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Improve Press Sheet and Digital Printout Drying Time

Monday, September 20th, 2010

MBM AJ-700 Air Paper JoggerDo you run, operate or own a printing press? Are you looking for a machine that allows press sheets and digital printouts to be air-dried immediately? If so, you may be in need of an air jogger.

Normal paper joggers use vibrations to align paper. Air joggers not only use vibrations to align paper, but also use air to align and separate paper.  This has many benefits. Because air separates the sheets, it keeps them from clumping together and creating double feeds and jams. This is also extremely beneficial because the air helps the ink on press sheets and digital printouts to dry faster.

We currently offer two different models of air joggers:

  1. MBM AJ-700 Air Jogger – The MBM AJ-700 air jogger forces air between sheets to reduce jogging time and eliminate powder buildup. Press sheets and digital copies can be air dried immediately to prevent offset. This significantly reduces misfeeds and double feeds in printers, folders, and collators.
  2. Formax FD 402A1 Air Jogger – The FD 402A1 High-Capacity Air Jogger is ideal for print shops and production houses as it aligns and dries printed sheets as a single process, while removing static electricity.

These joggers are both considered to be commercial / industrial paper joggers. They can be used all day long and don’t require any special “cool down” period of time.

You can find our entire selection of paper joggers here.

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