Wood Single Pocket Chart Holders – Seven Great Options

Wooden Mallet CH14-1 Single-Pocket Chart HolderWhen it comes to displaying, holding and organizing charts, a high-quality chart holder (sometimes called a file holder) can make all the difference in the world. While there are many models to choose from, including wire and plastic, we have found that most of our customers prefer a nice wall-mounted wood chart holder. At ABC office we currently offer seven different models (found here) including several that are HIPAA compliant. One of them is an X-ray holder.

Our most popular chart holders are made by Wooden Mallet. Wooden Mallet is probably best known for their huge lineup of magazine racks and literature holders, but their chart holders are equally just as good a quality. While we offer several multi-pocket chart holders, I would like to cover the single pocket models. The single pocket chart holders are especially popular in hospitals and doctor’s offices.

I would like to cover each one of these chart holders. I will start off with our two most popular models:

  1. Wooden Mallet CH14-1 Chart HolderWooden Mallet CH14-1 (found here) – This single-pocket chart holder features an angled design, keeping the charts naturally jogged forward. This rack features a simple and elegant design and it includes all the necessary hardware to mount it to the wall. This is our most popular chart holder. It comes in light oak, medium oak and dark red mahogany.
  2. Wooden Mallet CH15-1 Chart HolderWooden Mallet CH15-1 (found here) – This is one of our top two most popular chart holders. Unlike the CH 14-1, this rack features a pocket that is completely vertical. The design is simple, yet it is easy to put in individual patient rooms in a doctor’s office or hospital. It features a 12 ½” wide pocket that is 2″ deep. This chart holder looks great hung on a wall.
  3. Wooden Mallet CHD15-1 Deep Chart HolderWooden Mallet CHD15-1 (found here) – This is a more robust chart holder than the previous two mentioned. It is 13 ½” wide by 3 ½” deep, making it ideal for situations where a lot of charts need to be held at once. This rack features a wood back, sides and front. Charts are kept secure and private. This can be mounted by itself or along side several in a row.
  4. Wooden Mallet PCH15-1 Privacy HIPAA Chart HolderWooden Mallet PCH15-1 (found here) – This is our least expensive privacy chart holder that is completely HIPAA compliant. It features a taller front wood panel that keeps contained files and charts completely hidden and private. The front panel is 9″ tall. It is wall mounted, 2″ deep and includes all wall mounting hardware. The wood grain finish looks great and blends in with existing office furnishings.
  5. Wooden Mallet OCHS15-1 Open Ended HIPAA Chart HolderWooden Mallet OCHS15-1 (found here) – This unique chart holder features an open ended design that is mounted to a square wall-mounting plate. This makes it easy to insert and access files from the top or the sides of the chart holder. The front panel is 9″ high for added privacy and it is HIPAA compliant. Choose from three different wood stain finishes.
  6. Wooden Mallet OCH020-1 HIPA Chart HolderWooden Mallet OCH020-1 (found here) – If you like the OCHS15-1 listed above, but don’t like the square wall-mounting plate, you are going to love the OCH020-1. This is also an open ended chart holder that is completely HIPAA compliant with a 9″ high front panel. It is mounted to an oval-shaped wall mounting bracket.
  7. XR-1 X-ray Chart Holder from Wooden MalletWooden Mallet XR-1 (found here) – While you may need to organize and hold charts in your hospital or doctor’s office, you may also need to hold X-rays. The XR-1 from Wooden Mallet is one of just a few wooden x-ray chart holders available online. This x-ray holder is 22 ½” wide by 12″ high by 2 2/4″ deep. It is wall mounted and includes mounting hardware.

So there you have it! Seven of the best wooden chart single-pocket chart holders you will find online. Not only are these available at a great price, the yare also extremely durable and tough for daily use. If you have any questions, call us at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of chart holders here.

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