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All About Banners and Signage

Friday, March 22nd, 2019
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Banners and other signage options are some of the most effective ways to convey a message. It helps draw attention by combining visuals with information. Signage is also often required in order to comply with ADA requirements. There are many ways that banners and signage can benefit your business.


Banners can be a particularly effective platform for presenting information to colleagues. They can also be used to draw attention and brand your company. Banners can be used to announce events, place advertisements, and perform many other tasks. They come in a wide array of sizes, depending on your overall requirements. Banners can be designed for tabletop displays, large, multi-panel displays, hanging banners, and more.

Banner Stands

Banner stands, as well as popup banner stands, can provide easy setup and take down for your display. It can also ensure that your banner can be displayed in whatever medium you wish. Whether you need a standing display, tabletop display, or hanging display, we have the appropriate banner stand for you.


Certain types of signage are required by the ADA. We can provide these signs to help you comply with ADA requirements. We are capable of providing appropriate restroom signs, among many other things. These signs are made according to all ADA requirements and are created with grade 2 Braille. Additionally, we can create signage for floor stands and many other platforms.

Banners and signage can be used in a wide variety of ways. To learn more about how banners and signage can benefit your business, contact us at ABC Office today!

Top 5 Best Banner Stands

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Banner Stands from ABC OfficeBanner stands are useful to have around when you are trying to promote something, point someone in the right direction or prepare for an event. So which type of banner stand should you use? With dozens of different models and styles of banner stands available, this can be a difficult decision.

Having spoken with many customers myself regarding banner stands, I have come up with a list of several models that have proven themselves over the years. These banner stands have been used in lobbies, for trade shows, in universities to promote events and much more. I have narrowed this list into the top 5 banner stands our customers find most useful.

Top 5 Best Banner Stands

  1. Foster Classic Banner Stand – This banner stand is compact, height adjustable and can be ordered without dowels, with hemmed dowels or with Velcro. It is also available with a square base, a travel base or round base. This particular banner stand is popular for use in entryways and lobbies.
  2. Foster Jumbo Classic Banner Stand – This banner stand can be used to display a wide variety of signs and banners and is available with or without dowels. It can adjust from 42″ to 118″ in height.
  3. Foster Ultra Single Banner Stand – Our Ultra line of banner stands from Foster is designed to be portable, sleek and modern. The banner is displayed in such a way that the feet are completely hidden. These can be used with fabric, foam core or vinyl banners and feature 3 different tilting positions. Premium Velcro for the top and bottom of the stand is included.
  4. Foster Grand Format Adjustable Banner Stand – This banner stand is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, making it extremely portable. A durable crossbar is used to hold large format hemmed banners and graphics.  This particular banner stand comes in a wide range of widths and heights.
  5. Foster Presto Pop-Up Banner Stand – This banner stand is popular for displaying large banners ranging in size up to 12.5’ x 7.5’ and 10’ x 10’. This stand is not only rigid and durable, but folds down into a compact format that can easily be moved around. The Presto Pop-Up displays come in straight or curved back walls. No special tools are required to assemble this display and it includes a carrying case.

So there you have our list of the top 5 most popular banner stands. All these banner stands have a great record and have proven themselves over the past years to be reliable and durable.

You can find our entire selection of banner stands here.

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