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Semacon S-1000 Mini Currency Counter Review

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Semacon S-1000 Mini Currency and Bill CounterAre you looking for a reliable bill counter? There are many different brands and models out there. One brand that has grown in recognition and popularity over the past several years is  Semacon. Semacon recently released the S-1000 Mini currency counter (found here). So is this a model you should consider buying? Here is my review.

To begin with, Semacon is known for its build quality. Many of their bill counters are made in Japan, versus China, and the quality really shows through. Their machines are rigorously tested prior to shipping, so you know you’re not getting a dud. Semacon bill counters also have a generous warranty, typically covering parts, labor and shipping.

The Semacon S-1000 Mini is a compact little machine. It weighs in at about 10 pounds and measures in at 9-inches wide by 11.5-inches deep by 5.5-inches high. This makes the S-1000 Mini very easy to pick up and move around.

The hopper on this machine can hold anywhere from 80-120 bills at a time. The counting process takes just seconds from the time the bills are inserted. As you might imagine, this is far faster than counting bills by hand. The motor is rated at 900 bills per minute.

While it is primarily designed to count bills, it can be used to count coupons, tickets, cards and other paper material. Just be sure the item you are counting falls within the machine’s specifications. It can also be used to count foreign currencies.

The control panel on this machine is fairly simple. There aren’t any complicated settings required prior to use. It can also be used for batch counting, which is a pretty cool function to have if you are a bank.

Be aware that the S-1000 Mini does not have built-in counterfeit detection. It is also not capable of distinguishing the difference between denominations. Very few bill counters have the ability to distinguish the difference between bill values (bill discrimination). The S-1000 is made in a counterfeit detection model.

My overall impression with the Semacon S-1000 Mini is that it is a solid little machine. While it may be more of an investment than other counters with similar specifications, you won’t be disappointed with the quality or the warranty.

You can find the Semacon S-1000 Mini bill counter here. You can find our entire selection of bill and currency counting machine here.

Cassida 5510 UV Bill Counter Review

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Cassida 5510 UV Bill CounterAre you in need of a solid, reliable bill counter? One model you may want to take into consideration is the Cassida 5510 UV bill counter (found here). This bill counter not only counts bills, but also includes built-in counterfeit detection. So is this the right machine for you? Read my review and find out.

To start with, Cassida is one of the best-known manufacturers of bill counters. They make a wide range of models, including coin counters. The Cassida 5510 UV is one of the best-selling bill counters we carry. Here are a few reasons why.

The 5510 UV can count up to 1300 bills a minute, which is pretty fast. This dramatically saves time and money versus manually counting bills. The 5510 is also dead on accurate. If you run the bills through the 5510 UV over and over, you will continue to come up with the same number.

The hopper on the Cassida 5510 UV can hold a total of 200 new bills or 100 old bills. Why the drop with used bills? This is because used bills have wrinkles, bens and tears which prevent the bills from laying flat. This machine will count the bills so quickly that you won’t be able to get another stack ready for counting before the counter finishes with the previous stack.

One big plus with the Cassida 5510 UV is its ability to detect counterfeit bills. It uses ultraviolet technology to scan bills as they are counted. If a bill does not pass the test, the machine will notify you and stop counting.

Another thing to remember with the Cassida 5510 UV is that it doesn’t have to count only bills. It can be used to count coupons, tickets and paper. It can also be used to count bills from other countries. As long as the bill is no smaller than 2 x 4-inches or larger than 4 x 7.33-inches, you’re good to go.

Be aware that while the Cassida 5510 is a bill counter, it is not a bill discriminator. This means it will give you the total number of bills counted, but not the total value of bills counted.

Overall I would consider the Cassida 5510 UV to be a great little counter. It is perfect for use in banks, businesses, schools, churches and other locations where bills are counted on a daily basis.

You will find the Cassida 5510 UV bill counter here. You can find our entire selection of bill counters here.

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