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Akiles DuoMac 421 2-in-1 Wire and Coil Binding Machine Review

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Akiles DuoMac 421 Two-in-One Coil and Wire Binding MachineTwo of the most common and popular binding methods used today is coil binding (found here) and wire binding (found here). Both of these formats are used to bind reports, presentations, books, manuals and more. While both formats look great, it can be a bit costly to buy two “good” binding machines, not to mention the amount of space it takes up on a desk or table. The solution to this problem is to use what’s known as a combination or 2-in-1 binding machine. One solid machine you may want to consider using is the Akiles DuoMac 421 (found here).

Akiles is easily one of the best known manufacturers of book binding machines. Their CoilMac is the best selling coil binding machine to date. That just goes to show you how desirable their machines are. Three of their most popular lines of binding machines include the MegaBind, WireMac and CoilMac. Why are their machines so popular? It has a lot to do with the build quality and just how easy the machines are to use.

The Akiles DuoMac is a line of combination 2-in-1 binding machines. This includes coil / wire, comb / coil, comb / wire and many other combinations. Many of the DuoMac machines look like something concocted in Frankenstein’s laboratory. While these machines are literally a mish mash of multiple machines into one machine, they work remarkably well.

I decided to review the DuoMac 421 because it combines comb and wire, which are very popular right now. Not only does it combine these two formats, it combines the most popular hole patterns in both. The DuoMac 421 has a 2:1 pitch twin loop wire punch and a 4:1 pitch coil patter. The pitch is the amount of holes the machine punches per inch. A 4:1 pitch, for example, has four holes punched per inch of paper. Once you have a machine with a specific hole pattern, you need to make sure you purchase supplies that correspond with that pattern.

The DuoMac 421 has a coil binding punch on the front and a wire binding punch in the back. Both of the punching handles are located on the right side of the machine (a plus for those of you who are right handed). The two handles don’t get in the way of each other and each are leveraged to easily punch through up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. It can also be used to punch through clear covers (found here) and binding covers (found here).

The coil punch has five disengageable punching pins and the wire punch is completely disengageable. This is awesome if you like to punch sheet lengths of various sizes. It eliminates half-punched holes along the edge of the paper.

The wire punch has a 14″ punching length and the coil punch has a 13″ punching length. Both punches are open ended, which means you can actually punch longer lengths of paper by simply sliding the paper out the side of the machine and punching again.

The Akiles DuoMac 421 has a wire closer on the front of the machine, including a convenient wire hanger. The lever on the left-side of the machine is used for closing wire. Simply adjust the wire closer to coincide wit the diameter of wire you are using. This will ensure that the wire is closed perfectly. You never want wire to be under closed (pages fall out) or over closed (looks bad and pages are hard to turn).

Unfortunately this machine does not have an electric coil inserter. Based on my own capabilities, I am able to manually spin a coil through punched holes in about 20-30 seconds, which isn’t bad, however, it isn’t as fast as an electric inserter (3-5 seconds). A free pair of coil crimping pliers is included, which is a nice value in and of itself.

Overall I have to say that this is a solid piece of machinery. If you are a business, school, church or organization that wants a two-in-one machine, this is definitely one to consider. It takes up a much smaller footprint than owning two machines and is perfect for binding a few dozen to a few hundred books a day.

You can find the Akiles DuoMac 421 here and our entire selection of two-in-one binding machines here. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with questions or post your question here as a comment. Happy binding!

Akiles VersaMac Multi-Format Electric Binding Punch Review

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Akiles VersaMac Electric Book Binding PunchDo you bind dozens to perhaps even hundreds of books a day? Trying to bind hundreds of books a day can be pretty tough, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. Many modern-day binding machines only punch 10-20 sheets at a time. If you need more punching capacity, you may want to look at the Akiles VersaMac heavy-duty electric binding punch (found here). This is my review.

Akiles makes a lot of book binding machines. This includes comb, wire and coil binding machines. The Akiles VersaMac is capable of punching paper for all these book binding styles and more. This is all due to the interchangeable punching die system the VersaMac uses.

Interchangeable means the VersaMac can use a punching die for one hole patter, let’s say wire, which can later be removed and replaced with another punching die (such as comb). Because the dies can physically be swapped out, punching possibilities on the VersaMac are only limited by the punching dies available.

To date, punching dies for the VersaMac include:

  • Comb (19-Ring)
  • Wire (2:1 & 3:1 pitch in square or round holes)
  • Coil (4:1 round or oval holes)
  • VeloBind
  • 3-Hole Punch

This ends up being about 9 different interchangeable punching dies. This is very impressive.

So why would you want a stand-alone book binding punch? The biggest reason is for high-volume or commercial binding purposes. Most binding machines punch a dozen or so sheets at a time. The VersaMac can punch 35-55 sheets of 20# paper at a time, depending on the punching die being used.

Because the VersaMac has such a high punching capacity, it can be used in conjunction with other binding machines for significantly increased output. The VersaMac can also be used with independent wire closers, comb openers and coil inserters.

The build quality of the VersaMac is very impressive. It is made out of all-metal construction. It weighs in at 121 pounds shipped. That gives you an idea as to just how much metal is used in it’s construction.

Not only is the Akiles VersaMac tough and capable of punching a lot of paper, but it also includes disengageable punching pins, an adjustable margin depth, a diameter scale, a foot pedal and many other high-end features.

I am impressed with Akiles in general and have to say that the VersaMac is an impressive piece of machinery. I have no doubt that if treated properly it will easily last for years. For a binding punch, I give the VersaMac a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

You can find the Akiles VersaMac heavy-duty electric binding punch here and our entire selection of book binding machines here.

Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo Wire & Comb Binding Machine Review

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo Wire & Comb Binding MachineComb and wire binding looks great. The end results are professional and they each have their own unique characteristics. If you are in the market for a book binding machine and can’t seem to settle on any one format, you may want to consider buying a machine like the Tamerica 213PB comb & wire binding machine (found here). I have had an opportunity to use this multi-format binding machine and this is my review.

Tamerica manufactures a lot of office equipment. Product lines include laminators, binding machines, paper cutters and much more. They are known for making great machines that are typically priced below comparable machines.

Officially called the Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo, this machine is what’s known as a multi-format or combination-binding machine. This is because it can be used to bind both plastic 19-ring comb binding and 19-ring Spiral-O double loop wire. This is a huge benefit for people who like both styles of binding, but don’t necessarily want to buy two separate machines.

Not only does the 213PB have the ability to bind books in both comb and wire, it also features an included 3-hole paper punch. If you’re like me, and have limited room on your desk, this is a huge plus. Few book binding machines include a 3-hole paper punch.

The punch can slice through up to about 20 sheets of paper at a time. This is pretty impressive for a manual punch and is due in part to the hollow ground punching dies. I have mentioned this before in previous binding machine reviews, but I would probably scale back the maximum amount of sheets punched to about 15 simply because I don’t like to max out a binding machine on every punch.

The build quality on the 213PB is above average. It features metal construction and upon handling them machine, it has some nice heft to it. It weighs in at 30 pounds shipped. This means it is durable, yet light enough to be moved around should the need arise.

The 213 features a built in comb opener and a wire closer. It basically has everything you need, from start to finish, to bind a report, presentation or booklet. All 21 punching dies on this machine are disengageable. This means you can select on a “per die” basis which punching dies you want to punch the paper. This cuts down on half-punched holes and makes binding small books much easier.

The Tamerica (sometimes called Tahsin) 213PB is a solid little machine. For the price, you are getting a great value. I would personally like to own one myself for my occasional binding projects. I would rate this machine as best for light to medium-volume binding projects.

You can find the Tamerica 213PB Multi Combo comb and wire binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of book binding machines here.

Feel free to call us up at 1-800-658-8788 to speak with one of our book binding machine specialists. They are highly trained and very friendly. Have a great day!

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