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Amano TCX-11 Electronic Time Clock Review

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Amano TCX-11 Electronic Time ClockSetting up and using an electronic time clock doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. It should be a time saving, money saving and simple process. One time clock that our customers really like is the Amano TCX-11 electronic time clock (found here). So does this time clock meet your needs? Read more here.

Amano has been making affordable time recording and clock systems for several years now. With several models available, they currently have a wide influence in North America, Europe and Asia. Simplicity best describes Amano time clocks. They are quick and easy to set up.

The Amano TCX-11 is what’s known as an electric time clock that utilizes time cards. It physically stamps the date, time and other details onto a card. It is simple to set up, easy to use and can be placed on a desk or be mounted to a wall.

The TCX-11 is both digital and analog, featuring an analog clock dial and a digital display as well. The stamping can be set up to automatically stamp when a card is inserted or manually stamp when a button is pushed. An illuminated print window allows the operator to see exactly how everything is aligned, which in turn keeps stamped information where it is needed.

Accuracy is critical for a time clock. Each minute and second can mean money gained or lost for employer and employee alike. A built-in computer and a quartz clock provide extreme accuracy and efficiency.  It allows for Daylight Savings, leap years, short months and much more.

Security is always a concern with time clocks. You don’t want rogue employees tampering with the clock, costing you money. For this reason, the TCX-11 features a secure key cover lock. This allows only authorized personnel to set up the clock.

The Amano TCX-11 is a fairly energy friendly time clock. In only consumes on average 3W of power, peaking at 12W while stamping. In the event of a power outage, a battery prevents data from being reset.

This particular time clock uses a ribbon cartridge, much like a typewriter. This ribbon advances as data is stamped on a card. Changing the cartridge ribbon is easy and takes just seconds to complete.

In conclusion, the TCX-11 is a great no-nonsense time clock. It may not be the most modern time recorder on the market, but it is time tested, reliable, affordable and it works every time.

You can find the Amano TCX-11 electronic time clock here and our entire selection of time clocks here.

Amano PIX-15 Electronic Time Recorder Review

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Amano PIX-15 Employee Time Recorder & ClockWhen it comes to shopping for time clocks, there are a lot of good choices out there. With several different styles, models and systems to choose from, it may seem a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for an electric punch-style time clock, you may want to consider the Amano PIX-15 electronic time recorder (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the Amano PIX-15 is a very popular time clock with our customers. This is probably due in part to the fact that it is affordable, but there is definitely more to it than that. These time recorders also have a great track record.

The PIX-15 is more of a traditional punch-style time clock, but with several electronic enhancements. To begin with, the digital display tells you the time, either in standard or military time. There are no analog components involved in the actual time tracking.

Amano PIX-15 Replacement Ribbon CartridgeThere are few things more annoying than a power outage that wipes out all the settings on your electronics. A built in battery backup keeps settings secure during a power outage. I’ve never tested this to see if it is true, but Amano claims the machine retains memory and settings for 3 years.

Printing is done by inserting the side of the time card into the machine. An illuminated print window makes the time card easy to see making alignment simple. The stamping can be set up for automatic or manual modes. Automatic stamping uses a micro switch to activate the stamp when a card is slid in. The manual stamping is activated by pressing a button.

Not only does the Amano PIX-15 stamp the time, but it can also be used to stamp up to 10 different messages. These messages are VOID, SENT, PAID, 0RIGIN, RCV’D, CFM’D, APR’D, FAX’D, CMPL’D. This is especially nice for document control purposes. It can also be used as a time stamp for documents rather than an employee time clock.

Have you ever used a time recorder or clock that required you to feed the ribbon for proper operation? The PIX-15 uses a printing cartridge, making ribbon replacement quick and easy. It only takes a few seconds, and a single cartridge lasts for a while.

The PIX-15 can be used on a table or be mounted on a wall. The alignment of the clock is purely based on preference or available space. The time recorder works equally well either way.

Overall I have to say that the PIX-15 is a great little time recorder. It is ideal for small to medium-size businesses.

You can find the Amano PIX-15 electronic time recorder here. You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks and recorders here.

Peachtree Compatible Time Clocks

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Amano MTX-15 Time Guardian Time Clock SystemSomeone recently asked me if we sold any time clocks compatible with Peachtree. While Peachtree is less common than other payroll software (like Quickbooks), we do have a time clock that will work with it. That time clock is the Amano MTX-15 Time Guardian.

The Amano MTX-15 Time Guardian is a digital time clock. It uses cards to swipe in and out of work by use of a magnetic stripe reader. The time clock stores this data on a computer that can later be exported for use with Peachtree.

The Amano Time Guardian comes with the MTX-15 terminal, the software package for use on a computer, a 50-foot RS-232 cable, 25 employee badges and a communications adaptor. This is pretty much everything you need to get up and going.

If you have questions about the Amano MTX-15 Time Guardian and Peachtree, feel free to speak with one of our experts at 1-800-658-8788.

You can find the Amano MTX-15 Time Guardian here. You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks here.

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