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Need Help Repairing A Broken Paper Folding Machine?

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Dynafold DE-102AF Paper Folding MachineSymptoms of a failing or broken paper folding machine are sometimes subtle and other times dramatic. Issues can result from worn-out rollers, severe paper jams, misaligned folding plates and much more. Don’t give up on your folding machine. You may be able to fix it.

To begin with, we have a Service Department here at ABC Office that specializes in fixing and repairing folding machines. They can often help you diagnose issues over the phone and help you get the parts you need to get the folding machine up and running.

In cases where you are unable to replace the parts yourself, our Service Department offers a couple of options. Your first option is to send the machine in to our service department for repair. Your second option is to have our Service Department find someone in your local area.

Here are a few preventative maintenance tips you may want to consider using:

Roller Cleaner Rejuvenator (found here) – This is a type of cleaner that you can use to clean off paper dust and ink from the folding machine’s rollers. It also helps moisturize them, preventing cracks that tend to occur over time. Paper dust and leftover ink are two of the biggest causes of folding issues.

Static Eliminator (found here) – Static eliminator can be used on a folding machine to help cut down on static electricity. Static electricity also causes a lot of paper jams by causing misfeeds.

Unfortunately sometimes repairs are either cost prohibitive or repairs are simply not an option. We carry a great selection of both air and friction-feed folding machines found here.

Can You Laminate Paper That Has Already Been Folded?

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Fellowes Pouch LaminatorI had someone recently ask me if it is possible to laminate a sheet of card stock or paper that has already been folded. This was in relation to restaurant menus, but can be applied to many other projects. The answer is fairly short and simple.

You can laminate paper that has already been folded, but you probably won’t be happy with the results. This is because the crease in folded paper creates an uneven surface. While this surface can be laminated, air will often get trapped under the lamination film and the end result will be pretty ugly.

Standard copy paper may come out just fine, but card stock is where you run into the biggest problems. This isn’t to say it will always turn out bad, but I can’t make any promises. The uneven ridge created by the fold is hard for the laminator to flatten out.

If you need to fold something that is laminated, I recommend using a paper scoring machine. These machines, sometimes called creasers, will crease the paper down the middle, making it easy to fold. The end result looks great.

So in relation to menus, I highly recommend laminating them first and then scoring them. You will be happy with the results.

You can find our laminators here and our paper scoring machines here. Still have questions about laminating and folding paper? Contact one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788 or post your question in a comment.

Have a great day!

Introducing Intelli-Zone™ Binding Machines, Laminators, Shredders & More!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Intelli-Zone Intelli-Bind Comb Binding MachineAt ABC Office we are always looking for new ways to increase our product selection in an effort to give you more choices and better prices. We are happy to announce that today we are now able to offer you binding machines, paper shredders, laminators and paper folders from Intelli-Zone™.

Intelli-Zone™ offers these products under the Intelli-Bind™, Intelli-Lam™, Intelli-Shred™ and Intelli-Fold™ names. While these machines won’t be available to ship until September 2010, we are currently offering extremely low pre-order pricing. If you are able to lock in your order now, you will not only get a great price, but you will also be at the front of the line.

These are the new products offered by Intelli-Zone™:

We are excited about this new addition and expect the Intelli-Zone™ addition to be a big hit with our customers. Do you have questions about Intelli-Zone™ office equipment? Call us at 1-800-658-8788 or post your question in a comment.

Formax FD-6202 Folding and Envelope Inserting Machine Review

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Formax FD-6202 Paper Folding and Envelope Inserting MachineAre you looking for a well-rounded machine that can take your paper, fold it and insert it into an envelope? Seems like a pretty complex process, but there are machines out there that can do this. One machine you should seriously consider is the Formax FD-6202 envelope stuffer and inserter. I have used this machine and this is my review.

To begin with, the Formax FD-6202 is available in three different versions. The first is the FD-6202 Advanced 1 (one sheet and one insert), the FD-6202 Basic 2 (two sheets) and the FD6202 Advanced 2 (two sheets and one inserter). I have personally used the FD6202 Advanced 2.

The Formax FD-6202 folding and inserting machine really does it all. It is truly amazing that a single machine can complete these steps:

  1. Take the paper.
  2. Fold the paper.
  3. Insert the paper into an envelope.
  4. Seal the envelope shut.
  5. Eject the folded envelope.
  6. Repeat the process.

The control panel on the FD-6202 is very easy to use. It is set up with common fold types and envelope types, but it can be set up for custom jobs. These custom jobs can then be stored in the memory for later use. Fold types include letter folds, accordion (Z) folds, single folds and more.

The paper hoppers can hold up to 325 sheets each and the envelope tray holds up to 250 envelopes at a time. Once the machine starts up, it doesn’t require much babysitting. It can run from start to finish on its own.

The Formax FD-6202 is not capable of working with all envelopes. We actually require that sample envelopes be sent in ahead of time so we can guarantee that they will work properly.

Be aware that Formax folder inserting machines cannot be used with glossy paper. This is because a good part of the work done by the folding and inserting machine requires friction. Glossy paper causes the rollers in the machine to slip, resulting in a jam.

We actually have one of these machines on our showroom floor and are able to offer a “live video demo” over the Internet. This allows you to see the machine in use (live) and ask questions at the same time. You can sign up for a live video demonstration here.

We actually shot a video demo of me using the FD-6202 Advanced 2 that you can find here. It is broken up into three parts and is very detailed. You can view that video demo here.

You can find the Formax FD-6202 folding and inserting machine here. You can find our entire selection of envelope stuffing / folding and inserting machines here.

Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding Machine Review

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Tamerica TPF-42 Paper Folding MachineIn need of a quality paper folder that can create all the folds you need all in one compact machine? There are a lot of folding machines out there. So which model should you go with? One model you may want to consider is the Tamerica TPF-42 paper folding machine (found here). I have set up and used this folding machine and this is my review.

To begin with, the Tamerica TPF-42 is clone or twin of the MBM 207M. I won’t say evil twin, because it is pretty “good” to use. I suspect they both come out of the same factory, although I can’t confirm this with 100% certainty. They are the only two paper folding machines that I am aware of that use a manually sliding folding plate. Even the batch counting and start buttons look the same. The folding plates even have the same stickers on them. Need I say more?

OK, now back to the Tamerica TPF-42. As previously mentioned, it uses a sliding folding plate. You essentially pinch a clip on the plate and slide it up or down, selecting the fold you want. I REALLY like this folding plate setup. It takes about ¼ the time of a normal folding plate and the registry (fold alignment) is dead on.

The TPF-42 can handle all common folds such as a letter fold (C fold), accordion fold (Z fold) and the single fold. It can also do uncommon folds such as a double parallel and a gate fold. I have even seen people do a cross fold on this machine. Due to the nature of the folding plates, it can also easily handle custom folds.

It is designed to fold standard copy paper, but can also easily handle card stock up to 60#. The only problem you will have with the TPF-42 is folding glossy paper. While it may be able to handle some types of glossy paper, this can’t be guaranteed. This is because friction folding machines, like the TPF-42, use rubber wheels to pull in paper. These wheels can potentially slip on glossy paper, causing a jam.

The hopper tray can hold up to 500 sheets of paper. While I don’t like to recommend leaving machines unattended, you can probably set 500 sheets in and leave it without any problems. The exit tray uses a conveyor system that keeps paper aligned and in order as it exits the machine. This is pretty nice to have, especially if you are folding invoices and alphabetized material.

The TPF-42 has a built-in paper counter and can do batch counting (if so desired). It also includes a test button, which will only pull in a few sheets. This is especially nice if you are setting up custom folds. Once you are ready, hit the start button and the machine will do the rest.

I have to say that I am VERY impressed with the Tamerica TPF-42. It gets the job done and seems to be a high-quality machine. So far I haven’t heard any complaints from customers. The price is certainly right.

You can find the Tamerica TPF-42 paper folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

What Is A French Fold?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

French FoldA French Fold is a type of fold done on a paper folding machine. The French Fold is sometimes referred to as a cross fold or a right angle fold. This type of fold is probably one of the most difficult folds done on a paper folding machine, which is why only a select few are capable of doing it.

The French Fold requires a total of two passes. Typically the first fold is typically a letter, accordion or single fold, which is then folded again in half. This type of fold is very popular for invitations, including wedding invitations.

Because so many folds are involved, only some paper folders can do this. Our paper folders will indicate whether or not they can 100% handle a French Fold.

Some manufacturers will not mention a French Fold in their specifications even though they can handle it. If you are curious about whether or not a paper folder can handle a French Fold, we can run a test run on pretty much any paper folder we offer.

These are three models that can handle a French Fold:

  1. DE-322AF Paper Folding MachineDynafold DE-322AF Paper Folder
  2. Dynafold DE-262AF Folding Machine
  3. Martin Yale 959 Paper Folder

Feel free to contact us at 1-800-658-8788 if you need to have us test a French Fold out on a specific model of paper folder. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

Intelli-Fold DE-322AF Paper Folding Machine Review

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Intelli-Fold DE-322AF Paper Folding MachineSo you need a machine to fold some paper and are considering going with the Intelli-Fold DE-322AF paper folding machine. The only problem is you don’t know for sure if it’s the right machine for the job. I have personally used the DE-322AF and will post my thoughts on this paper folder in this review.

To start with, Intelli-Fold makes a solid paper folding machine. They are reliable, build quality is excellent and they are easy to service (should the need arise). Intelli-Fold paper folders do require some manual set up, but if you can get past that, they do a very good job.

So what are some of the biggest advantages of the Intelli-Fold DE-322AF? To start with, this paper folder can fold paper as small as 2 x 3-inches (wow that’s small) or as large as 11 x 17-inches. Because it has such versatility with paper sizes, it is perfect for use in a print shop, for mailers or other material. Few paper folders can handle that range of paper sizes. Be aware that the Intelli-Fold 322-AF is directly comparable to the Dynafold DE-322AF.

Another big plus with the DE-322AF is the paper thickness it can handle. It can fold paper ranging from 10# (wow that’s thin) up to 110# card stock. Again, as with the paper sizes, it has an excellent range in handling different thicknesses of paper. You could almost fold tissue paper all the way up to chipboard with this thing. That is pretty cool.

The Intelli-Fold DE-322AF is also capable of creating the most common folds required today. This includes the letter fold (C Fold), accordion fold (Z Fold), single fold (Half Fold), gate fold, double parallel fold and engineering fold. Not only does it create those folds, but the plates can be adjusted for custom folds as well.

The feed tray can hold up to 500 sheets of standard paper, which is quite a bit. As the paper is folded, it exits out onto a conveyor exit tray. Conveyor systems are nice because it keeps the paper neatly lined up and in order. This is especially nice if you are folding invoices that have to stay in order. Many other paper folders have a basic exit basket where the paper is tossed, which jumbles the paper.

One downside to the DE-322AF is that it is not designed to be used with glossy or slick paper. This is because the friction rollers used in the machine can potentially slip on the paper, causing a jam. This isn’t to say that it can’t handle some glossy paper, but it isn’t guaranteed. This is a problem that occurs with all friction-style folding machines. The only way to guarantee your paper folder will handle glossy paper is to use an air-feed machine.

Overall I am very impressed with the Intelli-Fold DE-322AF. It is a solid machine. I have personally used it and would recommend it to my closest friends. You can find the Intelli-Fold DE-322AF paper folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

MBM 87M Paper Folding Machine Review

Monday, June 21st, 2010

MBM 87M Paper Folding MachineAre you in need of a budget paper folding machine? There are a lot of inexpensive, cheap and compact paper folding machines out there. So which model should you go with? You may want to take a serious look at the MBM 87M paper folder. Here’s why:

To start with, MBM (Ideal) is one of the best-known manufacturers of office equipment out there. They make the popular Destroyit line of shredders, Triumph line of stack cutters and Kutrimmer line of guillotine trimmers. While this may not mean much to you, all of these lines are considered to be the best in their respective markets. The MBM 87M falls right in line.

Priced in the $400 range, the MBM 87M is extremely affordable. It is considered to be a tabletop paper folder and weighs in at 28 pounds. It is designed for light to medium-volume folding. One huge benefit of this paper folder is that it can handle up to 80# paper, which isn’t common for a paper-folding machine in this price range.

The MBM 87M is manually adjusted paper folder with automatic folding capabilities. This means you will have to manually set the folding plates, but an electric motor will do the folding for you. Don’t be scared off by the manually set up folding plates. They are easy to adjust and include instructions on the fold plates for the most common fold types.

The MBM 87M can be used to create letter folds (C Fold), accordion folds (Z Fold), single folds and double parallel folds. It can also be used to create custom folds. It even has a manual bypass slot that will allow you to manually feed up to three sheets of paper at once for multi-sheet folding.

One thing you will want to take into consideration before considering this paper folder is the paper size. The MBM 87M cannot handle paper larger than 8 ½ x 11-inches.

Overall I would consider the MBM 87M paper-folding machine to be a solid little machine. You won’t be disappointed. You will find the MBM 87 paper-folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of automatic paper folders here.

Formax FD 160 Booklet Maker Review

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Formax FD 160 Booklet MakerSo you need to create a booklet, but don’t know exactly how to do it? Have you considered using a booklet-making machine? Booklet makers are great for creating user manuals, reports, storybooks and much more. They are easy to use and save a lot of time versus outsourcing or using a paper folder and stapler. One booklet maker you may want to consider using is the Formax FD 160 (found here). Here’s why:

The Formax FD 160 booklet maker is considered to be a semi-automatic machine. It is very easy to use and the manual involvement is minimal. The FD 160 includes two staplers with a maximum of four total stapling positions. The stapling heads are mounted on some bars attached to manually activated handle.

Once the handle is brought down, it staples the paper. As the staplers are released, automatic paper folding rollers pull up the paper and fold it down the center. The result is a compact, professional booklet. The Formax FD 160 is designed to fold and staple a total of 12 sheets of paper, which equals out to be a 48-page booklet. You can get four booklet pages (front and back) per sheet of paper. It can be used with paper as large as 11 ¾ by 18 ½-inches in size.

I would rate the FD-160 to be capable of low to medium-volume booklet making. It is a tough little machine, and Formax is known for making high quality products. It is compact enough to sit on most tables and desks. It is light enough that it can be picked up and moved, however, it does weigh 41 pounds, so you may need two people.

The biggest downside to the Formax FD 160 is that it is not designed to be used with glossy or slick paper. This isn’t to say that it can’t work with glossy paper, but due to the slick nature of glossy paper, this cannot be guaranteed. As is the case with most friction-based machines, the rollers can potentially slip on glossy surfaces and cause a jam.

Overall I would personally consider using this booklet maker for myself. It is a solid piece of equipment. Just be sure that a 12 sheet maximum capacity (48 pages) is OK with what you’re doing. You will find the Formax FD 160 booklet maker here. You can find our entire selection of booklet makers here. If you like the idea of the FD 160, but would like something more automated, consider the Formax FD 180 found here.

Best Automatic Envelope Stuffers and Sealers

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Envelope Stuffing MachinesWouldn’t it be nice if there was a machine out there that could not only fold your letters, but also place them in an envelope and seal them shut? That would probably save hundreds of hours and potentially thousands of dollars over a fairly short period of time.

Guess what? Machines like that do exist, and they are called envelope stuffers, sealers and folder inserters.

At ABC Office we carry a line of machines that do just that. Our line of folding and inserting machines are made by the reputable manufacturer Formax.  These machines typically have a feed tray where you can place a stack of paper. The envelope stuffing machine then takes a sheet of paper from that stack, folds it, puts it in an envelope and seals it shut. The entire process is automated, fast and easy.

Entry level machines have one feed tray, but middle and high end machines have multiple feed trays. Multiple trays allow envelope stuffers to fold and insert even more than one sheet of paper at a time. Many of these machines allow the insertion of return envelopes, inserts and more.

You can see a full multi-part video demo of the popular Formax FD 6202 envelope stuffing machine here.

Paper folder inserters can be used with a variety of envelope styles, including envelopes with windows. We do, however, like to have an envelope sample sent into us to test prior to selling a machine.

Would you like to have a hands-on demonstration of an automatic envelope stuffer? You can request a live video demonstration of one of these machines by filling out this form. This is a no-pressure demonstration where one of our specialists demonstrates the machine live, over the Internet, while answering your questions on the phone.

Best Sellers:

You can find our entire selection of automatic envelope stuffing machines here. Have a great day!

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