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What is a Reverse Flap Envelope?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Folder InsertersAn envelope is just an envelope, right? Is there really that much difference from one to another? While on the surface business envelopes may seem as simple as a #9 or a #10 size, there is actually a lot more involved than you might think. A few of those differences include where the flap is located and where the windows are found.

One common question is “What is a reverse flap envelope?” Reverse flap envelopes, also known as reverse fold envelopes, have the folded flap on the bottom of the envelope rather than the top. There are a lot of reasons for this, with the primary reason being mass mailing and use with folder inserter machines.

This is an example of a reverse flap envelope:

Reverse Flap Envelopes

Reverse flap envelopes have mail inserted from the bottom rather than the top. The orientation of the address window is typically on the left side of the envelope. Bottom flap envelopes, due to the design and orientation, flow and run much better in envelope inserting machines. While most folding and inserting machines, such as those by Formax, can use a standard top flap envelope, bottom flap envelopes are preferred.

Once the bottom flap has been sealed shut, the envelope looks almost identical to a standard top flap envelope. To the customer, or envelope recipient, it is just a standard envelope. These types of envelopes are perfect for mailing bills, receipts, invoices, promotional material and more.

You can find our entire selection of Formax folder inserters here and Relyco business envelopes here.

Why Use Relyco DURASEAL Secure Business Envelopes?

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Relyco DURASEAL Secure Business EnvelopesIf you send out bills, checks, invoices and other sensitive information via the USPS or other mailing services, you probably have the need of a secure envelope. These types of envelopes make it difficult to impossible to view contained documents. One of the most popular secure businesses envelope available is the DURASEAL line from Relyco. These envelopes are popular not only because of their quality and security, but also because of their unique ability to work with folding and inserting machines (aka envelope stuffing machines).

DURASEAL envelopes are designed from the ground up with security in mind. As of the writing of this article, DURASEAL envelopes come in #9 (3-7/8″ x 8-7/8″) and #10 (4-1/8″ x 9-1/2″) sizes. These envelopes feature a unique security tint. This tint obscures the contents by making the envelope impossible to see through, even when held up to a bright light.

Another important security feature in is the window. Many envelope windows make contents easy to see, including account numbers. All you need to do is shake the contents around or pull back on the window to see what’s inside. Relyco DURASEAL envelopes position the window slightly higher than normal to keep bank account information obscured.

There are currently about 8 different types of DURASEAL envelopes available, with the biggest differences being the positioning of the window and the positioning of the flap. This includes double windows and reverse bottom flaps. If for any reason the standard DURASEAL envelope doesn’t meet your needs, customized envelopes can be made. Call 1-800-658-8788 to request a custom envelope quote. Custom modifications include window location, window size, personal logos, colors and more.

One of the biggest reasons our customers like Relyco envelopes is their unique ability to work flawlessly with Formax automatic paper folder inserters. Relyco and Formax actually have a relationship where they have designed each others equipment and supplies to work well with each other. Relyco envelopes, including DURASEAL, can also be used with most other folding and inserting machines (aka envelope stuffing machines).

You can find our entire selection of Relyco business envelopes here and our entire selection of Formax folder inserters here.

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