Paper Weight Conversion Chart – Bond / GSM / Cover / Index

Paper Folding Machine Paper WeightsHave you ever been shopping online for a paper folding machine (found here), or other piece of office equipment, and saw the terms bond, gsm, cover or index weight listed next to a number? I don’t know about you, but this had always confused me. There are literally a half dozen different ways to determine the thickness of paper. For that reason, and to help all of you, I am including a convenient paper weight conversion chart.

Knowing the thickness of paper your paper folding machine can handle will mean the difference between a professional job and a complete disaster. There is no faster way to jam your paper folding machine, or other piece of office equipment, than trying to feed a thick piece of card stock through it when it can only handle half the thickness.

In Europe, and around the world, the method used for measuring paper thickness is gsm (grams per square inch), sometimes listed as g/m2. In the United States, and some other locations, other “weight” based measurements are used for determining the thickness of paper. This includes bond weight, text weight, cover weight, index weight and several others. This can be very confusing. The weight is usually based on a fixed width of 500 sheets.

This guide is designed to help get a round about idea on what one measurement converts over to another. Because paper weights vary so much, depending on several factors, this should be used as a guide only.  Numbers in bold are common thicknesses.

Paper Weight (Thickness) Conversion Chart

Paper Weight Conversion Chart - GSM - Cover - Bond - Index

If you are in the market for a paper folding machine (found here), or if you simply need some advice on choosing a machine for the thickness of paper you are using, feel free to contact one of our paper specialists at 1-800-658-8788.

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