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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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ABC Office Offers Products for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Medical and X-Ray Chart Holders

The HIPAA Act enforces strict standards that protect patient health information. (HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.) Through the HIPAA Act, patient information must be properly secured, stored and destroyed. Our line of HIPAA Compliant medical and x-ray chart holders allow you to be in compliance with the act and protect your patient’s health information. We carry a variety of attractive, well built, wooden chart holders that will look great in any office.

Medical charts and files are a part of daily life in a hospital or doctor’s office. Easy access to medical charts and files is critical to a smooth-running facility. One great way to keep charts readily available, while at the same time protecting patient information, is by using the Wooden Mallet CH 14-1 wall-mounted chart holder. This chart holder is gorgeous, extremely well made and can be mounted just about anywhere on a wall. Pockets measure in at 12 1/2″ wide by 2″ deep. This chart / file holder is predrilled and includes hardware for easy wall mounting. The oak design is stunning and the solid front panel keeps sensitive information well hidden. This rack looks great and is extremely functional. Hang several of these together for additional pockets!



High Security Paper Shredders

High security and specialty paper shredders are designed to shred sensitive and top secret documents. These shredders are ideal for hospitals, government, military and any business that needs to securely shred documents. We have a wide selection of high security paper shredders, with one that will meet your needs.







DW8-3 Triple Sled Base Sofa

Office Chairs and Seating

From traditional to modern, we have dozens of options for reception chairs, sofas, and loveseats. Our modular seating options make it easy to fit comfortable furniture into any sized space and can be reconfigured as your needs change.




Glove and Tissue Box Holders

Wooden Mallet WCG2 Glove / Tissue Box Holder

If you are looking for a way to make your office or lobby more professional, you should consider using one of our high-quality wood glove and tissue box holders. These holders can be used to either cover a tissue box or hold one for wall mounting purposes. Our wood tissue box holder some in dark red mahogany, light oak and medium oak finishes and feature ?? oak sizes. Few tissue box holders and covers hold up as well or look as good as these.

Our glove and tissue box holders are also commonly used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical facilities for holding latex and plastic gloves. Mounting these glove box holders to the wall make gloves easy to access and use.


ABC Office Adds New PaperFlow Magazine Racks

Friday, May 11th, 2012

PaperFlow Magzine RacksABC Office offers several hundred different literature displays, magazine racks and brochure holders. This week we added nine new magazine racks from PaperFlow. This is the first time PaperFlow magazine racks have been offered on the site. We expect to more than double this amount over the next few weeks.

These new racks are different from the Safco, Wooden Mallet, R WIREworks and Brochure Display racks currently offered. PaperFlow magazine racks have a more modern look and feel and are perfect for use in lobbies, waiting rooms, reception areas and other locations where customers, clients, students and patients will visit.

This is a list of the nine new racks currently offered:

  • PaperFlow 4064X4 Wall-Mounted Magazine RackPaperFlow 4064X4 Wall Mounted Magazine Rack (found here) – This new wall-mounted rack features four total pockets in a modern design. The front support of the pockets is made from clear plastic and the back is made from injected polystyrene. This rack is classy and looks great next to a door. The unique design makes literature easy to view and access.
  • PaperFlow 285 Curved Magazine RackPaperFlow Model 285 Floor Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a modern floor design with a curved tower. With eight different rows, this rack can used to hold a wide range of magazines and other literature. You will find it in office lobbies, doctor’s office waiting rooms and more. It puts literature at an easy-to-access height.  It comes in black and gray.
  • PaperFlow 259N S Magzine RackPaper Flow 259N S Freestanding Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a freestanding design on casters. This makes the 259N easy to move around while providing a unique five-pocket layout. The angle of the magazine shelves can be adjusted. This rack looks classy and is perfect for use in medical facilities, waiting rooms and more.
  • PaperFlow 253N Half-Sized Magzine RackPaperFlow 253N Freestanding Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This rack is shorter and more compact than most freestanding racks. It features three wide literature shelves that can be used to hold a variety of material. The angle of the shelf can be adjusted to meet your personal requirements. Casters make it mobile. This is perfect next to a wall or in a library setting.
  • PaperFlow 2860 Angled Modern Magazine RackPaperFlow Model 2860 Angled Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a gravity-defying angled design combined with 7 total shelves / pockets. This allows you to hold and display magazines, brochures and other literature. Dividers make it easy to separate the pockets. The modern design looks classy and professional in any office.
  • PaperFlow 278N EPI Tower-Style Magazine RackPaperFlow 278N EPI Tower Magazine Rack (found here) – This rack features a staggered 10-pocket design in a vertical tower layout. It is very unique in design and makes great use of often-limited floor space. Clear front panels make literature easy to view. This can be placed next to a wall, next to a door or even next to furniture. Choose from several different colors.
  • PaperFlow 276N EPI Dual-Sided Freestanding Magazine RackPaperFlow 276N EPI Tower Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This magazine rack features a vertical tower design with to eight pocket sides, equaling 16 total magazine pockets. This design is great for use out in the open and allows for access by multiple people at the same time. Casters make it easy to move around the floor.
  • PaperFlow 255N High-Capacity Literature RackPaperFlow 255N High Capacity Magazine Rack (found here) – If you need mobility and capacity in your magazine rack, you’re going to love this model. It features five adjustable shelves that can be used to hold magazines, brochures, booklets and more. It sits on casters, making it easy to move around a lobby or from one room to another. It is available in black, gray and silver.
  • PaperFlow 252N XL Zig-Zag Magazine RackPaperFlow 252N Zig-Zag Magazine Rack on Casters (found here) – This magazine rack is designed for high capacity, mobility and easy access. It features a zig-zag design with three rows on one side of the rack and three on the other. This rack looks great and has a one-of-a-kind design.

Having used, sold and added dozens upon dozens of racks over the years, I have to say that PaperFlow offers a very unique design that sets itself apart from the rest. If you need a magazine rack or literature holder for your business, school, library or church, definitely consider a PaperFlow. You can find our entire selection of magazine racks and literature holders here.

Top 7 Best Brochure Holders

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Best Brochure HoldersIf you run an information center, a convenience store, work in a university or run a business or organization that sells or distributes brochures, you’re probably looking for a durable, affordable and professional brochure holder. We offer a great selection of multi-pocket brochure holders (found here). This includes plastic, acrylic, metal and wood brochure holders. So which should you use? Here are a few models that have proven to be best sellers over the years.

I would like to start off by saying there are several types of brochure holders. While I am going to list of 5 bestsellers, we offer literally dozens of other models that are just as solid and well priced. Keep in mind that brochure holders come in desktop, floor and  wall-mounted configurations and are made from a wide variety of materials. Some brochure holders are multi-purpose, capable of holding magazines and other literature as well. I am going to focus on holders that are designed specifically for brochures only.

Desktop Brochure HolderTop 7 Best Brochure Holders

  1. Safco 5673CL Clear2c 8 Pocket Brochure Holder
  2. Wooden Mallet LT-8 8 Pocket Oak Brochure Holder
  3. Safco 5793 Expose 10 Pocket Wall-Mounted Brochure Holder
  4. Wooden Mallet BR24-4 Wall-Mounted 4 Pocket Brochure Holder
  5. Safco 5671CL Clear2c 12 Pocket Plastic Brochure Rack
  6. Model 30-6CD 6 Tier Brochure Holder
  7. Model 18-5CD 5 Tier Countertop Brochure Holder

These models all look great, have proven themselves to be durable and are all available at a great price. These can be used to hold and display brochures, pamphlets and other similarly-sized material. These come from popular brands such as Safco, Wooden Mallet and others. As previously mentioned, we also offer a great selection of brochure holder / magazine rack combination displays.

You can find our entire selection of brochure holders and racks here. Call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

Organizational Benefits of Desktop Wire Display Racks

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Wire Display RacksIf you’re like me, you probably have a lot of literature sitting on your desk. This clutter is annoying, and if you directly work with customers and clients, it can be equally frustrating for them. Information should be organized and presentable, if not for you, for your customers. Simply put, it’s professional.

One of the best ways that you can clean up and organize your desk is by using a desktop display rack or literature holder. One of the most modern and classy ways to display literature on a desk is to use a wire display racks. I’m not talking about coat hanger wire; I’m referring to tough heavy-gauge wire.

Wire displays are designed to hold up through daily use. Among many benefits, they are often available in a variety of different powder coat finishes, with black being the most common color. Not only can they be used to display literature to your customers, patients and clients, they can also be used to simply organize material on your own desk for your own use.

Benefits of Wire Display Racks

Durability – Wire display racks are tough. They can hold a lot of material, without any wear, and can withstand many types of direct impacts (i.e. falling on the floor) without suffering damage. These types of racks are more durable than wooden or plastic displays.

Visibility – Wire displays make literature, magazines, brochures and other material extremely easy to view. This is because the design of wire, by nature, is easy to see through.

Accessibility – Wire makes literature extremely easy to access. If you can’t grab the material from the top, you can often lift it out or access it from the side.

Affordability – While you might think wire displays would be expensive, they are actually competitively priced, right around the same price as a wood or plastic display.

Where to Find:

We have been selling wire desktop display racks, freestanding wire displays and wall-mounted wire display racks for years now and they have all been a huge hit with our customers.

You can find our entire selection of desktop wire display racks here and our entire selection of magazine racks and literature holders here.

Tabletop Brochure, Business Card & Magazine Display Options

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Tabletop Revolving Display, Magazine & Literature RacksPresenting literature on a desk or table is sometimes one of the best ways to get your material out to customers, clients and others. This is especially the case in a lobby, reception desk or table where people frequently pass by. You can use tabletop displays to present literature such as business cards, pamphlets, brochures and magazines. So what are some of the best tabletop literature display options? I’ll go over a few customer favorites.

To begin with, you should make your literature easy to view. I recommend using a display holder or rack with a clear plastic front. This will protect literature while making it easy to view and access. If you have a lot of literature, you may want to consider a display with a carousel / revolving option.

Here are the three most common tabletop display solutions our customers use to display their literature:

  1. Tabletop Carousel / Revolving Displays – Revolving displays look nice and allow you to hold a lot of material in a relatively small amount of space. Some of our carousel tabletop literature holders are made from PETG plastic, which is extremely durable and safe. Others are made from wood and metal. Racks range from pamphlet holders to magazine holders.
  2. Tabletop Business Card Holders – Business card holders look professional, are easy for customers to access and look far better than simply sitting a stack of cards on a desk. If you have a reception desk in a lobby, you can use a tabletop business card holder with multiple pockets for a variety of different people. We offer one model of desktop business card holder that has 12 different pockets!
  3. Tabletop Literature Racks – Tabletop brochure, pamphlet and magazine holders look great, take up little desk space and come in metal wire, plastic and wood designs. Some models, designed for larger tables, can hold a combination of brochures and magazines.

Our plastic display racks are made from durable PETG plastic, which is shatterproof and safe. Our metal racks are made from heavy-gauge wire, designed to stand the test of time and our wood display racks are available in a variety of different wood stain finishes.

These three categories cover all the most popular options for displaying literature from a desk or table. With literally dozens of different models available, we are sure to have something you will like. You can find our entire selection of display racks and literature holders here.

Reviewed: Straighten Up! Literature Display Inserts for Magazines

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Safco StraightenUp! Magazine & Literature Rack InsertsDo you have a magazine display rack or holder, but can’t seem to keep the magazines standing up straight? This poses many problems. For one, your customers can’t see the displayed magazines and second, magazines could potentially fall onto the floor and become ruined. There is a very simply, quick and affordable fix for this problem.

To begin with, many magazines simply do not have the ability to support their own weight when positioned on end, especially at an angle. They begin to curl and flop over. This is also a problem when only a few magazines remain in a single pocket. There is one quick way to remedy this situation. Try using our StraightenUp! display inserts from Safco (found here). I’ll explain how these work.

StraightenUp! literature display inserts, unlike many cheaper alternatives, actually slide in behind the magazines, keeping magazines and literature in an upright position. Because they fit in behind the magazines, the actually don’t obstruct any visible material.  The spring-like design of the StraightenUp! insert works even when there is just one magazine left in a pocket.

These inserts are made out of plastic and are 100% GREENGUARD certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI). This means they are both safe for human use and are safe for the environment.

The StraightenUp! literature inserts measure in at 8 ½” W x ¼” D x 10 ½” H. They can be inserted into most letter-size or magazine-size literature display pockets. This includes wood, plastic and wire magazine displays and holders.

We sell a lot of these inserts and I have to say that our customers are always happy with the results. If you have problems keeping your magazines standing up, you should definitely give these a try.

You can find our Safco StraightenUp! magazine display inserts here and our entire selection of magazine and literature display racks here.

Tight Spaces? Consider A Revolving Book Rack!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Revolving Book Display RackThere are a lot of ways you can display a book. There is the traditional bookshelf, for home use, and wall display racks for retail use. What should you do if you are limited on floor or wall space? Consider using a revolving book rack! Here are a few tips to get you started.

To begin with, revolving displays come in a variety of sizes and formats. Some are designed to hold magazines, some comic books and others paperback books. Book racks are by far the most common type of revolving (rotating) display.

The largest revolving book display we currently carry has a total of 84 pockets (found here). Each pocket measures in at 5 3/8″ H x 4 3/8″ W x 3 7/8″ D. That means that each pocket, depending on the size of the paperback book, can hold about 3-4 books (sometimes more). That equals out to potentially be up to 252 to 336 books in a confined footprint of about 20 square inches. That is what I call efficient space management!

Imagine spacing those same 252 to 336 books along a wall mounted book display! It would take up a lot of valuable wall space, potentially up to 8 feet, to accomplish what a revolving magazine rack can do in less than 2 feet of floor space.

Revolving book displays come in several different pocket arrangements, depending on the amount of books you need to display. Revolving displays are typically found in retail stores, libraries, universities, lobbies and more.

While the wire design of revolving book displays allows for easy viewing and access of books, it can present a bit of a structural weakness (in poorly made displays). You certainly don’t want to purchase a display where the wire can bend and look abused in a short period of time, especially in situations where customers will be accessing the book rack on a regular basis.

The wire used in our revolving displays is a very tough and heavy gauge wire. Wire in our revolving displays is designed to be handled and used throughout the day without breaking or bending. In fact, our displays should look just as good a few years down the road as they did the day they were purchased.

You can find our entire selection of rotating book racks here and our entire selection of magazine, brochure and book holders here.

Metal, Wood or Plastic Display Racks?

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Metal Wire Wall Mounted Magazine HolderWhether you need a magazine, literature or brochure rack, you may be wondering if you should go with metal wire, wood or plastic. Each of these styles of racks looks great and each has their benefits. I am going to cover the pros and the cons for owning each one of these display racks.

Wooden Display Racks – Wood display racks and literature holders look great. The wood grain and color has a more traditional looks and fits in well in offices that have a more natural look and feel. Wooden display racks also blend in well with existing furniture.

You will find wooden display racks in doctor’s offices, school lobbies, waiting rooms and more. These racks come in freestanding, wall and desktop designs.

Metal Magazine Racks – Metal magazine racks are some of the most durable racks available and often find their place in retail environments. These racks come in revolving / rotating, wall mounted and desktop designs. You will also frequently find these in libraries and schools. They can be used to hold magazines, books, brochures and other literature.

Plastic Literature Racks – Plastic magazine and literature racks are extremely popular in offices, lobbies, waiting rooms and other locations that need to display magazines, brochures and other material. These racks are especially popular because they are affordable, make literature easy to read and are extremely easy to clean.

Plastic racks are commonly found in buildings with a lot of children. You can find these racks in desktop and wall-mounted designs. These racks developed a bad reputation years ago because they broke so easily. Materials used today are shatter proof, durable and safe (Acrylic & PETG Plastic).

The rack you choose to hold your literature will help mold the ambiance of your waiting room, lobby or store. You can find our entire selection of magazine and literature racks here.

Are Clear Chart Holders HIPAA Compliant?

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Wooden Wall-Mounted Chart HoldersChart holders are an important part of medical facilities, hospitals, doctors’ offices and more. They are used to hold client and patient information while making it easily accessible. With HIPAA, this information has to be properly protected. A few days ago a customer asked me if clear chart holders are HIPAA compliant. This was my response.

In order for a chart holder to be HIPAA compliant, sensitive contents cannot be visible. By nature, clear chart holders are designed to make data easy to see. This, unfortunately, means that clear chart holders are not HIPAA compliant.

You could make a clear chart holder compliant by including an insert that hides the contained charts, or by frosting it, but that may be more hassle than it’s worth. I would personally steer clear of any “clear” chart holders. There is too much room for error and you don’t want to be responsible for a leaked client / patient information.

Most clear chart holders are in fact clear magazine holders that were never intended to hold sensitive charts. HIPAA compliant chart holders are almost always made of wood with a solid wood front.

You can find our entire selection of standard and deep pocket chart holders here. You will notice that they are all made of wood. I personally think are very professional and look great.

What To Look For In A DVD Display Rack

Monday, October 18th, 2010

DVD Display Racks & HoldersMany retail stores now sell DVDs. This includes both traditional DVDs, Blu-ray disks and even video games. So what is the best way to display them?

There are several options out there. The model you get will depend on several factors, including location, space, volume and more. Here are a few tips that may help you out in your search.

To begin with, you will want to answer some basic questions. Here are the most common questions I ask customers when they are looking for a DVD display rack or holder.

Question 1. How many disks do you need to display?

While many DVD racks feature multiple different pockets, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will hold all your DVDs.  Once you have determined how many pockets a DVD rack has, find out how many DVDs each pocket will hold. Once you know the total quantity of disks it can hold, you will have a better idea as to whether or not a DVD rack will work for you.

Countertop DVD Displays Racks and HoldersQuestion 2. Is space an issue?

How much space do you have? If you don’t have much floor space, you may want to consider using a wall-mounted or corner-mounted DVD rack. Another good space-saving option is using a countertop DVD rack. Assuming you have the floor space, a revolving (rotating) DVD rack may be one of the best space savers with many racks capable of holding hundreds of DVDs in a relatively small area of space.

Question 3. Where will you be displaying the DVDs?

Do you want to display your DVDs on a wall, countertop or floor? While space may determine what you use, there are many different methods to display DVDs. For retail stores, revolving DVD racks are extremely popular along with countertop DVD racks that can be used at checkout.

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself prior to making a purchase. If you have an answer to these three questions, you have more than likely dramatically narrowed down the list of racks from which to choose.

You can find our entire selection of DVD display racks and holders here. Good luck in your search for the right DVD rack!

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