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Widmer CC-3 Check Certifier Review

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Widmer CC-3 Electric Check CertifierIf you have ever worked in a bank or credit union, or have been in a position where you had to deal with checks, you are probably familiar with check certifiers. These devices are used to certify checks as they are cashed or deposited. This process usually involves a rubber stamp, which can be time consuming and sloppy. One great way to improve check-certifying efficiency is by using a machine like the Widmer CC-3 check certifier (found here). This is my review.

Widmer is a well-known manufacturer of paper handling equipment. Products include time stamps, numbering machines, check signers, perforators, time clocks and much more. One thing I have always been impressed with Widmer products is the build quality. They are almost always made out of some sort of heavy-duty cast metal.

The CC-3 check certifier from Widmer is most frequently found in banks, credit unions and in businesses where checks are handled on regular basis. This particular machine is designed to replace traditional handheld rubber stamps. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Rubber stamps can be easily lost.
  • Handheld check certifiers often produce blurry results.
  • Check certification often ends up crooked.
  • Rubber stamp check certifiers take time.
  • Most rubber stamps can’t produce tri-color impressions.

The CC-3 helps improve on just about all of these points. To begin with, it can easily sit on just about any desk. It only weighs in at 18 pounds, so it is heavy enough to be durable yet light enough to be moved around.

One reason rubber stamp check certifiers produce blurry results is because it is difficult to get the stamp head to hit the paper evenly. The CC-3 evenly applies pressure (electronically) throughout the entire stamping head. All points of the stamp hit the check, producing crisp results. It also uses a self-advancing ribbon, rather than an ink pad, which helps further clarify the text and numbers.

Widmer CC-3 Check Certifier Stamp Sample

Registration with the CC-3 is straight and accurate every time. It is designed to make repetitive check certification quick and flawless. It incorporates an automatic trip switch that automatically stamps the check once inserted. This process keeps the stamp straight and dramatically improves check certification speeds.

The Widemer CC-3 check certifier can be used with tri-color ribbons for added security. The stamp inself produces a control number and a changeable date. I am including a photo of the check certification stamp in this post.

The overall build quality on the CC-3 is excellent. The heavy cast metal case holds up and the inner components are designed for daily continuous use. The case is secured with a lock and key. If you need to speed up your business’s check certification capabilities, I would definitely recommend the Widmer CC-3.

You can find the Widmer CC-3 check certifier here and our entire selection of money handling products here. Please feel free to call 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our customer service representatives with any questions you may have about this machine.

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