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You are being redirected to ABC Office. Why? has joined their sister company ABC Office to provide our customers with a greater product selection, while offering the same great prices and service you have come to love and expect!If you have questions or concerns during this transition please give us a call at 1-800-658-8788, or email us at

Top Ten Best Paper Folders

May 14th, 2009

Paper folders are an important part of any business, copy shop, church or school that folds paper on a regular basis. Even an entry-level paper folder can fold faster than a human by a factor of five. Finding the right paper folder can be a difficult task, and choosing the wrong paper folder can be a nightmare.

We have come up with a list of the top 10 best paper folders in existence. This list focuses on paper folders that use friction to pull paper into the machine and paper folders that use folding plates. This list is based on customer popularity and customers satisfaction. Be aware that the paper folder you choose should be tailored around the volume of paper you will be folding, which means the number one paper folder may not work for you.

Top Ten Best Paper Folders (Friction Feed Edition):

  1. MBM 207M Paper Folder
  2. Intelli-Fold 102AF Paper Folder
  3. Intelli-Fold 202AF Paper Folder
  4. Duplo DF-755 Paper Folder
  5. MBM 307A Paper Folder
  6. Intimus 2051 SmartFold Paper Folder
  7. Techko LF283B Paper Folder
  8. Formax FD 320 Paper Folder
  9. Duplo DF-915 Paper Folder
  10. Martin Yale 1217A Paper Folder

Top Ten Best Small Office Paper Shredders

May 6th, 2009

Choosing the right paper shredder for your business or company can be a difficult choice. There are certainly many things to consider before making a purchase, such as the particle size need and sheet capacity needed. While it is difficult to label any one shredder as the best paper shredder, there are certainly some customer favorites. Here is a list of our customers’ top 10 best small office paper shredders.

Top 10 Best Small Office Paper Shredders

  1. Destroyit Model 2603
  2. HSM Model 152.2
  3. Dahle Model 20612EC
  4. Destroyit Model 3803
  5. Formax Model FD 8300
  6. Kobra Model 300 CC4
  7. HSM Model 390.3
  8. Destroyit Model 3103
  9. Fellowes Powershred Model C-320C
  10. Fellowes Powershred Model C-380

How To Properly Oil A Paper Shredder

April 10th, 2009

Oiling a paper shredder is critical part of keeping a paper shredder up and running. It is important to remember that a paper shredder has a shredder head full of cutting blades and knives. These blades, when shredding paper, rub against each other.

As with a car’s motor, the metal-on-metal friction creates heat and wears down the shredder. Oiling a shredder is easy, yet will dramatically increase your shredder’s lifespan. Here are a few easy steps on keeping a shredder properly oiled.

Shredder Oiling Steps

1. Oil the shredder every time you change the bag.

2. Put shredder oil on a sheet of paper, preferably in a zig-zag pattern that goes the entire width of the paper. Remember you want to try and oil all parts of the shredder, from edge to edge.

3. Run the oiled paper through the shredder for a few seconds.

4. Once the paper has run through the machine, run the shredder in “reverse” mode for 5-10 seconds.

5. If it has been a while since you last oiled your shredder, it isn’t a bad idea to repeat steps 2-4.

If access to the shredder blades is easy, you can squirt the oil directly across the blades and run the shredder in reverse for 5-10 seconds. This does an even better job than oiling the shredder with oil-coated paper.

Aerosol shredder oil should only be used on shredders that specifically say it is OK as aerosol oil has been know to cause fires in unapproved shredders. Also be aware that WD-40 and cooking (vegetable) oil cannot be used as they will eventually accumulate in the shredder head and cause sludge and paper to gum up the machine.

You can find paper shredder oil from by clicking here.

Top Ten Best Binding Machines

April 10th, 2009

Finding a good binding machine can sometimes be difficult. A lot of the binding machines out there are now made from plastic components and just don’t stand the test of time. We have compiled a list of the best comb, wire and coil binding machines. This list is based off of customer satisfaction, volume sold and customer service record. Enjoy!

Top 10 Best Binding Machines:

1. Akiles WireMac Wire Binding Machine

2. Akiles CoilMac-ECI Coil Binding Machine

3. Tahsin 210 PB Comb Binder

4. Renz RW Wire Binding Machine

5. Akiles Megabind Comb Binder

6. Akiles WireMac Duo Wire Binding Machine

7. Akiles WireMac Combo Comb & Wire Binding Machine

8. Akiles CoilMac-M Coil Binding Machine

9. Renz Combi-S Comb Binding Machine

10. EB-32 Wire Binding Machine

Probably The Best Paper Shredder Deal Ever!

April 9th, 2009

I don’t usually blog about prices, especially since our prices are always pretty good anyway. We recently received some great pricing on Martin Yale paper shredders. Apparently the manufacturer, Martin Yale, got a little too much inventory in their warehouse and they are practically giving these things away.

Most of these shredders are over 50% to 60% off. I recently got a chance to use some of these paper shredders on our showroom floor. They aren’t bad. Martin Yale owns the Intimus line of paper shredders, and we all know how good those are.

Maybe this is a little off topic, but the Intimus 007 is probably one of the most popular paper shredders in history…and yes…it’s still around. The Intimus 007 paper shredder was used by Oliver North to shred documents related to the Iran-Contra scandal. After the model of shredder was revealed in 1987, sales of Intimus shredders went up 20%!

OK, back to the Martin Yale shredder sale. The prices are only good as long as the shredders are in “overstock” status. Once inventory levels fall back to normal, prices will go back to normal. You can find the heavily discounted Martin Yale shredders here. Happy shopping!

Binding Machines – Why Use Them?

April 7th, 2009

Over the past few years I have had many people ask the question, “Why use a binding machine?” This is usually from friends and acquaintances that know I am in the office equipment business. Having been around binding machines for years, the question initially struck me as odd, but looking at it from the perspective of a person unfamiliar with the equipment, I can understand why.

Seriously. Why would you want to use or buy a binding machine? I’ll tell you why. Using a binding machine is a very effective way to present material. Bound paper simply looks good.

There are several binding formats available, ranging from comb and wire to coil and VeloBind. Binding machines can be used to create home-printed novels, cookbooks and calendars.

In a professional setting, binding machines are great for binding financial reports and presentations. Binding a report, rather than simply stapling it, is classy. It is like wearing a collared shirt and tie versus a t-shirt to a formal business meeting. Simply put, it makes a great impression.

Binding machines are also popular with businesses, legal offices and other organizations for organizing financial reports, invoices and other data. Some VeloBind machines can securely bind up to three-inches of paper! Many advertising agencies like to use binding machines for proposals.

In a school environment, a binding machine can be used to help a child bind a wide variety of literature and schoolwork. Comb binding machines are especially popular with elementary schools due to their durability and inexpensive cost.

ABC Office has a wide variety of binding machines, literally hundreds. You can view the entire selection of binding machines here. You can see a video demonstration of the four most popular binding formats by clicking on the following links:

Comb Binding
Wire Binding
Coil Binding

The New Martin Yale UC5500 ScriptStroyer Pharmacy (Rx) / Prescription Bottle Shredder

March 20th, 2009

I am very familiar with a wide range of shredders out on the market. I have personally handled dozens of the models we sell online and have been pretty impressed with a lot of what we sell. I have to admit, however, that the new Martin Yale UC5500 ScriptStroyer is one of the most unique shredders I have seen to date. It is right up there with the cardboard shredder that people have used to create horse bedding.

At ABC Office we sell CD shredders, credit card shredders, paper shredders, cardboard shredders and more. Now we have a shredder that can shred prescription drug bottles, being the UC5500 ScriptStroyer. This shredder has a slot that will take most types of prescription bottles, including both dry and liquid.

The UC5500 is considered to be a quiet shredder. This means noise shouldn’t interfere with customer interaction while shredding old bottles. The UC5500 ScriptStroyer also has an automatic oiler, which helps lubricate the shredder blades. This will dramatically increase the life of the shredder. On a side note, even if you don’t need a prescription bottle shredder, you should still consider purchasing shredder oil for your shredder.

With all the current paper shredder laws in place, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the medical industry can’t be too secure or safe. Prior to seeing this shredder, I totally forgot that the labels on the prescription drug bottles had so much information on them. A thief could use that information to steel your identity or for prescription drug fraud. This shredder can also handle shredding paper, making it a multi-purpose shredder.

Time permitting, you should stop by our site and take a look. If you own or work for a pharmacy, hospital or medical facility that handles prescription drug bottles, you should really consider getting this one.  You can find the UC5500 ScriptStroyer Prescription Bottle / Pharmacy Shredder here.

Fellowes Intellishred — First Impressions

February 26th, 2009

I have been working with paper shredders for years. As a result I can tell you that the general concept of the paper shredder, and the way they work, has remained pretty much the same for the past decade. Some work better than others.

Not only have I tried to stress the importance of using a paper shredder, for destroying sensitive information, but I have also been a big advocate for paper shredder safety. There are few things that make me cringe more than hearing about a dog getting its tongue stuck in a shredder or a toddler losing a few fingers as a result.

We have a pretty big showroom here at ABC Office, full of several different shredders from a wide variety of manufacturers. The types of models vary from strip cut to micro-cut particles. A while back we brought in a Fellowes Intellishred SB-99Ci for testing and display.

Fellowes paper shredders, for me, have never drawn my attention. I have always considered them to be best used at home or next to a desk. Fellowes must have recently hired some talented designers to work for them, because their current line of paper shredders looks modern and are aesthetically pleasing.

The Fellowes Intellishred SB-99Ci is a shining example of a “beautiful” paper shredder.  It really does look nice. Upon turning the shredder on, a striking blue LED lights up. Again, this is much different than comparable models. A lighted gauge on the paper shredder (sheet capacity indicator) indicates the effect the load of paper is having on the motor, letting you know if you are pushing it too hard. It also features jam-proof technology, which makes it impossible to jam or seize the shredder head.

The thing that struck me the most was the SafeSense technology. If for any reason a finger or hand gets close to the shredder opening, the shredder will turn off. This is great for preventing possible injury. The sensor never failed.

If you are looking for a nice looking and safe paper shredder, I would recommend the Fellowes Intellishred SB-99Ci. Fellowes has several “Intellishred” models to choose from. You can find the SB-99Ci that I tried by clicking here. Enjoy!

Count Money And Verify It At The Same Time

January 21st, 2009

Money counters are a great invention. They take a stack of money and count it in a matter of seconds (literally). They are efficient, accurate and take up little space. You will commonly find bill counters in banks, but it is not uncommon to find them in retail stores and other businesses as well.

While using a money counter saves a lot of time, counterfeit money can still be an issue. Many money counters now include built-in counterfeit detectors. An example of this is the ABC-1150 Ultra.

The ABC-1150 Ultra includes ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic (MG) detection. As each bill is run through the money counter, it scans each bill individually. If for any reason ultraviolet properties or magnetic ink are not detected on the bill, it will immediately stop and alert you.

Getting a bill counter with counterfeit detection measures built in used to be significantly more expensive than a standard bill counter. This is no longer the case. Bill counters with counterfeit detection are now very affordable.

The ABC-1150 Ultra is on sale for a limited time at $179. This includes an external LED display. Stop by and check it out.

Count Money Faster & More Efficiently With Semacon Money Counters

November 10th, 2008

Within the last few months we have added a new line of money counters. These money counters are from Semacon, who is well known throughout the industry for their quality machines. In total, we will be adding five new machines.

Unlike many comparable money counters that are made in China, Semacon bill counters are made in Japan under the strictest quality control measures. Semacon has built a name for itself for its durable money handling equipment capable of taking a beating and lasting for years.

New Semacon products include bill counters, coin counters, coin sorters and coin crimpers. These new Semacon products are great for use in a retail store, bank, church or other organization. Having personally used these new products, I can vouch for their reliability. They are also very easy to set up, which is a big plus for me.

Many of the Semacon bill counters we have added to our site feature counterfeit detection measures, capable of detecting the most complex counterfeited money. The Semacon S-1400 even includes an air filter designed to filter out dust and particles found in dirty bills. This is ideal considering how dirty many bills can be, especially since many bills contain traces of narcotics.

Our most recent addition is Semacon’s new S-520 coin counter. The new S-520 coin counter sorts and counts coins with great accuracy. It also includes the ability to batch count and has an easy-to-use interface. It is capable of counting up to 450 coins per minute and can be used by banks.

Stop by ABC Office and take a look at our new Semacon money counters now!

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