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Lassco Spinnit FM-2 Paper Drill Review

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Lassco Spinnit FM-2 Paper DrillDo you need a quick, efficient and simple way to drill holes through a stack of paper? The best way to do this is by using a paper drill. If you are in the market for a paper drilling machine, one model you should consider is the Lassco Spinnit FM-2 paper drill (found here). I have used this machine and this is my review.

Lassco’s Spinnit line of paper drills are some of the most widely used and most recognized paper drill manufacturers around. They make a wide variety of single and triple spindle designs. This includes floor and workbench models.

The Lassco Spinnit FM-2 is a freestanding paper drill that has a manually activated press (foot operated) and an electric powered single-spindle drill. While this paper drill only drills one hole at a time, three-hole drilling is quick and easy. It takes a total of three passes for three hole drilling. It can be used with paper up to 14″ long.

Because this machine only drills one hole at a time, I would rate this paper drill as being a medium-volume machine. Don’t let this fool you. It can still drill through 2″ of paper at a time. This is still far more than any paper punch, and thanks to a foot-operated pedal, hands-free operation is simple.

Having moved this paper drill around our showroom floor, I can vouch for the fact that this thing is heavy-duty. It is made out of metal components and it weighs in at 260 pounds shipped.

This paper drill is heavy-duty enough that it can easily be used continuously throughout the day without suffering any ill effects. It is perfect for printing presses and other businesses that need to drill holes through paper.

Simply set the guides, place your paper on the bench and turn the drill on. Pushing down on the foot pedal brings down the drill itself. The entire process only takes a few seconds and very little effort is required by the operator.

The drill bit on the FM-2 (Style A Bits) are hollow. This allows the drilled pieces of paper to travel up the bit into a waste tray that can later be emptied. Even though a lot of paper cutting is involved, there is very little mess.

Overall I really like this paper drill. If you are in the market for a single-spindle paper drill, and you are fine with drilling one hole at a time, this is a great option.

You can find the Lassco Spinnit FM-2 paper drill here. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here. Do you still have questions? Feel free to call one of our paper drill specialists at 1-800-658-8788. Have a great day!

Lassco Spinnit EBM-S Single Spindle Paper Drill Review

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Lassco Spinnit EBM-S Paper DrillAre you in the market for a reliable, dependable and affordable paper drill? Even if you are only in need of a single-hole paper punch, you may want to consider a paper drill. One model you may want to consider using is the Lassco Spinnit EBM-S single hole paper drill (found here). This is my review.

The Spinnit EBM-S paper drill from Lassco is designed for budget-minded people who are in need of a good reliable paper drill. It is commonly used for small print operations. Lassco has a great reputation for making high quality equipment and the EBM-S is no exception. This drill should easily last you for years.

To begin with, the Spinnit EBM-S paper drill is a single spindle design, which means it can drill one hole at a time. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used for three-hole drilling. It just means that three-hole drilling requires a total of three passes. This drill is capable of drilling through up to two-inches of paper.

The drill itself can be used on most tables and surfaces. It weighs in at 62 pounds, which means it may require a couple of people to move around.

The EBM-S paper drill is turned on by flipping a switch found on the front of the machine. Once on, the handle can be pulled down. This brings the paper drill head down, causing it to drill through the paper. The Spinnit EBM-S uses a hollow drill bit. This style of bit allows drilled paper holes to travel up the bit into a storage compartment. The entire process takes just seconds.

The Spinnit EBM-S uses drilling blocks. Once the paper drill has gone through the paper, it rests in the drilling block. These blocks help give the operation an idea on when the paper has finished drilling and helps prevent damage to the drill bit.

The biggest downside to the EBM-S is that the table where you place the paper is stationary. This means it may take a little longer to drill multiple holes. The EBM-S does, however, include a stationary table with an adjustable back-gauge slide guide system.

The Spinnit EBM-2.1 is an upgraded version of the EBM-S that includes an EZ-Glide movable table that has four interchangeable hole patterns. You can find the Lassco Spinnit EBM-2.1 here.

Overall I consider the Lassco Spinnit EBM-S to be a reliable little machine, ideal for low to medium-volume paper drilling. You can find Lassco’s Spinnit EBM-S paper drill here. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here.

How Long Does A Hollow Paper Drill Bit Stay Sharp?

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Sharpening Paper Drill BitsI had a customer ask me today how long a hollow paper drill bit will stay sharp. It was a good question, but the answer is a little difficult. There is no set defined time that a paper drill bit is rated to last. Here are a few things to take into consideration when gauging the lifespan of a paper drill bit.

The thickness of the stack of paper and the thickness of an individual sheet of paper will affect how sharp the drill bit stays. The more paper you drill through, the more friction and heat will be generated, dulling the bit faster. Cardstock will also dull a paper drill bit faster than standard copy paper. The more you use the drill the faster the bit will go dull as well.

So how can you prolong the life of a paper drill bit? Drill ease wax is one way of doing this. A properly waxed paper drill bit will create less friction and will stay sharp longer. You can find our drill ease wax here.

Hollow Paper Drill Bit SharpenerWhat if your hollow paper drill bit is already dull? We sell drill bit sharpeners designed to sharpen hollow drill bits. Most drill bit sharpeners feature a triangle or cone-shaped tip that fits inside the hollow part of the drill bit, which spins and sharpens the bit. You can find our paper drill bit sharpeners here.

Regardless of how long the bit lasts, paper drills are very nice machines to have. You can find our entire selection of paper drills here. You can also find our replacement hollow paper drill bits here.

High-power paper drills aren’t your standard paper punch.

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

Paper DrillsAlthough it may not be the biggest topic of conversation, you may have wondered at one point in your life how holes get into reams of three-hole punched paper that you purchase at the store. Three-hole paper is one of the most widely used formats of paper used today. It is used in schools, homes, businesses and other organizations.

One of the most common misconceptions about paper drills is that the paper is not actually punched. It is drilled. Special hollow drill bits spin at high speeds and are pressed through the paper, cutting holes. The punched holes travel through the hollow drill bit where they are captured in a special tray. A one-inch stack of paper can be drilled through in less than five seconds. Some paper drills are capable of drilling through a 2 ½-inch stack of paper at once.

A common misconception is that normal wood drill presses can be used to drill paper. A normal drill bit, when applied to paper, tears it and creates unsightly burrs. Some people have actually tried to attach a hollow paper drill bit to a standard wood drill press. They are surprised when they discover it doesn’t work. The drilled paper holes that travel up the hollow bit get stuck in the bit. With no place for the drilled waste to go, the drill bit is no longer able to travel through the paper.

Some industrial wood drill presses can spin at much faster revolutions per minute (RPM) than a standard paper drill. This can be dangerous as the friction creates a lot of heat. Even with a normal paper drill, the hollow drill bits can be hot to the touch. Drill waxes and oils can be used to help reduce heat and extend drill bit life.

One-and three-spindle paper drills are commonly used, depending on the volume and job. Single-spindle paper drills often use a sliding base plate that can allow the machine to drill three holes.

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