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Tamerica Optimus-46i Coil Binding Machine Review

Monday, May 18th, 2015
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The Optimus-46i

The Tamerica Optimus-46i Coil Binding machine is an impressive little model that’s affordably priced. You typically find machines with its capabilities in the $400-$700 price tag range.

The Optimus-46i has fully disengageable punch pins.  This allows you to punch and bind a wide variety of documents of different sizes. The pull-out punch pins help you avoid unseemly half-punched papers.

The coil inserter located on the top of the machine offers a new and innovative twist to document binding. It features a grooved silicone roller that makes it smoother and simpler to insert the PVC coil into a punched stack of paper.

The Optimus-46i from Tamerica offers further simplicity and efficiency with its foot-operated pedal. This operates the machine’s punch dies, or pins. This added feature alone helps free up your hands and improves your productivity.

There are also other useful features including oval punched holes — this makes it much easier to insert coil. There’s adjustable depth control and you can punch up to 20 sheets of copy paper at a time.

Be sure to contact ABC Office today to learn more about the Tamerica Optimus-46i Coil Binding Machine.


Akiles DuoMac – Streamline Your Binding Machine

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Are you having a hard time settling on one format of binding machine? I can’t say that I blame you. Depending on what is being bound, different binding machines create completely different looks. Wire works great for a professional report, where coil is perfect for a cookbook.

Buying multiple machines for multiple binding formats can be costly and takes up often-valuable space. Luckily machines have been engineered and manufactured to bind multiple formats. These types of machines are typically referred to as multi-format or combination biding machines.

Initially these machines consisted of just comb and wire combinations. In the past few years, several machines are now available that can punch and bind coil and comb, or wire and coil. Some are manually operated while others feature electric punching dies.

The most popular manufacturer of multi-format binding equipment is Akiles. The most recent line of combination-style machines from Akiles is known as DuoMacs. The DuoMacs are available in several models in several different punching combinations.

Akiles is well known for manufacturing solid machines. If you ever get a chance to use one of the DuoMacs, WireMacs or CoilMacs, try lifting them. You will be surprised how heavy they are. This is because they are made from all-metal construction.

We are pretty excited to have the Akiles DuoMacs on our site. You can find all these Akiles DuoMac binding machines and more by going to our Akiles binding machine index here.

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