What is the Best Rotatrim Paper Cutter for You?

Rotatrim Paper CuttersIf you were to ask me which brand of rotary paper cutter is the best, I would have to say that Rotatrim is easily in my top 3 favorite brands. Rotatrim paper cutters, made in the UK, have taken the opposite approach of many other paper cutter manufacturers. While many companies out there are looking for ways to trim costs and replace metal with plastic, Rotatrim has kept their same high-quality process for decades.

While Rotatrim has literally a dozen or more different models of cutters, they are ultimately lumped together into 4 different categories. These are the Rotatrim Mastercut MC Series trimmers, Rotatrim Professional M Series cutters, the Rotatrim Technical T Series and the Rotatrim Powertech PT line of cutters. I will explain what these different lines of cutters are and why they may be what you need.

Rotatrim was founded in 1966 and is currently the largest specialist manufacturer of rotary action cutters in the world. These British paper cutters are internationally renowned for their durability, versatility and safety. Their cutters utilize extremely tough Sheffield tungsten steel and are known for their excellent build quality.

Types of Rotatrim Paper Cutters:

Rotatrim Mastercut MC Series Rotary Paper CuttersRotatrim Mastercut MC Series Rotary Cutters – The Rotatrim Mastercut MC series cutters, formerly known as the Monorail series, is Rotatrim’s entry level cutter. A cutting wheel sits in a housing that slides along a single square-shaped bar. The base features a grid of common cutting patterns as well as a ruler for alignment purposes. This paper cutter is ideal for home or small business use. While it is Rotatrim’s entry-level cutter, it is still far superior to other brands when it comes to quality. You can find our Rotatrim Mastercut MC series cutters here.

Rotatrim Professional M Series Paper CuttersRotatrim Professional M Series Rotary Cutters – This is the most popular line of Rotatrim paper cutters. The Professional M series cutters, formerly known as Mastercut, are increadibly popular with photographers, copy centers, graphic artists and other people that require absolute precision when cutting material. This cutter has been around for over 40 years and features a solid laminated MDF gridded baseboard, as well as twin chrome plated steel guide rails and a hand-finished tungsten steel blades.

Because the Professional line of rotary cutters uses 2 rails, precision is about as good as you can get in a rotary blade style cutter. A self-sharpening blade keeps the blade sharp and a grid / ruler pattern on the base makes it easy to line up cuts. You can find our Rotatrim Professional M Series rotary cutters here.

Rotatrim Technical T Series Rotary Paper CuttersRotatrim Technical T Series Industrial Rotary Cutters – The Technical T series of Rotatrim paper cutters are designed for heavy-duty use and come in lengths up to 99″ long. These cutters feature a stainless steel 1 ½” square guide rail and a self sharpening Sheffield tungsten steel cutting wheel and counterblade. A built in transparent clampstrip keeps material in place during the cutting process. Most of the Technical cutters can handle up to 4mm of flexible sheet material. This includes pop-ups, posters, vinyls, banners and more. You can find our Rotatrim Technical T Series cutters here.

Rotatrim Powertech PT Series Rotary Paper CuttersRotatrim Powertech PT Electric Rotary Cutters – The Rotatrim Powertech PT electrically driven precision trimmers are some of the most powerful and capable commercial rotary cutters available. These cutters utilize a Sheffield tungsten steel blade that is powered by an electrically driven steel reinforced belt. A pneumatic foot pedal allows for easy hands-free operation. The longest Powertech cutter is 99″, which can be used to cut posters, banners, vinyls, maps, blueprints and much more (up to 4mm thick). You can find our entire selection of Rotatrim Powertech PT Series cutters here.

Regardless of the type of Rotatrim paper cutter you decide to use, you will be happy with it. I personally love it when a customer purchases a Rotatrim paper cutter because I know there won’t be any customer service issues later down the road.

You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

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