Waiting Room Benches by Wooden Mallet

Waiting Room Benches by Wooden MalletWaiting room benches (found here) provide a comfortable, easy-to-clean and portable way to provide comfortable seating for customers, clients, patients and customers. Wooden mallet, one of the best-known manufacturers of waiting room benches, offers several different seating options. Could one of these work for you?

If you have an office lobby or a waiting room, there are several things you can do to provide a more comfortable experience to your customer or patient. Customers who have a pleasant experience in a waiting room are more inclined to remember it begin an overall “good” experience and in turn are more likely to return for a later visit. This makes good business sense and good customer service sense.

One feature you may want to consider using is a magazine rack (found here). Reading material helps time pass by more quickly. Several floor, wall mounted and countertop magazine rack options are available at a reasonable price. Once you have provided your customer with good reading material, it is nice to have a comfortable place to sit.

If waiting room times range between five and 30 minutes, a great (and affordable) option is to use a padded bench. Benches come in single, double, triple and quadruple variations. These benches are designed to easily sit against a wall or be used directly in the open. The can be used from either side and are convenient for sitting or lying down.

Because there are few nooks and crannies on these benches, they are extremely easy to clean. There are several other features that make Wooden Mallet waiting room benches an ideal option. To begin with, they are made with one-inch thick solid oak. This oak build allows them to hold hundreds of pounds. This sturdy oak frame also eliminates annoying creaking and bending. Solid oak is simply more durable than cheap pressed wood benches.

These chairs all feature soft lush padding. This padding makes sitting comfortable and fabrics are available in several different colors and patterns, depending on your preference. The wood stain is also available in your choice of light oak, medium oak and mahogany.

Assembly of these waiting room benches is extremely easy and does not require any special tools. Simply use the included slide brackets and you’re ready to go.

We currently offer four different models of waiting room benches:

If you expect your customers, clients and patients to be waiting in excess of 30 minutes, you may want to consider using a Wooden Mallet waiting room chair:

These chairs feature the same quality as the benches, but include a supportive back rest.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions about our Wooden Mallet furniture or regarding waiting room furniture options. Remember, we have a low-price guarantee on our entire line of Wooden Mallet Furniture!

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