick enough that it will not damage food products.

The control panel is extremely easy to set up. A digital display combined with buttons lets you modify various settings and the built in storage will save up to 10 customizable programs.

The body of the RP 40 is made out of solid steel coated with a baked enamel finish, not that flimsy sheet metal stuff you find in other machines. The quality is unprecedented. This sealer includes its own supportive legs that are set on casters for added portability.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this machine. The quality is there, it should easily hold up for years to come and it is excellent for daily packaging of a variety of products. It really is that good. The RP 40 is robust enough for your manufacturing needs, yet compact enough that it can be used in most rooms. I recommend a ventilated room for use with PVC film.

You can find the Minipack RP 40 shrink wrap machine here, our centerfold rolls of shrink film here and our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here.

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