What Are Continuous Duty Shredders and Do You Need One?

Continuous Duty Paper ShreddersHave you ever used a paper shredder only to have it stop working after 20-30 minutes due to an overheated motor? This can be a major annoyance, especially if you are a business that needs to shred all day long. An overheated paper shredder can quickly result in stacks of unshredded paper and can ultimately develop bad habits among employees by leaving sensitive information out in the open that should be otherwise destroyed. What you need to be using is what’s known as a continuous duty shredder.

Before I start going off on why you need a continuous duty shredder, I would like to state that non continuous-duty paper shredders, which require a cool down period, aren’t all bad. If you are a home, a home office or a small business, or if you simply need a compact deskside shredder, a standard “non continuous” shredder is just fine. These shredders are designed to shut off after a certain amount of use to prevent permanent damage from heat.

So what is a continuous duty paper shredder? A continuous-duty shredder is a shredder that’s designed to work for hours on end without overheating. This style of shredder is designed for office use, however, there are home paper shredders designed with continuous duty shredders as well. This type of shredder is perfect for use by multiple people in a departmental or centralized location.

Continuous Duty Paper ShreddersSo how does a continuous-duty shredder motor work? The key to keeping a paper shredder running continuously is to disperse damaging heat. As is the case with any electric motor, they begin to warm up and even become extremely hot after some time. A continuous-duty shredder uses a thermally protected motor. These motors are designed from the ground up to not overheat. Designs to prevent heat vary from heatsinks and motor positioning to overall design and current draw.  Many continuous-duty electric motors utilize several methods to disperse heat and keep cool.

Most German-made and Korean-made paper shredders feature thermally protected motors. Most Chinese-made paper shredders have a cool-down period. Brands such as Dahle, Destroyit, Intimus, HSM and Formax all manufacture the majority of their shredders with continuous-duty motors. I have personally used shredders from each of these manufacturers and have to say that they are all solid.

If you are a business or organization, and are in the process of shopping around for a paper shredder, I would recommend going with a continuous-duty paper shredder right off the bat. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be future-proof, even if you don’t expect to need continuous shredding at this time.

Keith Barlow

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