New PVC Shrink Wrap Bags Now Online

PVC shrink wrap bags provide a quick and easy way to quickly package a wide variety of material. These bags make packaging products as easy as inserting something into a heat shrink bag, sealing it shut and shrinking it down using a heat gun or shrink tunnel. The entire process takes just seconds and it is remarkably affordable. We have added two different types of shrink wrap bags to our site.

PVC Dome Shrink Wrap Bags / Gift Basket Bags

Dome Shrink Wrap Bags (found here)

The first type of bag we offer is called a dome shrink wrap bag. This bag has a special rounded dome end to it, which is primarily designed to fit around objects such as gift baskets. In fact, our dome bags are often referred to as gift basket bags. Simply open the bag, insert the basket and either tie or seal off the open end. The next step involves shrinking the film down.

Our dome heat shrink bags can be shrunk down using a heat gun or a shrink tunnel. This film has a 40% shrink rate, which means it will shrink down 40% from its original size. This provides a nice tight seal around everything. Because the PVC film is 100 gauge thick, it doesn’t easily tear or rip. The film is crystal clear once shrunk down. Our dome shrink wrap bags are also FDA approved for indirect contact use with food.

Square “Super Shrink” Stock Shrink Wrap Bags (found here)

These bags are more similar to what you imagine when you think of a shrink wrap bag. These bags are square in shape and can be used to package CDs, DVDs, video games, magazines, books, gifts, paper and much more. Using these bags is extremely easy and requires just a few basic tools. The open end of these bags can be sealed and cut off by using an I-bar shrink wrap machine or a heat sealer with a cutter. Shrinking can be done via a heat gun or heat shrink tunnel.

Our Super Shrink heat seal bags also have a 40% shrink rate, allowing them to quickly shrink down and wrap around corners and various shapes. Because the film is micro perforated, air is able to easily escape during the shrinking process. Our square shrink wrap bags are made from PVC and are 80 gauge thick.

Both our dome and square shrink wrap bags are very affordably priced and ship out quickly. We currently offer these bags in 1,000 count bulk quantities. If you plan on purchasing thousands of these, we may be able to offer a quantity discount. Call 1-800-658-8788 for more details.

You can find our entire selection of shrink wrap film here and shrink wrap machines here.

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