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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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Office Machine Review: The Widmer E-3 Electronic Embossing Machine

Friday, June 10th, 2016


Widmer E-3 embossing machine

Widmer E-3 Embosser


Are you searching for an electronic document embosser that provides consistent reliability and toughness? The Widmer E-3 embossing machine is one of the most durable embossing machines available on the market today.

The E-3 embosser is intended for heavy-duty daily use. It may be operated consistently throughout the workday without any downtime. The end result of embossed text, logos or numbers looks highly professional.

This model from Widmer uses custom embossing plates. The plates may include logos, text or numbers. The E-3 is made from durable die-cast metal components and features some of the finest quality handcraftsmanship found in an embosser. The unit may be used to emboss carbon forms, diplomas, certificates, legal documents, checks, card stock, etc.

Is security a concern? The Widmer E-3 embosser has a convenient secure locking device that helps discourage unauthorized access to the stamping plate. You may manually adjust the stamping depth and pressure to accommodate positioning on a document with the Widmer E-3.

An automatic trigger comes standard. It provides helpful hands-free operation and ease of use. The Widmer model E-3 embosser is a popular model with justice of the peace divisions in several states, schools, various government branches and large offices. Most electric embossers available today simply do not get any better than this one.


  • Features rapid operation and consistent accuracy
  • Ideal for use with single sheet and two-part carbonized forms
  • You can emboss diplomas, legal papers, certificates, etc.
  • Imprints within three inches from the edge of the document


Have custom embossing artwork? Call us at 1-800-658-8788 for help. We also offer competitive discount pricing for orders with multiple embossing units. Be sure to call for more details!

New Portable AmpliVox PA Systems Now Online

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

AmpliVox Roving Fostrum Tabletop PodiumWe are always adding new products to our site that we feel fit what our customers need. We are proud to announce today that we have just added several new models of portable PA systems from AmpliVox.

These PA systems are considered by many to be some of the most durable PA systems around. They include all the bells and whistles and are extremely easy to set up and use.

These new systems include:

These products are all designed to make speeches, sermons, presentations and other speaking events clearer, easier and more understandable. AmpliVox  has been around since the 1960’s and has developed a reputation for making high quality products.

Please feel free to stop by our site and take a look at these new models.

Digital ID Card Printer Troubleshooting Tips and Repair

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Magicard Photo ID Card PrinterDigital ID card printers are pretty easy to use and don’t require a lot of babysitting, but they do occasionally have their issues that need attending to. There are a lot of preventative things you can do to cut down on printing problems and if you do experience a problem, the fix is usually pretty simple.

Here is a list of the most common problems our customers experience with their ID card printers. Printers do, however, vary in functionality, so these solutions may or may not work for your model.

Digital ID Card Printer Troubleshooting & Repair Tips

Colors seem to be off – While the printing ability of and ID card printer is pretty accurate, the color on your monitor may not always match up with what your printer prints. You may need to adjust the colors in the printer software to better match the colors you are trying to print.

Printed image colors are not aligned – Often removing the printer ribbon and putting it back in will allow the printer to cycle and re-align the panels to print correctly.

ID Card Printer RibbonImages turn out fuzzy and unclear – This is usually a result of the print head being dirty. Most printers have cleaning cards or pens that can be used to clean the thermal print head.

The prints look bad – Make sure your blank ID cards are clean of dust and do not touch the surface of the blank cards with your finger. Dust and oil from hands can cause poor printing.

The printer ribbon keeps breaking – This is often due to a dirty thermal print head, causing the ribbon to stick to the print head. Cleaning the print head should fix this. This issue is especially prominent when printing full-color (edge-to-edge) ID cards.

Can I re-use a broken ribbon? – The broken ribbon can still be re-used. Use some scissors to cut the broken edge and us scotch tape to re-connect the ribbon with the waste roller. The printer will usually cycle the ribbon and be able to use it again.

Printer panels are incorrect – So your blue is printing red and colors are out of whack. This problem often arises when your printer settings are set for the incorrect ribbon type. An example would be someone using a YMCKO ribbon in the printer but the computer is set up for a YMCK ribbon. Setting up the computer for the correct ribbon will usually fix this.

The printer misfeeds blank PVC cards – This can be a result of the friction roller being dirty or needing to be replaced. Most ID card printers use a friction roller to grab and pull the blank card in. These friction rollers can be cleaned of dust. If that doesn’t work, replacement rollers are usually pretty cheap.

What Is A Multiplexer DVR And Why Would You Need One?

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Multiplexer DVR SystemsSecurity cameras are everywhere. They are a necessary evil used to monitor, track and catch shoplifters and other criminals. Setting up a security system may seem a little complicated up front, but don’t let that intimidate you. Security system installations can be much easier if the right equipment is used.

Most security systems utilize more than one camera, but how do you hook up more than one camera to a security screen? It is actually pretty easy, with the right piece of hardware. This is done by using a device called a multiplexer.

Multiplexers are designed to take multiple input signals from multiple cameras and output them to one or several monitors. Multiplexers come in a variety of models, but they are all designed to make it easier for one person to monitor multiple cameras at once. They can also be used in conjunction with a time-laps recorder for storage purposes.

Multiplexers are nothing new, but they have come a long way over the past 10 years. Many modern multiplexers include built-in digital video recorders (DVRs). These all-in-one systems can take in multiple video inputs, record them and easily play them back as needed.

EchoVue is one of the best-known manufacturers of DVR security systems with built-in multiplexers. Our EchoVue EV1607 has a total of 16 video inputs! EchoVue systems can be purchased with or without hard drives. Some of our DVR systems come with cameras as a complete package.

You can view our entire selection of EchoVue DVR multiplexers here.

Top Seven Best Employee Time Clocks / Time Clock Reviews

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Time clocks are a critical part of properly running any business. Keeping track of time worked on paper just doesn’t cut it anymore. Unfortunately not all employees are honest and cheating the system, if not properly monitored, can happen.

The honor system isn’t an option anymore and writing down hours on paper leaves too much room open for manipulation. Buddy punching can also be an issue for many businesses, where one employee punches in and out for another employee. Which time clocks are the best for cutting down on fraud and saving your business money?

While traditional punch-style time clocks are still an option, they are best used for small businesses. A more automated system is required for medium to large-size businesses. It isn’t a bad idea for small businesses to use automated systems either. Many automated and digital time clock systems can export data to payroll programs, such as Quickbooks, saving your business even more time and money.

We have compiled a list of the most secure, easy-to-use and popular time clocks being purchased by our customers today.

1. Pyramid PTI Time Trax EZ – This time clock system uses personalized encoded PVC cards to log in and out of work. Software keeps track of this time and creates reports. Data can also be exported for use with payroll software.
2. Pyramid PTI Time Trax Bio – This time clock lets the employee sign in and out of work with their finger. It is easy to set up, creates reports with included software and exports data for use with payroll software.
3. AcroPrint ATRx – The Acroprint ATRx runs on a computer, but utilizes a biometric finger scanner (plugged in a USB port) for signing in and out of work. This cuts out buddy punching and is very efficient.
4. Pyramid PTI Time Trax Pro – This time clock uses a magnetic strip PVC card to sign in and out of work. It includes easy-to-use software that makes keeping track of employee time easy. Data can be exported for use with payroll software. It can be used with up to 9,999 employees (upgraded).
5. Widmer Ceres iPC – Great for small to medium-size businesses, this system uses a key fob, which can be attached to a key ring, to punch in and out of work. This system is one of the easiest to set up and includes software for tracking employee time.
6. Acroprint Handpunch 1000 Biometric – This time clock allows employees to sign in and out of work by using their hand. This unique time clock system cuts down on fraud while keeping track of employee time worked.
7. Amano MTX-15 – This time clock allows employees to punch in and out of work with the swipe of a card. It includes software and can be used with payroll software such as ADP, Peachtree, Paychex, Powerpay, and Quickbooks. This all-in-one system is great for use with up to 100 employees.

You can see our entire selection of employee time clocks here. Check them out today!

ABC Office has added new MX series Polaroid-style ID cameras to its Web site.

Monday, August 20th, 2007

MX ID CamerasThis month we added three new ID and passport camera models to our Web site. These are the MX-2, MX-4 and MX-6 cameras. These cameras are designed to create quick and inexpensive photo IDs in a few minutes. The addition of these cameras increases our line of photo ID cameras to nine.

All of these cameras use a Polaroid-style film that takes and develops on the fly. All three new cameras use the same style of film. The MX-2 has two lenses designed to take photo ID pictures or passports, depending on the MX-2 model being used. The MX-4 camera has a total of four lenses and the MX-6 a total of six.

Many large businesses have switched over to digital cameras and printers. Traditional Polaroid-style cameras are still popular in schools, non-profit organizations and for novelty ID cards. This is due, in part, to the availability of the film and the inexpensive up-front cost of the equipment.

Creating an ID with the MX series cameras is an easy process. After being take, the picture cut to size using either scissors or a die cutter. Once cut, the picture is applied to a pre-made card and is then laminated. The ID card can then be placed in a badge holder or be punched for use with a lanyard. The process only takes a few minutes.

You can find our entire selection of cameras by going here.

ABC Office now sells typewriters for the 21st century.

Friday, June 29th, 2007

TypewritersAlthough you may be surprised to hear people are still using them, ABC Office has just added a new line of typewriters to its Web site. These new typewriters are from the popular manufacturer Royal. Although typewriters may seem a little archaic to modern standards, many businesses and people still use typewriters to fill forms, documentation and write reports. To help facilitate this continuing need, ABC Office has added a total of six new typewriters.

Typewriters were commonly used during the 20th century for most documentation. Typewriters were clumsy, frustrating and difficult to use. Documents were re-typed to fix spelling errors and alignment was a problem. With the invention of the computer, many thought this would mean the end of typewriters.

These new typewriters have built-in spell checkers, LCD screens, memory and computer processors. These new typewriter capabilities and functions eliminate errors and save a lot of time for those who still need a typewriter. Many schools, lawyers’ offices, government entities and businesses still use typewriters. Royal typewriters are helping facilitate these organizations. Stop by our site and take a look at the new addition.

ABC Office adds two new money counters to its lineup.

Friday, April 27th, 2007

ABC V-10 Bill CounterAs many of you may already be aware, about seven months ago we decided to add our own manufactured line of money counters to ABC Office. We started of with three bill counters and one coin counter. These money counters have become a big hit, so we have added two new bill counters to the lineup.

These two new counters are the ABC V-30 and the ABC V-10. Both of these models are more compact than previous models and are designed for maximum mobility.

The ABC V-10 includes counterfeit detection measures that can scan the UV (ultraviolet), MG (magnetic) and WM (watermark) properties of a bill, making it easy to scan and count money. This new model, although small, can count up to 600 bills per minute and is light enough (1.5 pounds) to be transported from one business or location to another.

The  ABC V-30 is highly portable and is designed purely to count bills. It is small enough to fit in a purse or bag and is great for counting money at a variety of events. It is one of the few money counters that weighs in at less than a pound. It can even run off of batteries if needed.

Come take a look at our new money counters for yourself!

Security equipment has changed significantly over the past decade with the invention of the DVR.

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Here at ABC Office we have traditionally sold office automation equipment and supplies. One thing you may not be aware of is that we also specialize in security equipment as well. Products include anti-theft devices, metal detectors, camera systems and more. One of our biggest selling pieces of security equipment are our DVR recorders.

DVR recorders are capable of digitally recording security video fed to them from security camera systems. Traditional VHS-style recorders are decreasing in popularity as DVR or Digital Video Records bring the ability to record more video at a higher resolution. This data is not only clearer, but itis also very easy to review the video.
DVR Security Recorder
Traditional VHS-style recorders utilized a multiplexer to help organize multiple security cameras for recording. Most DVR recorders have multiplexers built in for convenience. Many DVR systems are capable of recording hundreds of hours of video and eliminate the need of a tape. Video outputs make it easy to
transfer video to a tape if needed.

You can see our entire selection of DVR security recorders by going here. Take a look and order your DVR recorder today!

Digital voice recorders capture hours of audio with a device the size of a cell phone.

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Digital Voice RecordersAlthough it may be nothing new, digital voice recorders have surpassed the popularity of traditional cassette tape recorders. You may not have had this problem lately, but traditional cassette tape recorders were notorious for eating tapes and making a big mess. Reliability wasn’t guaranteed. Most compact cassette tapes were incapable of recording for more than 45 minutes!

Digital voice recorders don’t use any tape at all. None! I can’t even begin to tell you how nice that is. Digital voice recorders are also capable of recording audio for hours. Our highest-end recorder can record audio for up to 65 hours! That equals out to be about 86 cassette tapes. The audio doesn’t degrade over time either. Traditional tapes could only be used a couple of times before the audio worsened.

Our digital voice recorders are also very compact, the largest being only 3.4-inches tall. They can easily fit into a purse or pocket. The recorded data can later be transferred to a computer for storage or for editing. Feel free to stop by and take a look for yourself.

I have used them myself and can assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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