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Casino Money Counting Machines and Equipment

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Cassino Money Handling and Counting MachinesIf you run, operate or work for a casino, you’re probably around a lot of money on a daily basis. As is the case in any business where money is handled continuously, proper tracking and counting are critical. The best way to keep track of money is by using a money counter, a coin counter or bill counter. These machines quickly and accurately count money.

Here are just a few pieces of equipment your casino may need:

Bill Counters / Money Counters – Bill counters take a stack of money and count it right down to the last bill. These counters are extremely accurate and will provide you with an exact number of bills counted. Most bill counters easily handle both new and used bills and can provide you with size detection, which will help catch counterfeit money. These counters generally have batch counting capabilities. Many of our bill counters include counterfeit money detection (UV – Ultraviolet / MG – Magnetic).

Our most popular brands of bill counters include Semacon, ABC, Cassida, Klopp and Magner. These bill counters are portable, can be used on most tables / desks and are available at an extremely affordable price. A few models you may want to consider include:

This is the Cassida Tiger in action:

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Cassino Coin Counters / Token SortersCoin Counters / Sorters – Coin counters are designed to take your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, dollar coins and even tokens a count / sort them. These machines are accurate and are far faster than manually counting. While you may thing a coin counter costs thousands of dollars, most of our coin counting and sorting machines are extremely affordable and cost less than $1,000. More than half of our coin counting machines can bag and tube coins for storage and banking purposes.

Popular brands of coin counters include Cassida, ABC, Klopp, Ribao, Magner and Semacon. Most of our coin counters are portable and most provide you with quantity and value totals. These are a few of our more popular coin counting machines:

This is a video demo of the ABC 110 coin counter in action:

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Counterfeit Detectors – Casinos are particularly vulnerable to counterfeit money, especially with the constant exchange of physical bills. For this reason, every casino should have a counterfeit detector. We offer counterfeit detectors that utilize one method of detection and others that incorporate multiple detection features. The most common methods of detecting counterfeit casino bills include:

  • UV (Ultraviolet) – All legitimate U.S. currency has a UV stripe in it that can be lit up and detected by a UV counterfeit detector.
  • MG (Magnetic) – Legitimate U.S. bills incorporate magnetic ink that can be picked up by a magnetic counterfeit detector.
  • WM (Watermark) – Most U.S. bills feature watermark technology that can be brought to light (excuse the pun) by being backlit. WM detectors make these features clear and obvious.
  • Micro Features – Some more manual counterfeit detectors include a magnifying glass that can be used to enhance and display microprint that is present in most U.S. bills.
  • Fiber Detection – This is one of the most basic forms of counterfeit detection. Detector pins use special ink that reacts with starch found in regular paper (not found in real U.S. tender).

These are some of our more popular counterfeit detectors:

This is a video demo of the ABC-75 in action:

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Cassino Card Canceling EquipmentCard Canceling Equipment – Most casinos handle face cards. Most reputable casinos will cancel out used decks of cards. Rather than throw these cards away, most casinos will cancel them using a paper punch or drill. Once cancelled, these cards can be re-sold, allowing casinos to make additional money on used cards.

This punch is extremely popular with casinos for canceling cards:

We also offer a great selection of single-spindle paper drills that will quickly cancel decks of cards. These are a few popular models:

Hopefully these money-handling machines will help your casino with its daily operations. These tips, ideas and machines will undoubtedly save your business money and time. You can find our entire selection of money handling equipment here.

Since we are experts with money handling equipment, coin sorters and counterfeit bill detectors, we are able to provide you with expert advice. Please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our experts at 1-800-658-8788. We can help you find the right machine for your job.

Best Way for Casinos to Cancel Playing Cards

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Card Canceling MachinesIf you run, operate or work for a casino, you’re probably well aware of the fact that decks of playing cards cannot be re-used. This is primarily due to the fact that casinos use new decks as old decks run the possibility of being tampered with. Used face cards usually have to be cancelled. We offer two types of machines that many casinos use to cancel their playing cards.

The card-canceling machine you use will depend entirely on the volume of cards you need to cancel per day. Regardless of which method of card canceling you choose, our machine will make the process efficient and permanent.

Card Canceling Machines

FP-1 Single Hole Card Canceling MachineLight to Medium-Volume Card Canceling Machine – If you only need to cancel a few hundred decks of cards per day, I highly recommend using a machine like the FP-1 (B) heavy-duty single hole punch (found here). Simply place your deck of face cards under the punch and pull the handle. The FP-1 has a 300-sheet capacity (1″ thickness) and can easily handle a single deck of cards in a single pass. It is easy to use and requires little effort to operate. It is made from heavy-duty cast metal that has a reputation for holding up for years. Replacement punching bits are available.

High-Volume Card Canceling MachineMedium to High-Volume Card Canceling Machine – If you are canceling hundreds to thousands of decks of cards per day, most of our casino customers use a single-spindle paper drill. These drills, available with various diameters, can be used to put a hole right through a deck of cards (center, corner or wherever). Many of our single-hole paper drills can drill through multiple decks of cards at a time. You can find our entire selection of single-hole paper drills here.

Both of these methods are effective and fast and quickly punching holes through and rendering cancelled decks of cards. Our Casino customers enjoy using both of these methods to cancel cards and both have an excellent track record for getting the job done.

Please feel free to call one of our paper punch / drill experts at 1-800-658-8788 for answers to your questions regarding canceling decks of cards.

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