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Semacon CM-65 Automatic Coin Crimping Machine Review

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Semacon CM-65 Electric Coin Crimping MachineIf you have a coin sorter or counter, and like roll your coins, you probably need a coil crimping machine. These machines quickly seal the end of coin tube rolls. If you’re in the market for a machine, or need to speed up operations, consider using the Semacon CM-65 automatic coin crimping machine (found here). This is my review.

Semacon is one of the best-known manufacturers of coin counting machines, sorters and currency counters. Their products have been around for years and have developed a good reputation with customers. It is not uncommon for a Semacon machine to hold up for several years without any special servicing.

So what exactly does a coin-crimping machine do? These machines have a special head that is designed to seal the end of coin roll (aka coin shotgun shell or wrapper). These rolls are typically sturdy enough to hold pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, yet are weak enough to break open if needed.

Semacon CM-65 Coin Crimper In UseThe Semacon CM-65 is the perfect companion device for just about any coin-rolling machine. It is available in three different versions. This includes a 1 head, 4 head and 6 head version. The heads can easily be removed and replaced with the head that corresponds with the denomination being crimped shut.

The Semacon CM-65 is completely electric. Using it is as easy as using a pencil sharpener and can be completed in three easy steps.

Step 1. Open the hidden storage compartment located under the machine and select the crimping head you need. This should correspond with the denomination of the coin roll you are sealing shut.

Step 2.
Hold the roll of coins you need crimped shut against the rotating crimping head.

Step 3.
After just a few seconds the coin wrapper will be completely crimped shut and you can move on to the next roll.

This is a quick video of the Semacon CM-65 in action:

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Who can use this machine? You will commonly find the Semacon CM-65 in banks, credit unions and in retail stores and businesses that roll coins for storage and distribution purposes.

While this machine may look a little intimidating up front, it is actually extremely safe to use. You can touch the rotating head and it will not pinch or hurt you. It can easily be placed on a desk, and at 20 lbs, is very easy to move around.

The quality of this machine is excellent and it is designed to be used throughout the day. If you handle coin rolls and wrappers on a daily basis, this is definitely a machine you should consider purchasing.

You can find the Semacon CM-65 coin crimping machine here and our entire selection of coin crimping machines here.

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