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Cassida C200 Coin Counter, Sorter and Wrapper Review

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Cassida C200 Coin Counter, Sorter and WrapperHave you ever used one of those “gravity” coin sorters that bounce the coins around and eventually deposit them in the appropriate bin? While these machines are fun to look at, and kids get a kick out of them, you probably need something a little more robust for your coin sorting and counting needs. One new machine that you may want to look at is the Cassida C200 coin counter, sorter and wrapper (found here). This is my review.

Cassida is one of the leading manufacturers of coin counters, sorters, wrappers, bill counters and counterfeit bill detectors. Their products are some of the most affordable available online and continue to offer some of the best customer satisfaction rates I’ve seen in some time. When Cassida products leave our warehouse, we rarely ever hear back with issues.

The Cassida C200 is much like what the C100 used to be before it was re-designed. The C200 essentially consists of a plastic shell, plastic deposit bins, a few electronics (including buttons and a digital display) as well as a powered motor that paddles through the coins. A handle on the top of the machine makes it easy to pick up and move around.

I’ve you’ve been shopping around for a coin counter / sorter online, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of the specifications are based on dimes. There are a few reasons for this. To begin with, dimes are the smallest US denomination in size. This makes the specifications look extra nice. Saying a machine holes 1,000 dimes versus 400 quarters looks nicer.

That being said, the specifications I am going to provide you with are all rated in dimes. The bin, located on the top of the machine, can hold about 2,000 dimes, which is pretty impressive. Each of the coin drawers has a capacity of 900 coins. Compared to other coin sorters and counters, this isn’t bad.

Now that we’ve established that this machine can hold a lot of dimes, I would like to cover the various denominations it can handle. The Cassida C200 can handle pennies ($.01), nickels ($.05), dimes ($.10), quarters ($.25) and dollar coins ($1.00). A Canadian version is available upon request.

The C200 will not only sort coins into separate bins, but it will also provide you with a total value and total quantity. All data is viewable on the included digital LED readout. The green letters are very easy to view and the control panel itself is extremely easy to navigate.

The control panel allows you to flat out count coins, add several groups of coins together or even batch count. These are pretty much all the counting features most people need in a coin counting machine.

One of the coolest features of the Cassida C200 is its ability to also wrap coins in tubes. Simply remove the coin bins and replace them with the included coin tubes. These tubes make it easy to wrap and roll coins in just seconds. A shortcut button allows you to automatically set the C200 up for the appropriate batch counting required to fill up coin rolls. This is really neat.

In conclusion I have to say that the Cassida C200 is a very nice coin counter, sorter and wrapper. It is ideal for businesses, schools, churches and other organizations and can even be used for light to medium-volume bank or credit union coin counting. This machine gets high marks from me.

You can find the Cassida C200 coin counter, sorter and wrapper here and our entire selection of coin counting machines here.

Need to Count 2,500 Pennies? Consider a Coin Counter!

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Coin CountersIt has now gone viral, but last week I read an article about Jason West in Vernal, UT, who decided to pay a disputed medical bill with 2,500 pennies ($25). Apparently he felt he had already paid the bill and they felt he hadn’t. We have all been in similar situations. Where it went from there is pretty funny.

After becoming frustrated with the clinic, he decided to go ahead and pay the bill. According to the article, he asked if they accepted cash. The billing clerk answered in the affirmative. He broke out his cash, which ended up being 2,500 pennies.

While it sounds like he was simply making a statement, apparently it made a mess and West was fined $140 for the incident. Interesting.

I enjoyed the Police Captain’s response saying that Jason West “dumped 2,500 pennies onto the counter and demanded that they count it. … The pennies were strewn about the counter and the floor.”

I even more enjoyed Jason West’s account regarding the story. He said, “I didn’t at any time yell. … I didn’t go on a rant. I wasn’t irate.” Regarding the coins falling on the floor, West said, “That’s just the nature of pennies. They’re round.”

You can read the entire incident here.

Why do I bring up this story, especially considering I work for an office equipment business? Coin counters of course! We sell coin counters that can easily handle 2,500 pennies in just minutes. Our cheapest coin counter (the ABC110 coin counter), rings in at $151 (or 15,100 pennies) and can count coins at a speed of 270 coins per minute. That means the poor clerk could have quickly counted those coins in 9 minutes.

Coins, in mass, are bulky, heavy and unwieldy. Retail businesses, however, have to deal with coins on a daily basis. Save time, eliminate human errors and use a coin counter. We offer several affordable models of coin counters found here.

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