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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

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ABC Office Offers Products for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Medical and X-Ray Chart Holders

The HIPAA Act enforces strict standards that protect patient health information. (HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.) Through the HIPAA Act, patient information must be properly secured, stored and destroyed. Our line of HIPAA Compliant medical and x-ray chart holders allow you to be in compliance with the act and protect your patient’s health information. We carry a variety of attractive, well built, wooden chart holders that will look great in any office.

Medical charts and files are a part of daily life in a hospital or doctor’s office. Easy access to medical charts and files is critical to a smooth-running facility. One great way to keep charts readily available, while at the same time protecting patient information, is by using the Wooden Mallet CH 14-1 wall-mounted chart holder. This chart holder is gorgeous, extremely well made and can be mounted just about anywhere on a wall. Pockets measure in at 12 1/2″ wide by 2″ deep. This chart / file holder is predrilled and includes hardware for easy wall mounting. The oak design is stunning and the solid front panel keeps sensitive information well hidden. This rack looks great and is extremely functional. Hang several of these together for additional pockets!



High Security Paper Shredders

High security and specialty paper shredders are designed to shred sensitive and top secret documents. These shredders are ideal for hospitals, government, military and any business that needs to securely shred documents. We have a wide selection of high security paper shredders, with one that will meet your needs.







DW8-3 Triple Sled Base Sofa

Office Chairs and Seating

From traditional to modern, we have dozens of options for reception chairs, sofas, and loveseats. Our modular seating options make it easy to fit comfortable furniture into any sized space and can be reconfigured as your needs change.




Glove and Tissue Box Holders

Wooden Mallet WCG2 Glove / Tissue Box Holder

If you are looking for a way to make your office or lobby more professional, you should consider using one of our high-quality wood glove and tissue box holders. These holders can be used to either cover a tissue box or hold one for wall mounting purposes. Our wood tissue box holder some in dark red mahogany, light oak and medium oak finishes and feature ?? oak sizes. Few tissue box holders and covers hold up as well or look as good as these.

Our glove and tissue box holders are also commonly used in hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical facilities for holding latex and plastic gloves. Mounting these glove box holders to the wall make gloves easy to access and use.


ABC Office adds new line of Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair

The CH-31230-BK-GG Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair by Flash Furniture

ABC Office features a wide assortment of indoor/outdoor furniture for your business, restaurant, hotel or home. We have sturdy outdoor chairs, bar stools and table sets that offer a friendly, inviting look. Indoor-outdoor furniture manufactured by Witt Industries and Flash Furniture is formed from all metal and powder coated to ensure durability for years of heavy use. Most of our indoor/outdoor furniture comes with a generous two-year warranty.


Here’s a look at a few of our best-selling models …


CH-31230-BK-GG Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair by Flash Furniture

The model CH-31230-BK-GG Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Chair is an attractive stackable bistro style chair. You can stack up to eight chairs with this model. It wears a shiny black powder coat finish (other colors available). The seat features a comfortable curved back with vertical slats.


Drain holes have been punched into the seat to enable easy cleaning and ventilation. This model has a cross brace support located under the seat to ensure extra stability. The plastic caps on the cross brace help protect the chair’s finish when stacked. It also has protective rubber floor glides to help prevent surface scuffing. Its lightweight design makes this a highly versatile chair for both indoor and outdoor use.

High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool

CH-31350-24-BK-GG 24” High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool with Round Seat by Flash Furniture

CH-31350-24-BK-GG 24” High Backless Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Counter Height Stool with Round Seat by Flash Furniture

The Flash Furniture CH-31350-24-BK-GG stool is highly versatile 24-inch high backless model decorated in black powder coated metal (other colors available). It measures at approximately counter height and has a rounded seat.


This modern design stool is stackable and stacks up to eight stools high. It has a drain hole in the seat for convenient cleaning and ventilation. It also sports a sturdy cross brace under the seat for extra stability.


Its plastic caps on the cross brace protect the stool’s finish when stacked. Stacking is easy thanks to a lightweight design. There are footrest protective rubber floor glides that prevent floor scratches.

Square Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table

CH-31330-29-BK-GG 24” Square Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table by Flash Furniture


CH-31330-29-BK-GG 24” Square Black Metal Indoor-Outdoor Table by Flash Furniture

The 24” model CH-31330-29-BK-GG Metal Cafe Table is designed for both residential and commercial use. It has an attractive engraved designer top with two-inch thick edge. Its black powder coat finish makes this model stand out (other colors available). The table comes with a sturdy cross brace that ensures extra stability while in use. It has standard protective rubber floor glides to prevent floor scratches.

Be sure to call ABC Office today at 1-800-658-8788 for all of your indoor-outdoor furniture needs!

New Wood Floor & Tabletop Lecterns Now on ABC Office

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

When it comes to giving speeches and presentations, having a nice lectern to stand behind really enhances the experience and provides a focal point that makes the entire presentation a success. At ABC Office we offer a wide selection of Lecterns (found here). To date, we have over 30 different models to choose from. These lecterns range from models as simple as a tabletop design to an exact replica of the President’s podium. I would like to cover over a half dozen new models we have just added to our site.

In just the last two weeks, we have added lecterns from manufacturers such as Executive Wood, AmpliVox and Oklahoma Sound. We only add the best to our site, so I can safely say that these podiums are solid products. Some of our new lecterns, from AmpliVox and Oklahoma Sound, even include built-in amplifiers, speaker systems and wireless microphones to enhance the experience. In fact, some are rated at being adequate for providing sound for an audience of over 2,500 people.

Here are our new lecterns sorted by manufacturer.


  • Executive Wood The Patriot Wood Oak Floor LecternPatriot-TT PAT023TT Tabletop Lectern (found here) – This lectern a full sized top that sits on the top of a table. It features a large surface and a big compartment underneath for storing stuff. This is called the Patriot in part because it is made in the USA using wood from the USA.
  • Patriot PAT023 Floor Lectern (found here) – This is one of the most affordable floor lecterns we offer. Made in the USA, this version of the Patriot ships fully assembled and is almost always in stock for fast shipping. Unlike many other lecterns, this one is made from real wood.


  • Oklahoma Sound 111PLS Power Plus Floor LecternAristocrat Model 600 (found here) – This is the most affordable full-blown floor lectern we offer. While it is fairly basic in design, it does feature things like casters, shelves and even a fold-out side shelf, making this lectern highly versatile.
  • Model 111PLS Power Plus (found here) – This lectern is classy and features a built in amplifier and speakers. It has a modern design and can be used to speak to an audience of about 900 people. The amplifier is feature reach and includes several inputs and outputs. Choose from several colors.
  • Model 401S Clear Acrylic Lectern (found here) – This lectern is complete transparent thanks to tough acrylic material used in its construction. This lectern looks great, is easy to clean, is very durable and still includes all the features you would expect to still find in a lectern.


  • Amplivox Victoria Floor LecternVictoria 3025 Tabletop Lectern – This lectern is available in a non powered (found here) and powered version (found here). The Victoria tabletop lectern is extremely classy and is easy to set up just about anywhere. The powered version of this includes an amplifier and a speaker in the front and is available in a wired or wireless version. It includes a reading table that can be set in a flat position (for use with laptops) or in an angled position (for use with paper).
  • Victoria 3020 Floor Lectern – This lectern is available in a powered (found here) and non powered version (found here). This lectern is extremely versatile. The top of it can be removed for tabletop use, making it extremely mobile. It also rests on four casters, making it easy to roll around a flat surface. The powered version of this lectern includes an amplifier (50 watts), microphone (wired or wireless depending on the version) and the front is fitted with four speakers for use in a room of about 2,500 people.
  • Aplivox Oxford Floor LecternOxford 3010 Floor Lectern – The Oxford is available in a powered version as the SS3010 / SW3010 (found here) and in a non powered version as the SN3010 (found here). This lectern features a modern block design that is perfect for a university, school or church setting. Like the Victoria, the Oxford also features a detachable top for use as a tabletop lectern. It also features casters for mobility and includes multiple shelves. When the top is removed, the bottom portion can be used as a utility cart.
  • Elite S355 Lectern With Sound (found here) – The Elite is a very mobile  lectern with a traditional larger base and surface. This lectern is powered and features a 50 watt multi-media amplifier and a Jensen speaker. This compact lectern is ideal for use in a room of up to 1,000 people. It is light enough to use in different rooms and can be operated on 10 D-cell batteries for up to 200 hours. This is excellent for use in smaller rooms, chapels and other venues.

So there you have it! All of our new lecterns. We are continually adding new lecterns, so please be sure to check our selection of lecterns often. You can find our entire selection of lecterns, podiums and pulpits here. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788.

Why is Oak Wood So Popular for Furniture?

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Northern Red Oak PodiumAt ABC Office, we offer a wide assortment of lecterns, pulpits, chairs and tables (found here), much of it being made from northern red oak from New York State. While oak does look nice, why is it so popular in furniture? I would like to cover several of the benefits of oak furniture and why oak is so popular for use in hardwood furniture today.

Oak is a type of wood with a rich history, having been used by several countries and cultures over the past several centuries. Even as far back as the Vikings, oak was used in their more prestigious Viking longships. Into the middle ages oak was used for building frames, as furniture and can even be found in the House of Commons in London in the interior paneling. It was especially popular during the 19th century for building construction and shipbuilding.

So why is oak so popular? For starters, it is readily available in many parts of the world. Of course availability isn’t the only reason. It is also extremely hard and durable, having a density of 0.75 g/cm3, which is extremely dense and strong for use in furniture. Hardwood has a tendency of being stronger and lasting longer. The density, along with high tannin content, makes oak more resistant to both insect and fungal attacks.

Historically both red and white oaks were two of the most common types used in the United States. White oak is lighter in color than red oak and white oak has longer grain rays. Because white oak is waterproof, it was the most common wood used in shipbuilding. Red oak on the other hand was very popular for hardwood floors, railroad ties and wagon wheels.

Today white and red oaks are still used, with red oak being especially popular for furniture. Other types of oak used include such varieties as natural oak, tiger oak, pippy oak, burr oak and more. The different varieties of oak have different densities and wood patterns. The type of oak used often depends on preference and regional availability.

Unfinished oak is second only to pine and when it comes to popularity and it is known for its ability to stain nicely. It is ideal for use in high-use environments due to its durability.

Much of our furniture at ABC Office is made using northern red oak from New York State. This is because northern red oak is very durable and has an absolutely beautiful wood grain pattern. One of our manufacturers, Woerner, uses this wood for their lecterns, pulpits, tables and chairs. Many of our other manufacturers, such as Wooden Mallet (found here) and Executive Wood, also use high quality oak wood in much of their furniture manufacturing.

When you buy a piece of furniture made using oak, you are almost guaranteed a longer-lasting piece of furniture. Not only does it look better, it is also holds up much better than cheaper particle board or MDF board.

If you need wood samples, or simply have questions about our oak furniture, please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. We would love to help answer your questions. You can find our entire selection of oak lecterns here, oak tables here and oak seating here.

Five Podiums That Make Great Restaurant Host Stands

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Executive Wood Collegiate Restaurant Host StandWhether you’re opening a new restaurant or want to boost the professional credibility of an existing one, a host stand is a great piece of furniture to use. At ABC Office we offer a great selection of podiums and lecterns (found here) that also make great restaurant host stands. I would like to point out some customer favorites and cover a few custom modifications you may want to consider using. Here are just a few ideas.

To start, having a host stand provides a great location for a host or hostess to hold paperwork, reservation lists and other paperwork. It also provides a professional location for them to stand, greet and help customers as they enter the restaurant. A host stand should look professional, should be movable and should be functional. I would like to recommend five pulpits and lecterns that our customers really like.

Executive Wood Collegiate Podium (found here) – This is by far our most popular restaurant host stand (shown above). It is made from beautiful cherry hardwood and looks stunning in person. It includes a cabinet, a cubbyhole and a wide surface for holding material. The front of it shows the natural wood grant and it features a small trim around the top and a thicker trim around the base. It sits on concealed casters that allow it to be easily moved around a floor for easy positioning. You are going to be hard pressed to find a better looking, more functional or better quality restaurant host stand. Custom modifications are available including the addition of a lamp. Feel free to ask us about custom modifications. Buy your collegiate podium today!

Executive Wood Senator Host StandExecutive Wood Senator Podium (found here) – This podium has a more traditional look, but still looks excellent in a restaurant. It features a wider top, a more narrow column and a base that helps provide ample support. This podium works great as a host stand and is made from solid red oak and is available in several stains including light oak, medium oak and dark oak. Hidden casters make this podium easy to move around. This podium looks great and is our second most popular host stand that we offer.

Executive Wood Counselor Podium (found here) – This podium is a slightly “flashier” version of the senator podium. It features beveled patterns and a beautiful wood grain finish. You can buy this “host stand” in oak, cherry or walnut wood. The oak version is available with a light, medium or dark oak stain finish. This podium features a very functional surface and several shelves for an amazing storage capacity. This podium also features concealed casters that make it easy to move around the floor. This host stand is excellent for high-class dining / restaurants. The work surface can be angled or laid down flat. Grommets have been strategically placed to allow for wire chases. Order yours today!

Executive Wood Ambassador Host StandExecutive Wood Ambassador Podium (found here) – Does your restaurant cater to a lot of customers? Do you need amble workspace or use multiple hosts / hostesses? You may want to consider using the heavy-duty Executive Wood Ambassador. This host stand features a huge 46″ W by 29″ D work surface that can be used to hold reservations, buzzers, a cash register and much more. It is made from cherry hardwood and is by far one of the most elegant pieces we offer. It is made to last and features high-quality workmanship. It includes several storage compartments including cupboards and drawers. A total of four hidden casters make this podium easy to move around and make it excellent for use in a restaurant that needs to rearrange or move furniture on a regular basis. Custom modifications are available upon request including locking doors, a cooling fan and much more.

Executive Wood PSS248 Pedestal Host StandExecutive Wood PSS248 Pedestal (found here) – This speaker’s stand isn’t as large as the above podiums, but still looks elegant and still provides ample work surface. This stand is light enough to move around, but still provides an excellent location for a host or hostess. It is made from ¾” solid red oak and comes in a light, medium and dark oak stain. This is an affordable alternative to larger and more expensive host stands.

These five podiums make excellent restaurant host stands. As mentioned earlier, custom modifications are available. Call us at 1-800-658-8788 to discuss custom medications, quantity discounts or simply to ask us questions. These pieces of furniture have very high satisfaction rates with our customers. We have sold Executive Wood products for years now and we at ABC Office are always impressed with the quality and build. You can find our entire selection of lecterns and podiums here.

Maintenance Free Lobby Seating That’s Easy To Clean

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Vinyl Padded Lobby SeatingThere are few things worse than trying to clean dirty, soiled or stained fabric on office lobby or waiting room seating. Because lobby seating (found here) has the potential of being used a lot, you are probably in need of something that is both rugged and durable. Luckily there are several maintenance free lobby chairs out there that are easy to clean and maintain. I would like to recommend a few models and offer some suggestions of things to look for.

You want your office lobby to look good…right? Who doesn’t want a professional environment for their customers, clients or patients? It makes good business sense. While a fabric covered cushioned chair looks great, many of the cheaper fabrics can absorb liquids, get sticky and stain. This can result in a horrible looking chair (not to mention smelly) later down the road. I don’t want you to exclude all fabric covered chairs in your furniture search, because many brands out there make some excellent stain resistant fabric that is easy to clean, but you may not want to risk the chance.

There are two chair surfaces that you will definitely want to look at. These surfaces are extremely easy to clean and maintain.  These are your two best options:

Plastic Stackable Chairs (found here) – Most plastic chairs, usually a combination of a metal frame and a plastic seat w/ back, are easy to clean up and maintain. The surfaces are waterproof and chemicals can be used for cleaning. This is a great all around style of chair. Our plastic chairs are stackable and some even include a thin layer of padding.

Vinyl Covered Chairs (found here) – Vinyl is as easy to clean as plastic, but can be used in combination with padding for additional comfort. It is also available in a variety of colors. This isn’t some sort of cheap plastic wrapped around a pillow. This is high-quality padding that has been upholstered with high quality and thick vinyl There are three different types of vinyl lobby seating that we offer:

  • Vinyl Padded Lobby SeatingWooden Frame Seats w/ Vinyl Padding (found here) – These chairs feature a tough would frame with a padded back and seat. While they are available with high-quality fabric, they also come with a wide selection of vinyl. This includes blue, wine, cream and green colors. These chairs can hold up to 400 pounds and are extremely tough, which is why they are so popular in lobbies and waiting rooms.
  • Linked Wood Frame Seats w/ Vinyl Padding (found here) – These chairs are perfect if you need several in a row either next to a wall or back to back. We offer several configurations of linked chairs including dual, triple and quadruple configurations. This includes seats with or without arms. These are also available with a wide range of vinyl upholstery.
  • Wooden Benches w/ Vinyl Padding (found here) – Our vinyl upholstered wooden benches are probably the most cost effective option for a lobby or waiting room. These consist of a durable wood frame, available in several stains, and a padded seat that can be upholstered in wine, cream, lime or blue vinyl.

These are some great options that should be extremely easy to clean and maintain. We have been selling office lobby and waiting room furniture for well over a decade, so please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with your questions.

Waiting Room Benches by Wooden Mallet

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Waiting Room Benches by Wooden MalletWaiting room benches (found here) provide a comfortable, easy-to-clean and portable way to provide comfortable seating for customers, clients, patients and customers. Wooden mallet, one of the best-known manufacturers of waiting room benches, offers several different seating options. Could one of these work for you?

If you have an office lobby or a waiting room, there are several things you can do to provide a more comfortable experience to your customer or patient. Customers who have a pleasant experience in a waiting room are more inclined to remember it begin an overall “good” experience and in turn are more likely to return for a later visit. This makes good business sense and good customer service sense.

One feature you may want to consider using is a magazine rack (found here). Reading material helps time pass by more quickly. Several floor, wall mounted and countertop magazine rack options are available at a reasonable price. Once you have provided your customer with good reading material, it is nice to have a comfortable place to sit.

If waiting room times range between five and 30 minutes, a great (and affordable) option is to use a padded bench. Benches come in single, double, triple and quadruple variations. These benches are designed to easily sit against a wall or be used directly in the open. The can be used from either side and are convenient for sitting or lying down.

Because there are few nooks and crannies on these benches, they are extremely easy to clean. There are several other features that make Wooden Mallet waiting room benches an ideal option. To begin with, they are made with one-inch thick solid oak. This oak build allows them to hold hundreds of pounds. This sturdy oak frame also eliminates annoying creaking and bending. Solid oak is simply more durable than cheap pressed wood benches.

These chairs all feature soft lush padding. This padding makes sitting comfortable and fabrics are available in several different colors and patterns, depending on your preference. The wood stain is also available in your choice of light oak, medium oak and mahogany.

Assembly of these waiting room benches is extremely easy and does not require any special tools. Simply use the included slide brackets and you’re ready to go.

We currently offer four different models of waiting room benches:

If you expect your customers, clients and patients to be waiting in excess of 30 minutes, you may want to consider using a Wooden Mallet waiting room chair:

These chairs feature the same quality as the benches, but include a supportive back rest.

Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions about our Wooden Mallet furniture or regarding waiting room furniture options. Remember, we have a low-price guarantee on our entire line of Wooden Mallet Furniture!

Wood Tissue Box Covers and Holders – In Time for Winter

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Wood Tissue Box Covers and HoldersThe air is getting cold for many parts of the United States and people are beginning to spend more time indoors. As a result, more people are getting colds and the sniffles, which means a lot of people going through a lot of tissue. If you have an office lobby or waiting room, you probably offer customers tissues. Rather than putting a tissue box out on a table, in all its horrible flower décor glory, consider using a wood tissue box holder or cover. Your customers, clients and patients will be impressed.

Wood tissue box covers and holders provide a secure and professional way to display otherwise ugly tissue boxes. This allows the tissue box to blend in nicely with a wood table, wood seating and other wood furniture. It helps provide protection to the tissue box, while adding a professional element to the ambiance.

Our tissue box holders look great and come in dark red mahogany, light oak or medium oak. These wood tissue holders can be set out on a table or they can be mounted to a wall (mounting hardware included). These boxes are made out of oak, so they are designed to hold up well with continuous use. They can also be used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and medical facilities to hold latex or rubber glove boxes.

Wood Tissue Box Holder from Wooden MalletWhile these tissue box covers may commonly be found in lobbies and waiting rooms, they are also popular in schools, churches and even in homes. Choose from a single, double, triple or a quadruple wood tissue box holder design. These boxes are made by Wooden Mallet, so you can expect the utmost in quality.

While the quality is excellent and the finish is extremely professional, I think one of the best features is the great low price! You can find our entire selection of wood tissue box covers and holders here.

Eight Great Outdoor Trash Cans & Garbage Bins

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Outdoor Trash CansWhile you definitely want the inside of your office building looking good, it is also a good idea to promote a clean outdoor entrance as well. One great way to do this is by using an outdoor trash can. These waste bins are designed to stay put, look good and withstand the elements. Many of these outdoor waste bins look great, add to the overall building decor and even include ash collectors for smokers.

There are three types of outdoor trash cans that are especially popular. This includes metallic trash cans, neutral waste bins (brown or black) and natural garbage bins that usually feature organic elements such as stone or rock patterns. The can you use will depend a lot on the outdoor landscaping and the architectural design of the building.

An outdoor trash can should be durable and solid. You don’t want something that is top heavy or features a small base. Remember, these garbage cans will be impacted by the elements, animals and even some people. A garbage can or bin that can be blown over by the wind doesn’t deserve to be outside. A tipped over garbage can creates a mess and can be environmentally damaging. An outdoor garbage can should also be covered, preventing rain from pooling in the bottom.

At ABC Office, we offer several great options for outdoor trash cans. Here are 2 types of outdoor garbage bins that have become classics with our customers, totaling 8 different models.

Outdoor Garbage BinsBest Outdoor Trash Cans:

Canmeleon Outdoor Trash Can – This line of trash cans (4 different versions) feature a fluted panel design that, which has a highly professional appearance. These trash cans are molded from high-density polyethylene as well as UV inhibitors for optimal outdoor use. The design of these trash cans hides the bag. The Canmeleon line of garbage cans are some of the most popular available and we can ship these cans to you in a matter of days. Place 1 or 2 outside the entrance of your building.

Canmeleon Stone Outdoor Garbage Bin – The Canmeleon Aggregate Panel outdoor garbage bins (4 different versions) are extremely durable and feature a design that blends in with the natural environment. The molded-in stone aggregate looks classy and is especially nice in front of buildings with a stone or concrete design. The telescoping base helps hide the contained back. The recessed bottom looks great, yet does not detract from the stability of the bin.

Both of these options are reliable, high-quality options for your building. Both of these lines of outdoor trash cans are Greenguard certified. You won’t be disappointed.

You can find our entire selection of office, lobby and outdoor trash cans here.

Book Binding Workstations, Desks and Tables – Organizational Bliss

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Binding machines, whether it be comb, wire or coil, are wonderful to have, but they do pose a problem to many businesses. “What problem is that,” you might ask? Desk space. Many of us are strapped for desk space. Heaven knows my desk is stacked with magazines, papers, monitors and other stuff. The last thing I need on my desk is a binding machine. There is, however, a great piece of furniture that should help you out. It is commonly referred to as a binding workstation.

Binding workstations, often called binding desks or tables, are designed with the sole purpose of making binding more organized and saving space. Two of the most popular binding workstations we offer are the Akiles Utility Station and the Tamerica WS Workstation.

Akiles Binding Machine Utility StationAkiles Utility Station – The Akiles Utility Station is designed from the ground up to be portable, easy to use and is perfect for organization. The bench height is placed at an ideal height for using a comb, wire or coil binding machine. The bench is wide enough for most machines and can even be used to support electric punch machines. It has a combined supportive weight capacity of 550 pounds.

Below the bench are 3 shelves that can be used to hold boxes of supplies, binding covers or even paper. An additional top 2 shelves can be used to hold additional supplies. Everything is easy to access and organize. The four supportive casters make this cart easy to wheel around the office.

Tamerica Model WS Binding WorkstationTamerica WS Workstation – The Tamerica WS Workstation is smaller than the Akiles Utility Station and is perfect for limited office space. This workstation is at about desk height and can be wheeled up to a desk for easy book binding from the convenience of a chair. A total of 7 wire (transparent) drawers can be used to hold binding supplies of every diameter and color. These drawers are easy to pull out, easy to access and keep everything in one easy-to-find place.

The Tamerica WS is also easy to move around the office thanks to 4 locking casters. This binding station, unlike the above-mentioned Akiles model, only has a weight capacity of 50 pounds. That makes this station excellent for most manual binding machines and some electric binding machines.

We offer a great selection of other binding stations including other models from Akiles, Tamerica, Alvin and other manufactures. You can find our entire selection of book binding workstations here.

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