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The PL12A Pouch Laminator’s Replacement

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

PL12A Pouch LaminatorPouch laminators are remarkable machines, making it possible for businesses, homes, schools and others to affordably laminate products. The PL12A (formerly made by Banner American & Laminators Specialties) used to be the pinnacle of pouch laminators. It was considered to be the best out there. Unfortunately the PL12A has been discontinued and it now looks like it will not be coming back. So what does this mean for those of you in the market for a pouch laminator or who need a replacement for a worn out PL12A? I have the perfect replacement for you.

Unfortunately the PL12A is not coming back. That’s right. Neither is the smaller PL4A. This is sad for me because I have been selling and promoting this laminator for well over a decade. It just worked really well. The company, Laminators Specialties, recently closed up shop. Another company is in the process of acquiring their roll laminators (thankfully), but it looks like the pouch laminators aren’t going to be part of that acquisition.

Akiles ProLam Plus 330 Pouch LaminatorLuckily there are a lot of good pouch laminators out there, many of which I have had the chance to personally use. One of the best replacements is the Akiles ProLam Plus 330 (found here). This laminator has also been around for a long time and it currently has all of the features many people came to love in the PL12A. This includes such features as:

  • 10 Mil Laminating Thickness – The thickest standard laminating pouch on the market is the 10 mil thickness. This laminator will easily handle it as well as smaller thicknesses.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control – Rather than having a basic high and low setting, this laminator has an adjustable dial that allows for several different temperature adjustments to accommodate a variety of types of film.
  • Independent Motor / Heat Control – This is a personal favorite. Many laminators require that the motor and the heat be on at the same time via a single switch. This laminator, along with the discontinued PL12A, allows you to leave the heat on without running the motor. This significantly saves on the lifespan of the motor.
  • Four Roller Design – A four-roller design allows for the appropriate amount of heat and pressure distribution during the lamination process. This helps improve clarity and removes artifacts such as waves, ripples, bubbles and cloudiness.

It also includes a few features the PL12A didn’t have such as:

  • Dual Heat System – This makes the ProLam Plus 330 more efficient by providing heated rollers and a heat plate. This more efficient distribution of heat allows for crystal clear results and allows lamination at lower temperatures.
  • Reverse Switch – One of my biggest complaints with the PL12A was the lack of a reverse witch. The ProLam Plus 330 has that, allowing you to back a pouch out if it is fed in crooked.
  • 13” Laminating Width – Having a little extra room to work with makes it easier to laminate 11” x 17” and 12” x 18” pouches.
  • Photo Ready – While the PL12A did a decent job of laminating photos, the use of heated rollers in the ProLam Plus 330 allows for even better results when laminating photos and ink-jet printouts.

We have been recommending the Akiles ProLam Plus 330 as THE alternative to the PL12A and our customers for several months now and they have been very happy with the switch. Having used both, I can comfortably say that you will be very happy with the results and will notice no difference in quality or in functionality over the now discontinued PL12A.

We offer a lot of great pouch laminators. You can find the Akiles ProLam Plus 330 here and our entire selection of pouch laminators here. If you have questions about the PL12A or its replacement, or if you simply need some additional information, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. We would love to help you out.

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