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Best Way To Display Your Business Cards

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Wooden Business Card HoldersSo you have a stack business cards but don’t have a good way to display them? Problem solved. Gone are the days of messy stacks of business cards. Try using a business card holder to display your business cards. Business card holders organize, display and make your business cards easy to access.

There are two options for displaying business cards. These are plastic acrylic and wooden business card holders. Both get the job done well, but each have a very distinct look. Most plastic business card holders are wall-mounted and most wood business card holders are desktop designs.

Business card holders make your business look more professional for the same reason business cards themselves make your business look more professional. It’s all about presentation. Many of our customers will simply set the business card holder in a location where the cards are easy to see and access.

You will find both our plastic and wooden business card holders here.

Business Card Holders & Displays – Get Organized!

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Business cards are a great way to get your name and business advertised to potential customers. They have also been known to win a free lunch from time to time. Although business cards play an important part in many companies, these cards don’t like to stay in a neat stack. Just try stacking them and see how long the stay organized. Much like a deck of cards, business cards will eventually end up scattered everywhere.

Business card holders are a great way to harness these cards and keep them organized. Business card holders come in a wide variety of styles and designs. The two most popular types of business card holders are tabletop (countertop) and wall-mounted designs. The type you use will depend on personal preference and available space.

Business card holders and displays are most commonly available in wood and clear plastic (acrylic) materials. Again, the material used depends on personal preference. Business card holders come with different quantities of pockets, depending on how many and different types need to be displayed. Some are capable of holding over a dozen different separate piles of business cards.

ABC Office carries several of these business card holders and they are very affordable to purchase. The usefulness of a business card holder is well worth the minimal cost. Click here to see ABC Office’s entire selection.

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