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Akiles CoilMac-ECI Plus Coil Binding Machine Review

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Akiles CoilMac-ECI Plus Coil Binding MachineIn need of a durable coil binding machine capable of continuous daily use? With a lot of cheap binding machines floating around out there, it is tough to know if you are getting a good machine. One coil binder you may want to consider is the Akiles CoilMac-ECI Plus coil binding machine (found here). I have used this machine and this is my review.

The CoilMac-ECI Plus is designed for continuous daily use. It features a manually operated hole punch and large coil inserter. This coil binding machine is made from solid metal construction, as is the case with most Akiles brand binding machines.

The punching pins are thick and designed to punch all day long without dulling, bending or jamming. I actually had our Service Technician open this machine up for me and the inside is all metal, including the gears. It is a great work of engineering when it comes to coil binding machines.

The punching pins are aligned in a 4:1 pitch hole pattern. This means the machine will punch four holes per inch of paper. This is the most common coil binding hole patter used today. The CoilMac-ECI Plus can punch up to 20 sheets of paper at a time.

Unlike the CoilMac-ECI Plus’s cousin, the standard CoilMac-ECI, the ECI Plus punches oval-shaped holes. These oval holes are supposed to make coil insertion and page turns easier. I have used both round and oval holes in book binding and am personally fine with both formats. Both 4:1 pitch round and oval holes take the same supplies.

The ECI Plus also features fully disengaging punching pins. This means you can select exactly which holes you want punched. This is really nice when binding custom books. Have you ever used a binding machine that ended up with a half-punched hole at the end of the paper? This is no longer an issue with disengaging punching pins.

The CoilMac-ECI Plus weighs in at about 52 pounds, so be sure you set it on a desk or table that can support that weight. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

My favorite feature in the CoilMac-ECI Plus is the electric coil inserter. Any inserter is nice, but the CoilMac-ECI Plus uses a wide and powerful inserter that makes coil insertion extremely easy. A food pedal is used to turn the inserter on and off, which allows you to hold the book with both hands.

Overall I am extremely impressed with this coil binding machine. I really can’t find any faults in it. Sure it would be nice to have an electric punch, but you really can’t complain too much considering the quality and the price.

You can find the Akiles CoilMac-ECI Plus coil binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of coil binding machines here.

Akiles A Great Replacement For An Old GBC Comb Binding Machine

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

We get some pretty good questions from our customers. I just received one yesterday from a customer who had gotten fed up with their GBC comb binding machine. Here is their question along with my answer:

QUESTION: I am fed up with my GBC C400e comb-binding machine. We have had it repaired 3 times now and I’ve had enough. Do you know of a good replacement for a GBC comb binder? I want to stay with comb binding and it needs to be electric.

ANSWER: I personally recommend Akiles hands down. Akiles, in my opinion, runs circles around low-end GBC machines. You have a couple of options here, much of it depending on your binding volume.

If you have low to medium-volume binding needs, the Akiles AlphaBind-CE is a great choice. It still has an electric punch, like the GBC C400e, and is very easy to use. Unlike the GBC C400e, the Akiles model is made from durable metal construction. A foot pedal is great for hands-free operation.

If you have high-volume binding needs, you really can’t go wrong with the Akiles CombMac 24E. This comb-binding machine is a beast, capable of punching 25 sheets of paper at a time with an electric-powered motor. This machine is designed for more use and output than the GBC C400e, but could be a good choice if you expect your binding needs to increase in the future.

Regardless of which machine you go with, manual or electric, Akiles has risen to the top and can be considered one of the best brands available today. You can see our entire selection of Akiles binding machines here.

Have more questions about comb binding machines? Post your comments here!

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