Wood Tissue Box Covers and Holders – In Time for Winter

Wood Tissue Box Covers and HoldersThe air is getting cold for many parts of the United States and people are beginning to spend more time indoors. As a result, more people are getting colds and the sniffles, which means a lot of people going through a lot of tissue. If you have an office lobby or waiting room, you probably offer customers tissues. Rather than putting a tissue box out on a table, in all its horrible flower décor glory, consider using a wood tissue box holder or cover. Your customers, clients and patients will be impressed.

Wood tissue box covers and holders provide a secure and professional way to display otherwise ugly tissue boxes. This allows the tissue box to blend in nicely with a wood table, wood seating and other wood furniture. It helps provide protection to the tissue box, while adding a professional element to the ambiance.

Our tissue box holders look great and come in dark red mahogany, light oak or medium oak. These wood tissue holders can be set out on a table or they can be mounted to a wall (mounting hardware included). These boxes are made out of oak, so they are designed to hold up well with continuous use. They can also be used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and medical facilities to hold latex or rubber glove boxes.

Wood Tissue Box Holder from Wooden MalletWhile these tissue box covers may commonly be found in lobbies and waiting rooms, they are also popular in schools, churches and even in homes. Choose from a single, double, triple or a quadruple wood tissue box holder design. These boxes are made by Wooden Mallet, so you can expect the utmost in quality.

While the quality is excellent and the finish is extremely professional, I think one of the best features is the great low price! You can find our entire selection of wood tissue box covers and holders here.

Keith Barlow

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