What Makes a Heavy-Duty Stack Paper Cutter?

Stack Paper CuttersIf your business is making repeated cuts in excess of a few hundred sheets of paper at a time, throughout the day, you probably need what’s known as heavy-duty stack paper cutters. These are the stack paper cutters that practically run themselves. At ABC Office, we offer a wide variety of different models designed to cut and trim card stock, prints, cards, laminated material and much more.

Not every stack paper cutter can be categorized as heavy duty. While some of our manually operated stack paper cutters can cut a large volume of paper, they aren’t designed for repetitive cuts throughout the day. For something repetitive, you probably need something that is powered by something other than manual force. There are three types of stack paper cutters you may want to use for you heavy-duty operations:

  • Manual Electric Stack Paper Cutters – These types of stack paper cutters, sometimes referred to as semi-automatic, usually have either an electric clamp, an electric cutting knife or both. The thing that makes these “manual” is that some element needs to be manually operated. This may be the clamp, the backstop or another component. Manual electric stack cutters are more affordable than automated or hydraulic machines, but they are also a little slower (depending on the job). A good example of a manual electric stack cutter is the Intelli-cut 550MS.
  • Automatic Electric Stack Cutters – Automatic stack cutters are fully electric and typically include some sort of automated backstop, programmable memory features and much more. These cutters are designed for repeated cuts and multiple paper sizes throughout the day. Simply select the cut you want to create, push a button and let the machine do the rest. The Triumph 6550EP and Intelli-Cut 680EP are good examples of automatic electric stack paper cutters.
  • Hydraulic Stack Paper Cutters – These are considered to be the toughest and heaviest-duty stack paper cutters available. Hydraulic stack cutters use hydraulic pressure to quickly and effortlessly cut through material. These types of paper cutters are typically fully automated, are programmable and are designed for repeated cuts without the need to “cool down.” A good example of a solid hydraulic stack paper cutter is the Triumph 721LT.

This is a video demo of the MBM Triumph 5551EP and 721LT hydraulic stack cutters:

These types of paper cutters are often found in paper manufacturing plants, in-plant printing shops and professional binderies. They are designed for continuous-duty cutting. While the size and capacity of the cutter may vary, the additions of electric motors or hydraulic pumps make these cutters extremely tough.

It has been asked which of these stack paper cutters is best. In my own personal experience, I would have to say that MBM Triumph and Intelli-Cut are probably the most popular. You can find our Triumph stack paper cutters here and our Intelli-Cut stack paper cutters here.

For additional information, or for answers to your questions, please feel free to contact one of our stack paper cutter experts by calling 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

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