Eight Great Outdoor Trash Cans & Garbage Bins

Outdoor Trash CansWhile you definitely want the inside of your office building looking good, it is also a good idea to promote a clean outdoor entrance as well. One great way to do this is by using an outdoor trash can. These waste bins are designed to stay put, look good and withstand the elements. Many of these outdoor waste bins look great, add to the overall building decor and even include ash collectors for smokers.

There are three types of outdoor trash cans that are especially popular. This includes metallic trash cans, neutral waste bins (brown or black) and natural garbage bins that usually feature organic elements such as stone or rock patterns. The can you use will depend a lot on the outdoor landscaping and the architectural design of the building.

An outdoor trash can should be durable and solid. You don’t want something that is top heavy or features a small base. Remember, these garbage cans will be impacted by the elements, animals and even some people. A garbage can or bin that can be blown over by the wind doesn’t deserve to be outside. A tipped over garbage can creates a mess and can be environmentally damaging. An outdoor garbage can should also be covered, preventing rain from pooling in the bottom.

At ABC Office, we offer several great options for outdoor trash cans. Here are 2 types of outdoor garbage bins that have become classics with our customers, totaling 8 different models.

Outdoor Garbage BinsBest Outdoor Trash Cans:

Canmeleon Outdoor Trash Can – This line of trash cans (4 different versions) feature a fluted panel design that, which has a highly professional appearance. These trash cans are molded from high-density polyethylene as well as UV inhibitors for optimal outdoor use. The design of these trash cans hides the bag. The Canmeleon line of garbage cans are some of the most popular available and we can ship these cans to you in a matter of days. Place 1 or 2 outside the entrance of your building.

Canmeleon Stone Outdoor Garbage Bin – The Canmeleon Aggregate Panel outdoor garbage bins (4 different versions) are extremely durable and feature a design that blends in with the natural environment. The molded-in stone aggregate looks classy and is especially nice in front of buildings with a stone or concrete design. The telescoping base helps hide the contained back. The recessed bottom looks great, yet does not detract from the stability of the bin.

Both of these options are reliable, high-quality options for your building. Both of these lines of outdoor trash cans are Greenguard certified. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find our entire selection of office, lobby and outdoor trash cans here.

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