Why is the Minpack Galaxy Such a Good Machine?

Minipack Galaxy Shrink Wrap MachineHave you ever used a machine that worked so well that it simply exceeded all of your expectations? This is the case with the Minipack Galaxy (found here). I have used this machine time and time again and I am always impressed with how the results turn out. As I sat back and thought about it, I believe there are several reasons why it is such a good machine. I would like to include a few of those in this article.

Before I start talking about the Minipack Galaxy, I would like to emphasize that Minipack by itself is a great company. I have had the opportunity to use several of their shrink wrap machines and chamber vacuum sealers. The quality, which is Italian, is about as good as you will find in a packaging machine. Their products don’t use cheap sheet metal, but use thick steel and other high-end parts.

Here are just a few of the reasons I like the Minipack Galaxy:

  • 115 Volt – It doesn’t require a 220-volt power source and you don’t need an electrician to wire your business to use it. You will need to purchase a 115-volt electrical plug end, but you can find those at any hardware store and they are easy to attach. Once ready, just plug it into a wall outlet and you’re ready to start packaging.
  • Large Sealing Area – The 12″ x 14″ sealing area is more than enough space to package CDs, DVDs, boxes and many other products. It is an ideal sealing area for most small to medium packaging needs.
  • Large Chamber Height – The chamber height is set at 8″, which is more than enough for most packaging needs. Again, this is a well-rounded chamber height.
  • Large Roll Diameter – The Minipack Galaxy can handle a film roll up to 10″ in diameter, which is a fairly large roll of film.
  • Perforating Wheel – The Galaxy has a perforating wheel that pokes tiny holes in the film. This allows air to quickly leave the packaging while heat is being applied, which allows for more even and professional results. It also helps cut down in large holes during the packaging process.
  • Italian Design & Build – There’s something to be said for Italian engineering and ingenuity. While many shrink wrap machines are built with cost saving measures in mind, which often lead to sub-par products, the Italian-made Galaxy is about as good a machine as you will find.
  • Integrated Heat Tunnel – This machine doesn’t require a separate heat tunnel for packaging. The Galaxy seals and shrinks the film in a single pass.
  • Magnetic Lockdown – Once you pull down the hood, the Galaxy will keep the hood down using built-in electromagnets. Once the packaging process is completed, the Galaxy will automatically release the hood and return it to an open position. This means less manual effort on the part of the operator, creates a cleaner seal and allows the operator to begin working on the next item while another is being sealed.
  • Fast – This machine takes literally just seconds to seal the film around your product and shrink it down using the integrated heat tunnel.
  • Programmable – The Minipack galaxy can hold up to 10 customizable programs, making it easy to quickly reference a program for the product you are packaging.
  • Multiple Settings – The Galaxy allows you to adjust the temperature, sealing time and tunnel time. This makes the Minipack Galaxy extremely versatile.
  • Multi Film Compatible – This shrink wrap machine can be used with both PVC and Polyolefin shrink film.

I simply can’t say enough good things about the Minpack-Torre Galaxy shrink wrap machine. It looks good, is easy to use, is fast and is very reasonably priced.

This is a video demo of the Minipack Galaxy in use:

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You can find our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions about this machine or about shrink wrap machines in general.

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