Minipack Shrink Wrap Machine Impulse Sealing Blade Change Instructions

Shrink Wrap MachinesAs is the case with any I-bar or L-bar impulse sealer, they will eventually wear out. Normal wear includes cracking, corrosion, being dull and difficulty cutting film. The average impulse-sealing blade lasts about a year. Once your blade is caput, how do you go about changing it? This article will go into great detail on how to change your impulse-sealing blade.

These instructions are specifically for the Minipack Galileo, Galaxy, Synthesis, Junior, Vision, Media, RP-Series, FM-Series, FC-Series, EP-Series, Replay-Series and Modular-Series. While these tips are specifically for Minipack Galileo, most L-bar sealers operate in a similar manner. Be aware that sealing blade, sealing knife and sealing wire are often used interchangeably.

Minipack Impulse Sealing Blade Installation:

STEP 1 – Loosen the screws that hold the sealing blade in place. This involves a left clamp, center clamp and rear clamp. A brass piston, found in the left and rear clamps, will snap back from spring compression. This is normal. You can now remove the old sealing blade. Check for ware and replace if needed.

Minipack Impulse Blade Change Instructions Part 1

STEP 2 – Working from the back, insert the new sealing blade into the rear brass clamp piston. Do this until it cannot be inserted further. Be aware that the sealing blade must contact the bottom of the brass piston. It needs to make it past the set screw.

Using your left hand, press the blade about 6″ into seat. While holding the blade in place, push the clamp piston forward using an 8mm nut driver. The blade should move forward about ¾”. Release the clamp and continue to press the blade into the seat.

Minipack Impulse Blade Change Instructions Part 2

STEP 3 – You will now need to use your thumb to bend the blade, allowing it to fit inside the seat of the corner clamp. While holding the sealing blade wire in place, continue pressing the blade into the seat until it reaches the left front clamp.

Minipack Impulse Sealing Knife Changing Instructions Part 3

STEP 4 – You will now need to completely loosen the left clamp assembly. Once loose, continue pressing the sealing blade into the seat. Cut the sealing blade approximately 7/8″ past the aluminum channel. Be careful not to cut the sealing blade too short as the retention screw will not be able to hold the blade. If the sealing blade is too long, it will pop out. The brass clamp must be 2mm from the aluminum channel. Re-assemble the left clamp and follow STEP 2.

Minipack Shrink Wrap Sealing Knife Change Instructions Part 4

STEP 5 – Using a soft object, such as wood, push down firmly on the center blade assembly and tighten the set screw. Be aware that improper set screw alignment can lead to the sealing blade popping out during operation.

Minipack Blade Sealing Change Instructions Part 5

STEP 6 – Push the rear clamp forward using an 8mm nut driver and tighten the set screw. Be aware that the brass piston needs to be 2mm away from the aluminum channel.

If for any reason you are having trouble changing the sealing blade, or you need a few additional tips, please feel free to call our Service Department at 800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of shrink wrap machines, supplies and accessories here.

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