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What Size Paper Shredder Width Do You Need?

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Paper Shredder Widths & SizesWith hundreds of different models of paper shredders available, which size width should you use? The width of a paper shredder will ultimately determine what you will be able to shred. So which shredders widths are best for your home, business or organization? I will briefly go over the various widths and their best applications.

To begin with, paper shredders are typically organized into home, small office, departmental, industrial and high security categories. As a general rule, the higher the volume use, the wider the shredding width. Not everyone needs a 20″ wide shredder width.

Here are the most common widths used today:

5" Width Paper Shredders5″ Wide Paper Shredders – These paper shredders are typically designed for home use and are just wide enough to shred an envelope or a few sheets of paper folded in half. These shredders are typically compact and can often be used on a desk or table. Many of these shredders can also be used to shred floppy disks, credit cards and CDs.
Example: HSM shredstar MultiShred Paper Shredder

9" Width Paper Shredder9″ to 10″ Wide Paper Shredders – These shredder widths are probably the most common found in deskside shredders and small office paper shredders. A 9″ to 10″ width is just enough room to handle most letter-size and legal-size documents. They can also be used to shred smaller material such as receipts and envelopes.
Example: Intelli-Shred IS120 Micro Cut Paper Shredder

16" Width Paper Shredders16″ to 18″ Wide Paper Shredders – This width is commonly found in departmental and large office paper shredders. The 16″ width can accommodate letter size paper as well as larger 11″ x 17″, 12″ x 18″ and larger computer forms. The larger 16″ width also allows the operator to shred multiple letter size documents at once without worrying about the paper going in “crooked” and causing a jam. The extra width also helps with speed.
Example: Destroyit 4002 Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

20" Width Paper Shredders20″ and Wider Shredders – Widths this large are typically reserved for industrial and commercial shredders that are designed to shred just about anything. These wide widths are designed to handle books, paper, magazines, posters, crumpled paper and much more.
Example: Intimus S16.50 Paper Shredder

So there you have it! The most common and popular shredder widths available and their uses. Knowing the purposes of shredder widths should help you choose the right shredder. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

What is a Hopper Fed Paper Shredder?

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Hopper Feed Paper ShreddersDo you use, own or want a paper shredder but don’t want to hassle with jogging paper together to try and fit it all through a tiny slot on the top of a shredder? If this scenario sounds familiar to you, you may need what’s known as a hopper fed  paper shredder. These shredders are versatile and often ideal for office environments.

Hopper fed paper shredders are commonly used for office and departmental use as they are designed to be used by multiple people throughout they day. These types of paper shredders essentially feature a top loading feed hopper that sits above the paper shredders blades. They are typically designed for high-volume / continuous use.

The top loading feed hopper allows you to empty jumbled, disorganized and crumpled paper into the shredder. Some of these shredders allow you to dump an entire stack of paper, while other feed hopper shredders have a separate slot for stacks of paper. The hopper is often assisted by paddles that help pull paper into the shredder blades.

Shredders with feed hoppers are typically ideal for high-volume paper shredding and are known for their convenience. Because the hopper can take crumpled and jumbled paper, there is no need to tray and straighten or align paper prior to being fed into the shredder.

At ABC Office we offer a few different hopper-style shredders. Here are the four most popular models we offer:

  1. HSM 412.2 Office Hopper Fed Shredder
  2. Destroyit 4605 High-Volume Top Loading Feed Hopper Shredder
  3. Dahle 20452 and 20453 Strip and Cross Cut Hopper Shredders
  4. Intimus 852CC Industrial Top Loading Hopper Style Paper Shredder

Hopper fed shredders often accept entire magazines, newspaper and other paper. Some, like the Intimus 852CC industrial shredder, have hoppers that can even accept CDs, DVDs, credit cards, 3.5″ disks, passports, ID cards, Microfiche, audio cassettes and more.

This is a demo of the Destroyit 4605 high-volume hopper fed shredder.

I hope this helps you understand exactly what a top loading hopper fed paper shredder is. These shredders are convenient, great for high-volume shredding and are typically extremely fast. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

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