Most Popular Roll Lamination Film Widths and Core Diameters

Roll Lamination FilmIf you own a roll laminator and need to keep it up and running, you are going to need to roll lamination film. Roll laminators use two separate rolls of film. One is used to coat the bottom of the document and the other is used to coat the top of the document. Combined, the finished results look great and can be used with posters, signs, banners, maps and much more. So what are the most common roll widths, core diameters and thicknesses used today?

Roll laminators come in dozens of different sizes, however, the most common width is 27″, followed by 25″. These sizes of roll laminators are popular because they are affordable, can be used to laminate posters as well as multiple letter-size documents. You will find both 27″ and 25″ roll laminators in schools, churches, copy centers and businesses.

Roll Laminating FilmBeing that 27″ laminators are extremely popular, most people looking for roll film need it in a 27″ width. The 27″ width is by far the most common and popular size with customers. This film comes with 1″ and 2 ¼” core sizes. The core is what slides onto the laminator’s mandrel. The mandrel is the metallic bar that the roll film slides onto. The 1″ core size is by far the most common size.

Now that we have determined the width an core size, what is the most common roll film thickness? While film comes in 1.5, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mil thicknesses, the 3 mil thickness is the most popular. This is because 3 mils (3 thousandths of an inch) is accepted on most laminators. Thicker 5, 7 and 10 mil sizes require laminators that are a bit more robust and capable of heating up the thicker film.

Most Popular Roll Laminator Film Specifications

  • Roll Width: 27″
  • Roll Core Diameter: 1″
  • Roll Laminator Thickness: 3 mils

At ABC Office, we offer a great selection of roll film in a 27″ width. We also offer film with a 1″ core and 3 mil thicknesses. We also offer a great selection of 25″ film, 12″ film, 18″ film and much more. You can find our entire selection of 27″ roll laminating film here and our entire selection of roll lamination film here.

If you have a roll laminator, but don’t know the core size or the thickness it can accept, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. We are very familiar with most laminators including those made by Ledco, Banner American, Tamerica, GBC and many others. You can find our entire selection of roll laminators here.

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