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Lassco CR-55 2″ Corner Rounder & Cutter Review

Friday, April 5th, 2013

Lassco CR-55 Corner Rounder & CutterLassco is known for making some of the finest corner rounders available under the brand Cornerounder (made in the USA). Their machines are the most popular because the can be used to cut a lot of paper and the dies are interchangeable, eliminating the need to purchase multiple machines. One of Lassco’s most recent machines is the CR-55 corner cutter (found here). This new machine goes in a different direction than the older Cornerounders. So is this machine for you?

If you have used a corner rounder like the CR-20 or CR-50, both of which are excellent machines, you may be familiar with their socket style dies that can be pulled out and inserted to accommodate different radii patterns. While the CR-55 does allow different radii patterns, the cutting unit is completely different. This design change was needed to accommodate a larger cutting capacity. Most Lassco Cornerounder machines have a ½” cutting capacity. The CR-55 has a huge 2″ cutting capacity.

Lassco CR-55 Radii Blade Die Set #1Rather than using a socket style cutting die, the CR-55 uses a special die set that consists of a die and a couple of blades. The die is mounted to the base of the cutter’s table. The cutting blade is mounted to the moving mechanism that is pressed down on the paper. The ¼” die can be mounted 180 degrees to accommodate a 3/8″ radius. The ½” die can also be flipped around to accommodate a 1/8″ radius. Because of the way the die and blade are designed, the blades are sold in sets. Radius set one includes a ¼” & 3/8″ die and blade. The radius set two has a ½” and 1/8″ die and blade.

The CR-55 cutting unit is set in a floor design that 43″ high, making it easy to use by most people. This design also frees up desk and table space. The table area measures in at 20″ x 20″, which is amble room to accommodate both small and large sheets of paper. Large paper guides, leading up to the cutting blade, make it extremely easy to align paper. Because the guides are set at about 2″ high, this also makes it easy to jog the paper into place. A CR55-PB is an optional wood paper alignment tool that can be used to further job the paper into place.

Using the CR-55 is extremely easy. Once the correct die has been mounted and the paper is in place, simply press down on the foot pedal to bring down the cutting blade. Lassco has designed this cutter to make cutting exceptionally easy with little pressure. The foot pedal design allows you to use your own weight to depress the pedal while freeing up hands for quickly removing and re-adding more paper.

Due to its durable design, the CR-55 is excellent for repeated use throughout the day. People use this corner rounder for cutting the corners off of playing cards, business cards, greeting cards and other paper material. It can be used for cutting through standard paper or for cutting through plastic sheets, including laminated paper and poly covers.

If you have any questions about this corner rounder, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-658-8788. You can find the Lassco CR-55 corner cutter here. You can find our entire selection of corner rounders here.

Lassco CR-60 Aluminum Sign Corner Rounder Review

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Lassco CR-60 Aluminum Sign Corner RounderIf you are in the sign making industry, you probably realize that a nice round corner is far safer than a sharp metal corner. For this reason, most sign makers lop off those sharp corners in exchange for safer round corners. One of the best ways to round the corners on signs is by using a machine like the Lassco CR-60 aluminum sign corner rounder (found here).

Lassco is well known for their huge line of paper corner rounders. Most of their corner rounders can handle several hundred sheets of paper at a time, including laminated material, but only one machine can handle aluminum.

The Lassco CR-60 is rated for cutting half hard aluminum up to .080″ thick. This is pretty impressive. This is due in part to the special design of the handle. The CR-60’s handle has been leveraged in such a way that it can produce up to a one ton press capacity. It is remarkably easy to use.

One really nice feature of the CR-60 is its ability to use interchangeable corner rounding die plates. Simply remove the die plate table you don’t need and add the correct size die plate table. The CR-60 is available with ½”, ¾”, 1″ and 1 ½” radii corner rounding die plate sizes. One die plate is included in the price of the machine.

The build quality on the CR-60 can’t be beat. It is a solid piece of machinery, weighing in at 38 pounds. It can be used on most tables and surfaces.

I highly recommend the Lassco CR-60 for aluminum sign corner cutting. It is reliable, solid and has a great track record with our customers.

You can find the Lassco CR-60 aluminum sign corner rounder here and our entire selection of corner cutting machines here.

Lassco CR-50B Corner Rounder Review

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Lassco-Wizer CR-50B Cornerounder / Corner Roundre / CutterDo you need to cut and trim the corners off of hundreds of sheets of paper at a time? This may be for creating cards, business cards and other projects. If this sounds like something you need to do, you may want to consider looking at the Lassco CR-50B corner rounder (found here). I have had the opportunity to use this little machine on several occasions and this is my review.

The Conerounder line from Lassco-Wizer is one of the most popular lines of corner rounders around. This includes the popular CR-20 and the CR-50B, which I am going to review. Lassco-Wizer also makes a wide range of other floor and desktop corner rounders, which you can find here.

To begin with, the CR-50B is a beefed up CR-20. A few of the improvements include a wider base, for larger paper, and a slightly longer handle. These improvements make the CR-50B ideal for more continuous, daily use.

The CR-50B uses special cutting dies to cut the corners off of paper. These dies come with different sizes of blades for different radius cuts. The corner rounder comes with your choice of several different corner cutting dies. Additional dies can be purchased and used.

Changing the dies on the CR-50B is very easy. The die fits in the base of the CR-50B like a socket. Simply lift the handle, pull the die out and push another die into the open socket. This process may seem simple, but it ends up being very stable. This is much easier than many other competitors that require you to use a tool to swap dies.

The table measures in at 9″ x 18″, making it very easy to cut letter-size and larger paper. This is a nice improvement over other corner rounders that have small bases. If the base is too small, paper will flop over the edge, making it hard to square-up the paper for cutting.

The CR-50B can cut through a stack of paper up to ½” thick. This can be standard copy paper or thicker card stock. I have even used this to round the corners on laminated paper without any issues. The cutting process is very easy, with the handle leveraged in such a way that very little effort is needed.

The CR-50B weighs in at 9 pounds, making it very light and easy to move around. Don’t let the light weight trick you into thinking it’s cheap. The build quality on this corner rounder is excellent.

Overall I consider the CR-50B to be one of the best (if not the best), manual tabletop corner rounders on the market. It is solid, easy to use and I love the option of being able to swap out cutting dies.

You can find the Lassco CR-50B corner rounder here. You can find our entire selection of corner rounders here.

Akiles Diamond-5 Electric Corner Rounder Review

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Akiles Diamond-5 Electric Corner RounderAre you in need of some serious corner rounder cutting capacity? One of the best ways to corner round large volumes of paper is by using an electric corner rounder. So which model should you use? You may want to consider using the Akiles Diamond-5 corner rounder (found here). This is my review.

Commercial corner rounders have many uses. They may be used for rounding the corners on playing cards, greeting cards, business cards, pictures, IDs, invitations and card stock. The Akiles Diamond-5 corner rounder is fully electric, capable of cutting the corners off of two-inches of material at once (1.97-inches to be exact).

The Akiles Diamond-5 corner rounder is designed for high-volume use and can be used throughout the day. It includes a foot pedal, which is ideal for high-volume corner rounding. The foot pedal frees up the hands, allowing you to position the material as needed.

One really cool think about the Akiles Diamond-5 is that it can be used with PVC, polyester, leather, polypropylene and paper. It is definitely a multi-purpose corner rounder.

The dies on the Diamond-5 can be swapped out. This means you can cut a ½-inch radius and later cut a 1/8-inch radius. The Diamond-5 comes with 1/8 and ¼-inch dies. The dies are very easy to change out. Should a die become dull, individual dies may be purchased as replacements.

The Diamond-5 includes a cutting worktable that makes it easy to round the corners on larger material. It also includes an L guide and a radius alignment guide. This is ideal for making sure the cut is right every time.

The Diamond-5 weighs in at 55 pounds, which should give a pretty good idea as to how well this machine is built. As is the case with most Akiles products, the build quality on the Diamond-5 is top notch. It is built from metal parts, designed to last you for years.

I highly recommend the Diamond-5 for commercial corner rounding operations. The build quality is solid and it will be a good investment for long-term use. You can find the Akiles Diamond-5 electric corner rounder here. You can find our entire selection of corner rounders here.

Akiles Diamond-1 Corner Rounder Review

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Akiles Diamond-1 Corner RounderDo you need a fast, effective and easy way to cut corners off of paper? What you need is a corner rounder. This useful machine makes corner cutting quick and easy. If you haven’t settled on any one machine, you should seriously consider the Akiles Diamond-1 corner rounder (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, Akiles is probably one of the best-known and reputable manufacturers we carry. They manufacture office equipment such as binding machines, paper cutters, corner rounders and more. Akiles equipment is known for having excellent build quality and usually holds up for years.

The Diamond-1 is a heavy-duty manual corner cutter. It uses a cutting die that is actuated by pulling a specially leveraged handle. The entire process is quick and easy. The Akiles Diamind-1 has a 0.4-inch cutting capacity, which equals out to be almost a ½-inch stack of paper.

You have your choice of one cutting die with the machine, but it can use multiple cutting dies. This means you can cut corners at a 1/8-inch radius, swap out the die, and then cut at a ¼-inch radius. The cutting dies are very easy to swap out.

The handle is long enough and leveraged well enough to be able to cut paper very easily. I have used this corner rounder and it really does require very little effort. It doesn’t only cut paper, but also cuts PVC, polyester, leather and polypropylene.

This corner rounder can be used to round the corners on business cards, report covers and playing cards. We have even had people use the Akiles Diamond-1 to cut corners off of laminated paper, photographs, ID cards and more.

I have personally used the Akiles Diamond-1 and can vouch for its quality and performance. The Diamond-1 is also available in an electric model called the Diamond-5, which has a cutting capacity of 1.97-inches. You can find the Diamond-1 corner rounder here and the Diamond-5 corner cutter here.  You can find our entire selection of corner rounding machines here.

Lassco-Wizer CR-20 Cornerounder Review

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Lassco-Wizer CR-20 Cornerounder / Rounding MachineThere is just something about round corners that looks nice, unique and professional. So is there an easy way to round the corners on hundreds of items at once? There sure is. One way to go about doing this is by using the Lassco-Wizer CR-20 Cornerounder (found here). This little machine is pretty cool. This is my review.

To start with, the design of the Lassco-Wizer CR-20 reminds me of a canned ham with a lever on it. Luckily it is a lot more than that. The CR-20 continues to be one of the most popular corner rounding machines used today. The design has been around for 10+ years and has proven itself to be a reliable little machine.

The CR-20 is Lassco-Wizer’s entry-levl corner rounding machine. It is capable of rounding the corners off of a ½-inch stack of paper. This can be paper, card stock, poly covers and much more. I have even used this corner rounder to round the corners off of laminated documents without a problem.

The machine is available with your choice of die, but you aren’t limited to just one corner size. The CR-20 uses a socket-style die that allows you to easily pull out one die and swap it with a different size. This allows you to get a lot of use out of the laminator at an affordable price.

The CR-20 is designed to be used on a table. It only weighs about four pounds, so it is very easy to pick up and move to a different room or table. The base itself is made from rectangular-shaped metal that is hollow. This allows the CR-20 to catch and hold the cut corners, helping to keep things clean.

I have personally used this laminator to cut the corners off of my business cards. It can also be used to round corners on playing cards, greeting cards, menus, photographs and much more.

My only complaint with the CR-20 is that the base is a little small, measuring in at 5 x 10 ½-inches. This is adequate for most documents, but if you are cutting anything bigger than 8 ½ x 11-inch paper, you will want to upgrade to the CR-50B, which has a much bigger base.

The CR-20 is a great choice for your corner rounding needs and you will not be disappointed. You will find the Lassco-Wizer CR-20 Cornerounder here. You can find our entire selection of corner rounders here.

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