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Best Prices On Book Binding Machine Supplies

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Book Binding Machine Supplies from ABC OfficeIt’s a bold statement to make, but I feel safe in saying that we offer some of the best prices and widest selection of comb, wire and coil binding supplies available online. I’ll explain why you should consider buying your comb, wire and coil supplies from us.

Unlike many online office equipment dealers, we actually stock our own binding supplies in our own warehouse. We have tens of thousands of square feet of warehouse space stocked with supplies and equipment. This means that when you place an order with us, your binding supplies will ship out within 24 hours and should arrive to you within a week (often sooner), depending on where you live.

Many other online dealers drop-ship their binding supplies. This means they ship it from other people’s warehouses and are subject to their rules and conditions. This also means that they have little control over shipping speed and supply stock.

We actually manufacture many of the supplies we offer. This means that we are able to offer you some excellent “wholesale” prices. We are especially good at giving you a bulk discount rate. You can request your discounted “bulk” binding supply prices from us by calling 1-800-658-8788.

As mentioned before, we stock most colors and sizes of comb, wire and coil binding supplies. You can find them here:

Binding doesn’t have to be expensive. It should be fun, hassle-free and dependable. You can view our entire selection of binding machines and supplies by visiting us here.

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