Top 3 Best External Vacuum Sealers 2012

Minipack Cyclone 40 External Vacuum SealerIf you need a vacuum sealer to package food such as beef, fish, vegetables, fruits and other food, an external vacuum sealer (found here) is a great option. These machines make it possible for people at home, who can’t afford large chamber sealers, to still benefit from vacuum sealing. At ABC Office, we offer several vacuum sealing machines, but there are three specific models that I feel excel above all the rest.

I have used several vacuum sealers, everywhere from small desktop department store models up to industrial chamber sealers. While some of the department store “cheapies” are OK for the occasional package, the motors in these smaller machines simply aren’t up to the task for anyone who wants to package food on a regular basis. I have found that many of the cheap machines’ motors simply burn out after not much use. Many of them are incapable of producing a seal wider than 2mm thick.

The three models I personally recommend are all made by Minipack. These are the Minipack Cyclone 30, Minipack Cyclone 40 and Minipack Cyclone 50. These machines feature durable Italian construction, tough motors and the ability to be used on a daily basis.

I would like to cover a few reasons why I like each of these external vacuum sealers so much.

Best External Vacuum Sealers 2012

  1. Minipack Cyclone 30 (found here) – This vacuum sealer has a 13″ sealing width and creates a nice 4mm wide seal that is perfect for packaging food. It uses a dry piston, combined with an internal cooling fan, designed to package up to 2 items a minute. It features water resistant controls and is capable of being set up with custom vacuum time and sealing time. It also includes a moisture collector. The external shell of this sealer is made from aluminum and it weighs about 12 pounds shipped. This is a great machine for use at home.
  2. Minipack Cyclone 40 (found here) – The Cyclone 40 from Minipack is a17″ wide external vacuum sealer. This machine has a large sealing width for an external sealer and it is perfect for packaging steaks, fish and other food items. It uses a 350 watt motor that features a dry piston design and can package up to 2 items a minute. The Cyclone 40 features a wide array of programmable features, which isn’t common in an external design sealer. Simply set the sealing time and vacuum time, insert your bag and let the machine do the rest. This is great for home or business.
  3. Minipack Cyclone 50 (found here) – This external sealer has one of the largest sealing widths available in an external design. The Cyclone 50 has a 21″ sealing width, allowing it to be able to package larger items or bags full of several smaller items. It features a sealing bar that creates a 4mm seal and a dry pump piston that helps to remove the air. The 370-watt motor includes a cooling fan to keep things running cool during repetitive use. The Minipack Cyclone 50 will allow you to program the sealing time, vacuum time and has water resistant controls.  This is great for packaging food for retail sale, storage purposes, transportation purposes and more.

All of our Cyclone external sealers have a great track record. It is amazing to see how many people call us for the Minipack Cyclone simply based on referrals from friends and colleagues who own and enjoy using them. Do you have questions about these machines? Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 for more information. If you already own a Minipack Cyclone, you can find the external bag supplies here.

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