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Manufacturer Spotlight: MBM Corporation

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

MBM CorporationThe MBM Corporation is one of the leading dealers of paper shredders, paper cutters, trimmers, folding machines, booklet makers and collators in the USA. Established in 1936, MBM continues to be an office equipment powerhouse and a favorite of ABC Office customers.

MBM is currently headquartered in historical Charleston, South Carolina. They currently produce the Destroyit line of shredders along with the popular line of Triumph and Kutrimmer paper cutters. MBM’s parent company is IDEAL Krug & Priester of Germany.

MBM currently has an intricate network of dealers both locally and online. We at ABC Office have been selling MBM office equipment for several decades. One reason MBM is so popular is the build quality. There is something about the German engineered and built equipment that seems to stand the test of time.

One of MBM’s most popular lines of office products is their Destroyit line of paper shredders. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times government (federal & local), military and other businesses request Destroyit paper shredders by name. This is because Destroyit shredders get the job done. They feature high quality cutting blades and the ability to hold up to daily use for years upon years without breaking down.

You can view our entire selection of MBM office products here:

We are an authorized dealer of MBM office products, which means our Service Department is able to offer you parts, servicing and repair work on any MBM model. You can request parts and servicing by filling out this form.

Bent, Stuck and Dull Binding Machine Punching Pins and Dies – What To Do

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

So your binding machine has suffered a catastrophic failure. This may be a the result of a bent pin, a stuck pin or a dull pin. All three of these scenarios result in an unusable binding machine. What can you do, if anything? Luckily, in most situations, your binding machine can live a second life with a few simple replacement parts. Here are a few solutions to your broken binding machine:

Stuck Pin / Die:

To start with, a stuck punching pin can usually be fixed without any parts being replaced. If your binding machine does have a stuck pin, don’t force it out by pushing up on the punching handle. This may bend the pin.

If the pin isn’t bent, it may freed by removing the housing and carefully freeing-up the pin. This type of maintenance isn’t for everyone and may require a chat with our Service Technician.

Bent or Dull Punching Pin / Die:

A bent punching pin, unfortunately, cannot be bent back into place. It usually requires the pin itself to be replaced. A dull punching pin cannot be filed and re-sharpened and must be replaced as well. Luckily, most binding machine manufacturers sell replacement pins.

GBC is one of the only binding machine manufacturers that I am aware of that doesn’t offer replacement punching dies for most their machines. Most GBC machines are made from a “throw-way” design. If it’s broken, you toss it. GBC does, however, offer replacement pins and parts for their VeloBind machines.

Most manufacturers such as Akiles, Tamerica, Renz and others make it easy to replace punching pins. Some replacement pins are available individually, while others are available in sets. Some punching pins must be purchased as complete unit.

Binding Machine Punching Pins and Dies

Most of the tools and skills required to replace punching pins can be done by anyone. Our Service Department is more than happy to get you the replacement parts and provide phone support for changing them out. You also have the option of sending your machine into our Service Department for repair.

If your binding machine cannot be repaired, or is in dire need of a replacement, your in luck. We have one of the widest selections of binding machines available online. You will find our entire selection of book binding machine here.

How To Keep Your Binding Machine Punching Pins and Dies Sharp

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Coil Binding Machine Punching Pins / DiesAs with any piece of equipment, eventually it will need to be repaired or replaced. The same goes for binding machines. I have had several customers ask me if it is possible to sharpen a punching die after it becomes dull. Unfortunately there is no way to sharpen a binding machine punching die, but there is a way to help it last longer. Consider this preventative care.

I was talking with our Service Technician a few minutes ago and she informed me that there is a way to possibly keep binding punches sharper for a longer period of time. Now I can’t say for sure if this will work on all binding machines. She told me that many of our customers will punch a piece of wax paper once or twice a week.

Supposedly the wax will help keep the binding punches lubricated, cutting down on wear and tear. Our Service Technician told me that she has spoken with customers that swear by this and claim that this simple process has helped them keep their binding machines going five-plus years. This will supposedly also help cut down on stuck punching pins.

This is the first time I have heard of this, so I can’t say it will definitely work for you, but it seems to make sense. I hope this helps you out. You will find our entire selection of binding machine here. You can contact our Service Department by filling out this form.

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